Christ: Until Love Can Flow

It is about love!

Until love can flow and so that love can flow – that is why we have gathered here today and why we have come together as human beings!

It is about love! Love is the pivot of all human endeavors. At its core, it is always about the uncovering of love.

The essence of all things is love, the center from which everything emanates is love.

Even when it is obscured and overlaid, misunderstood and disregarded – in the end, love always triumphs over every other state of consciousness. Be certain: Love is the measure of all life and the inherent core of all decisions and things.

I am the living Christ.

I am with you now with the uplifting message that today you are ready to let your love flow!

The time when you had to hide your light and keep your love hidden is over! Now you can show yourself as what you are, as who and what you are.

The time when you can and should openly and freely carry your light and your love to the people has begun!

Do not be afraid of the malice that is still rampant, nor of the lack of understanding that is still widespread.

The malice is broken through and destroyed with your love – and also the lack of understanding of many fellow men needs love, so that they are awakened and reached by the change.

So go…

So I invite you today to do the same and to go to the people who have an open ear and an open heart. People whose eyes want to see, but who cannot yet do so, need glimpses of light and experiences of enlightenment now. In order for them to find their way and stay oriented in this time, they need your light and your love.

I invite you to take over this task, but take it over well prepared! Because so that your love can flow to the people, it is necessary to remove the obstacles and dams which still stand in your own way:

– What are you afraid of? Get to the bottom of your fear!

– What is blocking you? Deal with your blockages!

– What is holding you back? Observe carefully!

– What are you hesitating about and why? Have the courage to look!

It is your healed energy field that matters now.

It is the homework you have done that finally enables you to do what I invite you to do today.

Your True Core

Do you know why certain things develop so sluggishly and why some events are delayed? Because you are undetermined, because you hesitate, because you have not yet penetrated to your true core.

Your true core is love. Your true core is free from worry, is without fear and knows no fear. Your true core is pure divine consciousness, is light and joy. Your true core knows GOD and recognizes itself in GOD.

This holy process, by recognizing yourself, by remembering yourself, is not yet completed and incomplete with many people. Still the realization who you really are and what has led you in this time on this world is unborn.

This realization is necessary, however, so that the love can flow freely and inexhaustibly from your heart!

So I invite you again to move everything humanly possible, so that you can come closer to this realization with every breath.

If you have recognized yourself first, you recognize everything – and above all also your place in this earthly game.

Longing as grace

For it you need only one condition: the longing! It is your longing for GOD, which brings all the love into your life and into the lives of your fellow men!

This longing is given as grace to every human being who is ready for it – and ready are YOU, because you have taken your seat here today, because you have been led to this message and meeting with me!

You are ready to let love flow. Fears no longer plague you, you control them – and worries no longer crush you, you straighten up.

You are ready to let love flow, because you do not know the hopelessness in the face of God.

Secure in God

A new energy flows from the sky on the earth. The human hearts will heal henceforth more easily and faster. Who opens itself to these possibilities, experiences the large grace of a life BORN IN GOD – tangibly, noticeably and in the everyday life confirmed.

So surrender, throw everything overboard and quench your thirst at the source of eternal life.

You are living, pure and infinite consciousness in GOD, which knows only one sense and one reason of the life: LOVE.

I am

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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