Exposing of the Death Culture

All the exposing of this Death Culture AKA Anti-Human Agenda will rattle the world. The people who are dismissing this information (resistors) are in for a hell of a shock because what’s coming is worse. Humanity hasn’t even been told who really runs this planet and has been for thousands of years. When the surface population is told that Earth’s controllers are NON-HUMAN from off-world they will go into another stage of crazy.

This anti-life agenda recognizes humans as having no value or purpose. The more traumatized, weakened and mind controlled the easier we are manipulated into carrying out murder and criminal activity of the alien handlers many crimes against humanity. I believe this is a reason President Trump brought back Federal Executions. These Satanists will pay their Piper.

They have zero empathy for the human body and the animal kingdom of this world for that matter we are just as easily discarded as a consumer product. This death culture has been the dominant controlling factor over the current global structure. This anti-life agenda spews out their deception thru the mainstream media. This death culture is their currency sadly built on the backs of the the human race. They push this destructive lifestyle thru mandatory government compliance forcing the unethical consent that leads to even more human suffering.

This anti-human culture looks at the human race as sub-human, faceless consumers I’m sure you have all figured it out by now this is a major tactic for the pushing of mask wearing but this human Awakening is changing all that and this is their deepest fear. We are in the times of the Antichrist and we will win. These Satanic offworld controllers believe that having sex with children and torturing humanity will go without consequence…they are soooo wrong. They feel like they have the right to treat humans anyway they like because they see it as we have been compliant by participating in it. But in reality, we have been completely unaware hence, the term slumber, amnesia, asleep by no fault of our own. We have been victims of DNA manipulation and intense mind control programs but no more! THEY MUST REMEMBER AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

These psychopaths want us to believe that this death culture is the organic result of humanity’s degenerate nature. This is a brilliant trick of every organized religion on the planet and I’m talking about Original Sin. Every human being born to this world was not born of sin what a crock of shit! This is only a ploy to make you feel less than, in need of validation from something over you. It’s for no other reason but control.

Humanity has come to the point that there are no moral features in this world anymore, there is no right or wrong this is the way of the destructive liberal agenda. This agenda creates thought forms in people’s minds that there are more than two genders. This is all a tool to confuse the population. They’re taking the protective masculinity away from the men and turning them into little girls and vice versa with the women. This is all to break down the family dynamic and we all see this happening. Transgenderism is an example of a sick society, a society completely out of balance with nature. This is all being pushed by this liberal agenda. I could go on and on about this subject but I’ll just stop right here for now.

What a different world it would be if every living human felt the fear and pain of every living human and animal being brutalized at the hands of another. Once humanity understands how we got to the point of intense suffering, genetic deterioration and slavery it’ll all change. Any sane person will not want to continue this destructive path.

We will eventually get to a world that we live in harmony with nature abiding by Universal law not the Draconian law we’ve only known. We will all be equally educated and live within a holistic lifestyle. We will live in a world without war, human slavery, mass murder, religious violence and tyrannical oppression. We will live in a world that promotes the expansion of Universal consciousness. We are literally in the fight of our lives and it’s getting ugly but the outcome will be well worth it.


**By Teri Wade


5 Replies to “Exposing of the Death Culture”

  1. khann61

    Trump, should be on the Federal execution list for the millions of lives he has already taken or destroyed through his beloved Operation Warp Speed.

    He is either so incredibly stupid and insouciant to believe that he actually saved 100 million lives with the death jab, or he was a willing party to genocide.

    Either way, if we are talking about justice, then justice must be served.

    Robert Malone, recently tried to convince Trump the Covid vaccines are a dangerous bio-weapon. He said he could not make a dent in Trump’s low IQ thick skull. He still goes around bragging about what a wonderful vaccine he gave us and he deserves the credit.

    I say Trump deserves the credit and recognition he demands.

    1. David Von Mills

      I general, i back Trump for his America first policies. When he went to the hospital for “covid” he came out stating that there are effective alternatives for treatment. Then “warp speed”. It’s like somebody got to him or there are two Trumps. I agree with you about the punishment and it’s time for Nuremburg 2.0 with the mechanism for the lower level healthcare workers, politicians, pharmaceutical employees etc.. to be exonerated IF they point out who were giving the orders-all the way to the top-NO EXCEPTIONS!

      1. Linda Rosa

        Hi David, I agree there are two (or more) Trumps. Maybe the real one will be showing his cards soon.