The Vastness of Being: Riding the Waves of Love

I am reaching my mind and heart into the Vastness of Being. Asking for messages for this new year.

I begin by going into my heart as I project my awareness out into the ethers to see if I can feel into the trajectory of humanity at this time. I see so much chaos and turmoil. It looks like a few different streams of energy coming together in a turbulent confluence.

In this new year, the energetics of change is being further amplified. Looking at the American political landscape – changes to government moving forward. Chaos and disruption, behavior that doesn’t initiate feelings of love, will be at the forefront. Hubris, arrogance, puffed out stances vying for power over others is part of a dying vibrational frequency. This kind of energetic that is so prevalent among governments all over the world is not sustainable. It is decaying and imploding on itself. It will be taking others with it – I am seeing a dark whirlpool, sucking all that vibrates within this frequency down into it.  I don’t really know what that means in terms of events or timelines in our physical world, but that is the vision I see when focusing on that particular energetic of hubris and arrogance.

This is why it is so important for us to practice loving kindness in our daily moments. For we are the ones who gather these energetics and amplify them to one another and to the world. We will also need to find ways to stay centered and find inner balance while observing the imbalance in the world. We are in a time of big change. The foundations that our society – our civilization – has been built upon are collapsing – breaking down to reform.

There will be “phoenix rising from the ashes” moments in the future as we create a new way of living on Earth. Contemplating and discussing with like-minded people what this transformation could look like will be very helpful in bringing about changes. Daydreaming about our ideas and brainstorming with others is a creative way to bring something new into existence. For myself, I envision a sustainable way of living on the earth. This requires cooperation, not competition, among human beings. Also, there will be many new inventions – new technologies in energy sources which will help us to live on this planet without harming nature. Daydreaming about these possibilities provides an energy that feeds the creation of such technologies.


The same energy that flows through us flows through all. The creator Source from which life force energy flows is a pure isness – a beingness that resides in all that is, which includes the Universe, all the galaxies, our solar system, planet Earth, all of life on planet earth. Everything, every insect, tree, the waters, all the fish, birds, animals, and of course every human being. We are of the same Source. Expansive moments of great wonder, moments of true feeling of being One with all life are blossoming within us.

We may find that we will be bridging a gap with those we were in disagreement with over the last few years by discovering we have more in common than we realized. In order for that to evolve, we must let go of some of our rigid opinions, anger, resentment, judgment and righteous indignation towards one another so that we can find the areas where we meet in agreement. Clear, respectful communication is required for this to come about. Instead of succumbing to the manipulations of the blowhards in government and in the media corporations who want to control the narrative and influence our thinking and feeling, we can rise together and hold those who have been voted into power accountable for their actions. We have been divided, now is the time for us to look for commonalities with those whose views are different from ours.

This requires deep awareness and the intention to look honestly at ourselves and what triggers us.

Hidden Truths Uniting People

Truths will be exposed regarding funding of politicians – on all sides of the various factions within governments. Why is it that someone who had a moderate income suddenly becomes a millionaire once they are elected to higher office? Where does that money come from?

I feel that a certain ruler from a country that begins with the letter R will be gone this year and he will be replaced by someone who isn’t much better. This person will rule with an iron fist, but this will not last. This is because the people of this country will become united and will rise up, as we are seeing in some places already – like the women and men of Iran. The iron fist approach is not sustainable. This patriarchal way of being is decaying. It will not go quietly but it is going to be sucked into that black whirlpool.

It is important not to go into despair when we see scenarios playing out, orchestrated by smirking people in public office. If they are not aligned with the higher frequencies that are permeating the entire Universe, they will experience the implosion.

Getting into the High Vibes

This is why it is powerful for us to do energetic work of raising our frequency into love and sending it outward to where it is most needed. This energy of love could be directed into the halls of government. The people within the halls of government who feel love, will absorb this energy and those who don’t will feel very uncomfortable and wobbly and whatever they try to do will not meet its mark. Meaning, their focused attention on gaining more money and power will miss its target and dissipate into dust.

The Divine Feminine energy is rising, so when we add our love into the energy stream, it helps to amplify what is already happening. We add an intention when we radiate love, for it to be received by all who are able to receive, for it to be received by those who need it the most and for it to be shining out to those who are running the energy of arrogance and hubris in case they have a crack in their armor that will allow a little glow of love to enter into their being, which could grow within them.

We have work to do. We can ride the currents of this energy into a lightness of being, a creative, expansive wave of love that carries us into realms of inspirational thinking and fuels communication through creative expression. This wave is real and many people are already consciously there, focused on this wave of energy. As more and more of us join in this wave, it will help bring our attention away from the hateful, chaotic mess that other humans are creating and it will bring us out of despair into a harmonic of great potential. It is so important that we do this – that we place our attention on this energy of creativity and love – for this energetic endeavor is part of what will bring about a new, sustainable structure within which Humanity can thrive.

Much love to All,

Leilah and the Vastness of Being

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward