Benjamin Fulford Report: McCarthy to Replace Biden as US “president” While the UN Prepares to Move to Laos

Some tectonic shifts have taken place in Geopolitical power structures during the past week. The result will be the widely despised avatar “Joe Biden,” being replaced as US President by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. Also, preparations to move UN headquarters from New York to Laos have begun in earnest, CIA sources in Laos say.

These changes are taking place as the main culprits for the present dysfunctional state of the planet gather at Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. As this report was about to go live, CIA sources say the head of this organization, Klaus Schwab Rothschild, Klaus Schwab would miss the opening of the WEF conference in Davos today “due to a health issue”.

However, this may be a disinformation trap designed to destroy the credibility of this newsletter by having him or an avatar appear after we report his absence. The WEF was unavailable for comment. Regardless, the criminals gathering at Davos have lost the battle for the planet earth, multiple sources agree.

What we know is that the entire Hitler/Rockefeller branch of the ruling class has lost power. This means descendants of Adolph Hitler and John Rockefeller I including Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Rockefeller Jr., etc. will be stripped of all power and titles, MI6 sources say.

To confirm if this is true, we need to see the public removal of Rockefeller Avatar, “President Joe Biden,” along with the rubber mask-wearing phony Pope Francis.

There are signs this is happening. In the US, a power struggle has resulted in a compromise wherein neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will be in power. The Supreme Court rejected the Brunson case to overthrow the 2020 election because it would have installed Donald Trump as president. The reason is the Donald Trump who has appeared in public since January of 2020 is a vaccine-pushing fraud. The real Donald Trump, whose son Barron was injured by vaccines, was virulently opposed to them. This means if the Supreme Court had reinstated Trump then the avatar Joe Biden, who took orders from the Rockefellers, would have been replaced by a Trump avatar who took orders from the Rothschilds.

So, serious horse-trading took place in the 15 rounds of votes it took to make Kevin McCarthy speaker of the house. McCarthy was forced, among other things, to promise to hold hearings into how the FBI was turned into a malignant force suppressing American patriots.

The latest intelligence we have is that Joe Biden will be removed along with Kamala Harris, the second in line for the presidency. That would make McCarthy president but only as an interim figure who would oversee new, and genuine, elections. In such an election the real Donald Trump would run.

That is why we are now seeing headlines such as this in the corporate propaganda media:

Former Clinton Adviser David Gergen Says Biden Risks Being ‘Creamed’ by Docs Case: ‘Very, Very Big Deal’

This shows they are going to use the “documents in garage” story instead of child rape and murder or selling the US government out to gangsters in Ukraine as the excuse to end the Biden farce. To reconfirm it is a farce notice how the fake Biden doesn’t blink in this video. Most likely it is CGI

This dumb show cannot last much longer.

We are also seeing a very strong campaign to remove “Pope Francis.” That is why we are seeing news reports a plot to remove him “began in earnest” immediately after Pope Benedict (maledict) XVI died on December 31st.

The sudden death on January 10th of the head of the Vatican Bank, Cardinal George Pell, is probably related to this battle. Pell was an ally of the real Pope Francis who decried the phony Francis as a “disaster” and a “catastrophe.” In any case, P3 sources say the fake Francis has been canceling all of his public appearances for days in a row because of “a mysterious illness.”

What we know for sure is that some sort of purge of the highest levels of power has been taking place in recent weeks with the death of top Chinese power broker Jiang Zemin, Queen Elizabeth II, Evelyn de Rothschild, Pope Benedict etc.

We are also hearing this is all related to the fact a new M1 or head of the committee of 300 and controller of the world financial system has been selected.

We have been in contact with this individual, who is a European royal you have most likely never heard of. This person says “M1 simply means Monetary One or the global underwriting of the world’s banks…. Monetary One is simply a legal signatory to all other debt. You can’t sign country debt to thin air so it has to end somewhere with someone.”

The new M1 says the main obstacle to a jubilee and the establishment of a meritocratic future planning agency is a “stalemate comes from the fifth column inside MI6.” This group is connected to the Illuminati and is upset, among other things, about the public use of King Charles III as the face of the British Monarchy because of his alleged involvement in the murder of Princess Diana.

