The New Matrix

The Matrix is a grid system that provides the light required to maintain a physical representation of consciousness through the human body. The Matrix on Earth was hijacked by those who have dominated us for millennia through frequency technology and changes to the human body through DNA manipulation.

This new Matrix that we are entering is allowing the human body to ascend physically in a higher dimensional reality. Light workers and Galactic intervention are bringing in this new grid while the old one slowly dissolves.

Humans that are on the Ascension path have been tuning into this new Matrix. Basically, this new Matrix will have better firewalls so it’s less likely to get hacked.

Back when the old Matrix was created there was a detail left out. When Earth was seeded with the Human race our creators (Pleiadians) left our planet to to grow and evolve while attending other projects.

One day these creators found out that Earth and the Human race was being hijacked. It took a long time to figure out how it was taken over because they could only see what humans were seeing while interfacing with the program with their free will. As programmers they are also able look into the future to see possible outcomes of the co-creation using our free will program. They were alarmed to see that pretty much every outcome lead to the destruction of their creation.

Sooo, this is a reason the incarnation process with souls from the original Matrix began. Remember my posts on Pangaea, Lemuria and Atlantis? Meaning, everything that is happening now all connects back to our original seeding of Earth… It all connects!

Our creators started investigating what had happened, So, with these incarnations of the original Matrix they would report back to these original creators through linear time. It’s kind of what some of us are doing right now and you don’t even realize it. The data of every thought, emotion and experience we are having about the world around us is being sent back to our guides which are highly advanced beings from very advanced civilizations.

These creators of ours found out that black magic was being used. The use of very low, negative frequency programming on our subliminal consciousness through means of fear. They also found that the physical changes to the body kept humans from progressing as a species and were more geared towards slavery. Meaning, the devastating DNA manipulation that was done to us. A loop of reincarnations were taking place and the human species could no longer remember their past lives and that they were all connected to each other and their Source.

Many of these original grid workers of the original Matrix have incarnated in our current reality as light workers. So, when you hear people and I’m one of them that will tell you that we are from Pleiadian lineage, Arcturian lineage, Lyron, Adromedan etc. this is why. WE ARE HYBRIDS! Everything connects off world!

Their purpose is to wake themselves up and humanity out of this old Matrix and by doing this they are collectively moving humanity into the new Matrix for all to tune into. Many people carry the codes of this new Matrix and while they are building themselves, they are making a path for the whole of humanity towards this higher reality.

Lots of humanity are making the conscious decision to vibrate in the frequency of love instead of fear. A major step! The DNA we carry has all the codes of everything we have experienced in our past, present and our future lives.

As we can see in our world today the old program is breaking down. It is said and I’ve said it many times that what is happening in our reality has never happened before… Shifting from one hologram to another while in such a physical state. It was tested in predictive programming software and it was achievable. Again, I know this is hard for many to grasp but the human species is part of a Grand Experiment.

Anytime the programmers wanted to make a change in the past they followed the rule of allowing the cycle to end and had to decide what cataclysmic event was going to wipe out the human population while keeping the best specimens to bring in the new changes.

Many argue Humanity will go through a cleansing brought on by fire, some are steadfast on disease I say we will see.

This time we will ascend in the human form and will decide to keep it or morph into our light body form or use a combination of both. Many of you are experiencing Ascension symptoms… Fever, chills, vertigo, heart palpitations, headaches, intense ear ringing, flu like symptoms and many other bizarre symptoms that doctors have no answers for.

Many of us have connected to this new Matrix on the consciousness level, connecting to it while asleep. While waking we bring these geometric codes with us into this reality. Meaning, the physical body is now catching up to the spiritual body and is changing on a cellular level. This has been gradually happening for many years but because of the accelerated activity of the hijackers our Ascension has also accelerated. Flowing and grounding with this higher frequency is very important in this transformation. Also, tuning into your multi dimensional self and the knowledge and insight that comes with it is essential to this grid work.

Tuning into this new frequency will allow us to experience a new holographic reality. Eventually, we’ll be able to switch from our physical body to our light body back to our physical form. We will be able to manifest and de-manifest everything into our physical reality that does not serve us anymore like concrete and electrical lines etc. Free energy will sustain our living requirements and travel will become much easier. The monetary enterprise will be a thing of the past. Eventually, the human will have superhuman abilities. How soon we can achieve this individually and as a whole is all up to us.

**By Teri Wade


2 Replies to “The New Matrix”

  1. moussaillon

    Mike Ohira , ce n’est pas le sphinx , mais à une distance plus éloignée ( La montagne du Bucegi . Il y a des Tables pour Géant , oui , des hologrames qui explique l’histoire de l’humanité . Les trois tunnels : Un vas en Irak , un deuxième en Egypte et le troisième au Tibet . Les Américains sont partient du tunnel d’Irak et sont arrivés en Roumanie . Un satellite , les a aidés a voir le bout du tunnel et de la , ils ont perforé la roche , qui accède à la première chambre . Il faut avoir une haute vibration pour rentrer , car il y a une barrière énergétique qui protège le lieu . Un hélicoptère Israelien s’est écrasé contre la paroie , par un gardien des anciens Géants , qui ont profanés l’endroit . Racontez par hypnose régrésive et un Roumain habitant là-bas .Cordial

  2. Mike Ohira

    “The data of every thought, emotion and experience we are having about the world around us is being sent back to our guides which are highly advanced beings from very advanced civilizations.”

    I have idea of what’s going on. NASA discovered something unusual inside the mountain of Romania identified as the Romanian Sphinx. They drilled into the mountain and discovered a secret chamber beneath the Romanian Sphinx containing holographic records of Earth’s history, bio-resonance imaging technology, and three mysterious tunnels leading to the deepest secrets of the Inner Earth.

    They also found in the chamber devices so advanced whose functions have not been identified.