Worldwide Shakeup

What we are all about to go through is going to be very painful. We are being prepped for something unimaginable on several different fronts.

Many people who are still completely asleep are about to learn that their entire lifetime and generations before them have been nothing but LIES. The Trump Presidency no doubt stirred the pot to put it mildly but it is time.

It is going to take some time to get over this. Some may never. The entire planet is going to be Re-wired. Every system and every technology that you know now will be obsolete. It’ll never work trying to fix the old system it needs to be completely torn down. Nothing in this third dimensional reality will be relevant to where we’re heading.

A lot of money is coming back to nations that have been Raped, Pillaged, Genocided & War Torn. Many will return to these countries to build & rebuild under good and much smaller governments, 10% the size of what they are now. This will enable homeless to get off the streets and into homes.

There will be no more wars and no more poverty. 6000 cures including UV light and sound frequency therapies and many others will be released to cure every disease known to man that were created in labs and also through poisons in Vaccines and sprayed on foods etc. Many industries will no longer be needed and will be replaced with new industries through new technologies and history will be rewritten. Many fields will need to completely stop in order to be re-wired and pull out all obsolete systems.

Think Education, Medical, Big Pharma & Computer Systems. There will be lots of training and re-training going on. Every man, woman & child deserves peace and freedom to achieve what they desire.

Planet Earth is in for a SHAKE UP the size that could only be described as biblical.

**By Teri Wade


6 Replies to “Worldwide Shakeup”

  1. spiritual924

    This is all about YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT. have you gone within and dissolved 3D? And if not, how do you suppose you can handle a higher consciousness than the one you live in unless you overcome it? You can’t. It’s like a child who must first crawl to walk. You can’t walk out of 3D until you have mastered it. And until you’ve Seen every aspect of You and acknowledged it, you can’t get out of 3D because that’s why you created this dimension. Was to See and Know yourself and until you do that you can’t Know God. And God is certainly Not the low vibration of 3D.

  2. Bob Mack

    Use the image that GOD implanted into each one of us. Ignore things that show to be less than GODLEY. See the love. We are all equilly equal. Ignore the news media. They are creating a hemispherical table where they force their poison into our realities. Pi is a creation. This is why they need us looking at them and listening to their doom and gloom propaganda. The more we are subjected to their agenda, the more they affect and ultimately control our realities. Boycott their news media. It’s poison for our soul. Return to LOVE. we can change the world. That’s how much power GOD gave to us. If we knew just how much power we have been awarded we would be shocked. I mean really shocked!
    A good place to begin: Love everyone, and if you just cannot bring yourself to do this, then love their souls. A sole is forever. Love everyone We are all essentially one. LOVE … LOVE … LOVE … No evil shall set foot into my hemispherical domain. Pi is a creation. Mathematics is a discovery. Save one soul at a time, and yours will be rewarded.
    Clockwork 137 …
    A Prime Numbered Universe
    read for free. Request at:

  3. Linda Rosa

    Thanks Teri Wade. If this does come to be in our lifetime, I believe it will be amazing and beautiful.

  4. john

    Lets bring it on now and in a big way i am ready as are many of my compatriots long live freedom much love to all.

  5. simply4truh

    Es ist doch einfach simple. Das was Sie hier in kurzer Form dokumentieren, bescheinigt doch indirekt die Holy Scriptures im Sinne Offenbarung 21 und auch Jesaja 65. Dem ist kaum noch etwas hinzuzufügen. Shalom,
    Herr, der Christus komme bald und Er wird kommen !