Charles is putting out the following story:

“Iranian military intelligence ( probable cause Pakistan ISI) killing (assassinated is in law murdered) of [Dodi Fayed] the son of the then owner of Harrod’s shop in London…Diana died not as a killing but as a secondary consequence of the assassinated primary because of money laundering linked to arms trading…neither Her Majesty The Queen, Her Majesty’s Consort Prince Philip nor I would now add have any hand, act, or part in this.”

The source admits “MI6 did, in fact, provide a military-grade optical device which was of sufficient disablement to cause a road traffic accident” and that the head of MI6 Sir John Scarlett “is now known to us to have been within a one-mile radius of this crime scene.” However, the former head of MI6, Dr. Michael Van de Meer said Diana’s death was an honor killing that took place because she was pregnant with Fayed’s twins and was going to convert to Islam.

In any case, assuming MI6 acted on its own without the knowledge of any British royal family member, if a dispute over this is what is preventing the start of a new financial system and a new age, then some sort of workaround is needed. Apparently, Prince William does not want to assume the throne in the place of his father so, maybe England can have a King Harold for the first time since 1066 while the mysterious M1 remains the real power behind the throne. This is something for the Privy Council to decide and the rest of the ruling class will have to go along with their decision.

There is also a very real possibility of a general revolt against the bloodline ruling class in the West. The ongoing economic collapse and fallout from the vaccine and pandemic scam make a bloody revolution increasingly likely.

The gnostic Illuminati are definitely on the warpath. The new MI says “David de Rothschild tells me this so-called Illuminati have in fact attempted to contact me…My Instagram account is being inundated with various references to very famous people and this is all happening only in the last day or so despite a very strict press ban about cameras or any other attempt to contact me through a back channel so I immediately called in MI6 and the SAS as my bodyguards.”

Here is a message we received from the Illuminati:


In what is probably related, we have noted that a major fire recently destroyed a Masonic Center in South West Sydney.

They also incite riots and social unrest throughout the western hemisphere.

Non-KM Jews are also revolting, as this statement by Jewish freedom fighter Henry Makow makes clear:

Pope Francis is an imposter – a crypto-Jew [KM] implanted by the WEF just in time for the “Great Reset” facade that begins 2020 with the Covid-19 scam. He joins his brothers Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Ardern (yes, a brother and not a sister), Barack Obama and Michele Obama (like Jacinda), Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Tedros Ghebreyesus and other homosexuals and fake leaders who easily blackmailed and brought to power by the Jews [KM] to destroy Christianity and European cultures.

The economic collapse in the US and other western countries will lead to further unrest if the new system is not implemented as soon as possible. Hyperinflation, rising interest rates, and collapsing markets are all happening at the same time.

As this chart shows, the housing bubble in the US is so big that it can only be dealt with by a complete reset of the financial system.

Also, the next chart shows that real wages are falling very, very quickly. In this chart, too, the real fall in wages is underestimated, since official inflation figures are used, which account for around half of real inflation.

The tremendous rise in crime is also leading to a general breakdown in social order, particularly in the United States. The situation has reached a point where even the groceries in the supermarkets have to be put under lock and key.

This type of situation is not unique to the US. In Poland, elderly people are being forced to steal food from stores to survive while their government continues to tout vaccines to bail out through murder, Polish intelligence sources say.

They note that Polish military units revolted last week, disobeying government orders to fight the Russians in Ukraine.

In Hungary, 97% of citizens who took part in the national consultations opposed EU sanctions against Russia, said Alexandra Sentkiraji, a spokeswoman for the Hungarian government.

(Due to space limitations, we will not go into detail about the situation in Ukraine this week, but recommend this page:

She was heavily attacked for reporting true news about Ukraine etc. I had to set up a virtual private network to gain access and even that was blocked. It’s back now, so be sure to check it out).

In any case, the KM ruling class is losing control in Ukraine and on all other fronts. As this collapse takes place, the ruling class is locked in a Mexican standoff of mutual blackmail. As M1 notes:

“Buried in some mountain near Zug, Switzerland, is a camp that no doubt has a file on everyone who holds a position of power anywhere. Above the richest and most powerful in the world sit the cults, into which they are all incultated and through Various gatherings and practices have been compromised for total control. Above the cults and behind the scenes, KM is doing what it has been doing for over a thousand years.”

