The Yahyel: Transcending Fear

Good day Earth humans. We are hovering above your cities at present in our ships with the purpose of recalibrating the energies from above.

We see this as a group mission, a group journey, and a group purpose so to speak. We see you us as the ground crew, which would make us the sky crew, operating from the stars and beyond.

And as the tide turns toward first, or open contact as we may term it, we see many of you are becoming ready at this time. Ready for the next phase of contact in your world.

The past few years in your reality have been tough, we understand. But they were necessary, a necessary part of your unfolding to the infinity of the creator and creation itself – as many of you were still holding onto fears.

Fear is discordant to our vibration. Due to the law of attraction, it is somewhat difficult for us to interact with your reality while you still hold onto fears in your unconscious. Like poles of magnet repelling each other the frequency of fear causes a natural repulsion in us, pushing us away.

However we are glad to say that a significant portion of you have dredged the fear out of your subconscious into your conscious mind and let go of it once and for all. Enabling you to step into our dimension, our reality, and our timeline once and forever more.

So as your year progresses, as this solar orbit moves forward, we suggest you dive deep, dreg up those last discordant vibrations from your subconscious. Anything that makes you feel off, anything that makes you feel out of whack, anything that creates fear, anxiety, lack of self worth or any other unpleasant vibration in you is a sign there is still work to be done.

This is an opportunity Earth humans. Timelines are splitting and the opportunity to step into realities and existences that will blow your mind is now upon the horizon.

So do not shy away from the shadow, do not avoid the work that has to be done – and as we enter the window of open contact towards the end of this solar orbit of your world you will be glad you did.

For the fearless expansion of your minds and consciousness into our reality at the end of this solar cycle, this year in your world, will be a time like no other.

Exciting times are ahead Earth humans. Embrace yourself, embrace who you came here to be, follow your bliss and step into the journey of eternal peace and light for ever more.

We are the Yahyel, and we are coming in our ships, good day, and Amen. Shivai Earth humans. Good day.

**Channel: Jonathan Trinity Martin


4 Replies to “The Yahyel: Transcending Fear”

  1. Ken

    I’ve heard that it was the Yahyel who took part in the low fly-by over Arizona called the phoenix lights in the late 90s

    1. C2

      I read that they were created from the DNA of the Grays and the Humans (created by the Greys, who created another 2-6 human-Grey hybrid races.), that’s why they consider humans as their parents.

      1. Ken

        Yes, I’ve heard they are the most human looking hybrid and will be the first hybrids we make contact with

  2. xere

    Gracias Amados y sabios el Yahyel, y gracias por recalibrar con sus naves nuestra energía que supongo ahora es muy densa! Aligerarla en Amor y Luz, que haríamos sin ayuda como la suya? Les amo en el corazón desde la Amada Gaia.

    Así es: Es muy importante que todos los que resuene esto, naveguemos definitivamente a la Linea de Tiempo de Avistamientos y Contacto ET abierto.

    Para ello, recomiendo leer los mensajes del Padre Absoluto canalizados por Martha. Da muchos ejercicios para mantenerse en vibración 5D y por medio de la activación del Cristal del Amor y otros ejercicios, eliminar miedos subconscientes de una vez.

    Esto es vital, solo sacar 20 minutos diarios para meditación y esta liberación, pienso puede hacer una gran diferencia en todos nosotros.

    También podría ayudar EFT tapping y Codigos Sagrados Agesta.

    Si alguien más sabe técnicas en este sentido para LIMPIEZA deL SUBCONSCIENTE rápida y efectiva, ruego lo dejen a continuación, puede ser útil para todos. O igualmente que algún canalizador en este medio pregunte a sus Seres de Luz si les resuena adecuado y publicarlo. Gracias.

    En servicio para la expansión armoniosa de Amor y Luz, Amor, Abundancia y Salud para Todos. Namasté.