The Gateway to the Fifth Dimension is Open

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

My friends, there are going to be some difficult times ahead for humanity. If you are reading these words, it is you who needs to come forward and do what you can to bring a bit of comfort to as many as you can, in whatever way possible. Do what you can to lessen their fears. 77 777 77

As the light quotient increases on Earth with the coming portals, what remains of the dark, they will use all the tools they have to disturb the masses, in hopes of keeping humanity in a low vibratory state. Your light is greatly needed in these times. This is why you are here. 11 111 11


The millions of planets on which the Soul could have chosen to incarnate, it chose Earth, for these times. For the lessons offered here during this process, are invaluable, with immense spiritual growth. And again, assisting an entire planet to ascend. It is your time to shine brighter. 555

Creation as a whole is uplifting itself into a higher frequency. Earth has the 25,920 year cycle. The Sun’s rotation around the Pleiades Central Sun Alcyone takes around 250,000 years. And the rotation of this unity takes about 260 million years around the Galactic Central Sun of the Milky Way.

The Galaxy itself moves through space, for over a billion years, as it prepares to connect to the next energetic spiral of evolution, which appears as rings connecting to each other diagonally. 888 8 888

All of this is simultaneously occurring now. Every part of the galaxy and the Universe is nearing the completion of its current stage, and transitioning to its next level of spiritual evolution.


During such processes, all lower energies are required to be transmuted and cleared. The clearing of energetical and physical lower aspects has already accelerated on Earth. 11 1111

The Galactics have for decades prevented or lessened the impact of many events. Earthquakes and volcanoes in particular.

You, the lightworkers, have come far enough to understand by now that those who are caught up in the natural disasters, and other means of departing their physical vessels, due so with prior agreement. 555 111

Now it is time to allow Earth to move forward with releasing the old energies in whatever way she deems it necessary, for we are in the final days of the old reality. In order to rise, for this world to be uplifted into a higher plane of existence, the low frequency patterns must be dissolved. With the fifth dimensional blueprint and light patterns taking their place. 66 88 999


Be in a place of love throughout the remainder of this process. Be in your Heart Center. Practice compassion, grounding, detachment, and view the world and what is unfolding in it from a higher perspective.

You must due all that is necessary to continue raising your frequency. Breath work is vital. As you charge your cells and chakras with deep breathing, you allow in more light, making way for the activation of your light body. 33 333

This is the way one is to absorb and survive the ever increasing photonic light on Earth. The Gateway to the fifth dimension is open. And the entrance to this Gateway is in your Heart Center. Your time has come. 11 11 11

You are now on the last chapter, and preparing to close the book of your third dimensional story. 999

Breathe in light, breathe out love. Feel yourself becoming more light, and rising with each breath you take into the timelines of the fifth dimensional Earth. 777


Until next time,

In every thought, word, and action, let love be your intention.

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