Daily 777 Message for 1/16/2023


The Radiant One, that is The True Divine Creator, does not demand worship or any form of sacrifice from anyone, ever. The many ideas and forms of worship and sacrifice are yours truly from Satanic worshipping entities. Only a low vibrational entity would demand worship and sacrifice from another. ~Kejraj

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  1. AzureLeaves

    Glad to know there are still people in these types of community who share the same sentiment–thanks for sharing your perspective Kejraj.

    And indeed, Deities, Entities and even Divine Source don’t really require those worship or sacrifice things etc. From my experience, the only things they really require is love and respect, if the individual is to ask for guidance, mentorship, protection and so on from them; though they do appreciate small gestures of love and respect such as a simple offering of food, drink, flower, incense and such, like how you would treat a dear friend and family, yet simple offerings, too are not really required; that is just a display of common courtesy from an individual to the Deities or Divine Source.

    It’s all there is to them–Love and Respect.

    Even one of my first mentors in Magick: Goddess Hecate taught me that I should never kneel to anyone, including to her and even towards any of the Gods or Goddesses and even Source. She taught me that I myself am also a Divine Aspect, a Divine Fractal, a Sovereign and powerful soul just like her and other Deities; a Deity in my own right, just like everyone else, for we are all fractals of the Divine Source/Prime Creator.

    In other words, treat various entities, be that of Deities, Angels, Dragons, Divine Source and so on–the way you want to be treated (Golden Rule). Treat them like family and friends, love and respect, and not putting yourself higher or lower than them; treat them as equals, for again, each and everyone of us are all Fractals of the same Divine Source/Prime Creator/Level 0.

    “I am you and you are me”.

    1. Light bearer

      Thanks for sharing.

      I largely agree but have two caveats:

      1) there are beings out there who are only interested in working with you or helping you if you worship / serve them. This includes some non-demonic, “neutral” entities that aren’t particularly evil but aren’t like angels either. Sure, you can easily say “okay don’t contact those” and fine, that’s arguably a good idea. But I do think it’s worth noting that not every being is happy to be treated by us as an equal (even if we are).

      2) while Source indeed doesn’t demand or ask for worship, I have found in my personal experience that if you do decide to serve Source, then suddenly lots of benevolent beings (including angels and galactic) are much more available to help you and actively work with you, and your abilities start developing much more.

      Sure, in a sense this is weird because you’re serving yourself, strictly speaking. However, this is still a shift in your personal focus from your smaller, egoic self towards your larger self.

      Perhaps that’s all there is — deciding to serve Source was just the point when I started identifying as my “greater self” and not just as one individual human — but still, it was a turning point in my life.

      Prior to me deciding to serve Source, I’ve also had the “wait, I am Source” moment, but that didn’t really hugely increase my abilities or cause angels etc to be much more available and willing to work with me.

      1. AzureLeaves

        There is always exceptions to everything, there will always going to be outliers. That goes with spirits.

        Contacting them and asking them for something, of course is always a give and take process; the Gebo Rune: “A gift for a gift”.

        What can be given to them in return is as simple as a little offering, or even love, friendship, companionship, or Serving the Land thay care about (being of service to others), as simple as that.

        Spirits who don’t want to be treated as equals means they won’t match the energy, frequency and vibration of a mage who values equality above all else like me, hence it is always paramount to decree approriate “filters” on which entity, physical or not, that a mage wants to work with–it is always better to work with a conpatible individual.

        “Serving Source”: merely changing your perspectives, you can see that each and every form of existence is already “serving Source” whether they like it or not, or conscious of it or not.

        What Source needs is experience, information, lessons learned, and the “contents” you write in your “Book of Life” to contribute in the expansion of consciousness of each and every fractals, and just by merely living or existing, everyone already “serves Source” in some capacity, even if they are malevolent; hence Source spread itself into numerous Fractals (Ego/self) to begin with.

        No pressure, live, be happy, loving and respectful to yourself and others, and learn as much as you can, expand your consciousness as much as you can, and write the best damn story in your own personal Book of Life as its Author.

  2. Light bearer


    The True Divine Creator / Source also does not threaten people with hell if they don’t obey him.

    And anyone claiming that the sole creator of everything is a purely masculine entity is also obviously making a false claim.