The KM’s attempt to stay in power by killing everyone with either a pandemic or a vaccine is now blowing their minds. The vaccine damage is now so extensive that even official bodies like the CDC are forced to admit it. The US Congress has freed itself and its families, and its employees and their families, from all the mandates and demands they made of their employers, the American people. They also freed the employees of the CDC and the officers and employees of the pharmaceutical companies involved in this system. The corruption behind this whole campaign is so extensive that most Western ruling governments are up to their necks in it.

The only way out of this impasse is the proclamation of a Jubilee and a Truth and Reconciliation Process, followed by a general amnesty. But it’s probably too late for an amnesty for vaccine crimes.

It is also too late to try to save the current financial system through reforms. We note that Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to resolve the situation by abolishing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), abolishing the national income tax and replacing it with a national consumption tax.

However, with a jubilee and state-issued money (as opposed to debt to the KM), not even an excise tax would be required.

In any case, talk of tax reform is like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, as US society has been on the back burner for years. This week they will run out of money once again and take their begging cup to China to offer more family heirlooms in exchange for a quick fix. With total US debt and unfunded debt approaching $300 trillion, the only answer is a complete reset.

The situation is urgent because if the West does not get behind the new M1, the Russians, Chinese, BRICS, etc. will take over with or without Western cooperation.

Sources from the White Dragon Society in Laos report that the non-Western world has started construction of a new UN headquarters there and will build its own international architecture. They are also preparing their own international financial system.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev says the American state is just a “cover for a conglomerate of giant corporations that run the country and are trying to dominate the world.” He adds: “Transnational corporations treat even US presidents as mere figureheads who can be silenced, as happened with [Donald] Trump. Republicans and Democrats are just two actors in a staging that has nothing to do with democracy has.”

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, said that if peace with the West cannot be achieved through negotiations, “then we will carry out our tasks by military means.”

The only possible hope for the West to remain relevant is if its secret space force finally reveals itself. This could happen, as this US Space Force press release suggests:

Seven nations meet on space security


The Department of Defense has participated in the annual CSpO (Combined Space Operations) initiative… with representatives from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, with a focus on promoting cooperation and the exchange of information on space security issues.

With that in mind, here are the latest space-themed images.

A news release from the US National Geographic Survey shows an earthquake with an epicenter at a negative depth of 0.6 kilometers, which apparently means there was some kind of explosion in space over Silicon Valley (please correct us if we’re wrong about that ).



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  1. ThePythonicCow

    That’s a ‘dash’, not a minus sign. When the site describes that earthquaie as “M 0.6 — 6km WNW of …”, it means that it was a “Magnitude 0.6 quake, with epicenter 6 kilometers West North West of …”

  2. Site visitor

    Prince Harry’s full name is Henry, not Harold

    There seems an alarming amoung of homo and transphobia here and in called truth telling media generally

    1. jakesey

      Agreed. It’s time that bandwagon moved to Reality, or we will miss the opportunity for real transformation en masse.

  3. unionylibertad

    The videos where by armed soldiers are running from the crowd is in Peru, South America…and they are not Jews…They are Hispanics…I read the word Salida and the architecture is very Spanish…The flag colors and vertical position is that of Perú… They need to research facts before adding the wrong information

  4. Wayne Hansen

    Nicholas Veniamin: “Do you think the deep state have got a special frequency technology that radiates across the whole world where it keeps our consciousness very low, and the white hats are using it to switch it off slowly, and as they switch it off slowly our human consciousness increases?”
    Michael Jaco: “Yes, that is a possibility”.

    “When Biden domino falls massive deep state destruction chain reaction accelerates.” michaelj5326

    1. Wayne Hansen

      The demons broadcast their evil vibrations to the world and the Krishna devotees broadcast their spiritual vibrations to the world. The devotees sing on the street, sing in front of the Deities in the temple room, and chant on beeds: Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
      Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

      When the demons take over an Earth world the demigods send the devotees to make Krishna temples to help defeat the demons by spiritual action. The patriots in the armed forces are supposed to defeat the new world order with military action. The lightworkers from higher worlds, who have spaceships, are supposed to defeat the demons who live in another dimension.

    2. Mike Ohira

      Yes, the technology you described has been existing on this planet for a along time. It is reptilian technology.

      Just for your info: Consciousness is physics – It’s a real, measurable field that affects physical reality.

    1. Catherine MacLeod

      The earthquake took place a hundred miles north of the image, near the geologically active area around Geyserville.