Letting Go of Old Patterning

WE ARE now within the first few linear weeks of what many have accepted is a “new year” and yet many within humanity will have gone back to the old ways and patterns that feel so comfortable. Resolutions mainly fall by the wayside because the actual root of the patterns that humanity wish to ALTAR are never challenged, so they remain hidden and the patterning that is at unconscious waking mind level will simply begin to re establish itself. We therefore cannot begin anything “new” until we have understood the root of the patterns that we have been living out.

At this time many are going thru a complete restructure of the outer waking reality which of course is what happens when we begin to go deep into the heart space and begin to challenge that which we simply inherited by being born into a physical human form. That which sits at DNA/RNA level begins to rear its head when we reach the various milestones within our human physical from. For linear decades there are those who have done the work to get to this vantage point, there are those who do not see the sudden shock that is rippling thru humanity because they have been prepared for it, many have voiced it and been silenced however TRUTH JUST IS and stands firm.

To let go of old patterning we have to LET GO of the need to control all that is happening when the process begins. When we enter the heart space and decree that we wish to live in TRUTH we cannot then step forward and say “ah yes but i want to keep this, that and maybe this also”. This is not how it works, TRUTH JUST IS and if we wish to live in TRUTH then we must be prepared for the changes and to allow the changes to go thru the entire process. Unfortunately the human logical mind tries to blind us and have us in a panic. A bit like learning to walk, as toddlers we begin to stand up and begin to take steps but often we will fall down more than we will walk. Now if we suddenly try to take control and say “oh i dont think walking is for me, its too difficult, i cant get the hang of it” we would be interfering in the natural process that ends with the human toddler being able to walk upright and then continue in its development.

Just because we cannot see the next step or the next phase does not mean it is not there, it simply means that that it is hidden to us due to the intense conditioning that has us often looking in the wrong place/direction.

WE ARE at a pivotal point at this time, that which no longer serves us is being challenged at a SPIRIT LEVEL (used of course to make sure that balance is achieved), if we attempt to side track our own evolution then it is US that is causing the ripples, often we just have to stay out of our own way!

WE ARE asked at this time to breathe and to TRUST the process for WE ARE

**By Karen Doonan