Justin Trudeau Called A Tyrant As He Is Swarmed By Angry Mandate Protesters

The anger is starting to spill over.  After years of what many in the Canadian public now regard as useless covid mandates and draconian vaccine requirements, the tiny median Infection Fatality Rate of the virus has left people wondering what the point of it all was?

Numerous Western governments have been exposed for hiding contrary scientific indicators and exaggerating the pandemic threat, and the underlying suspicion is that covid was exploited as a tool for a global power grab by political elitists.  Not only that, but concerns are also growing over the rising number of excess deaths in North America, Europe, Australia, etc. which started not long after the widespread introduction of the experimental mRNA covid vaccines.

Canada under PM Justin Trudeau faced an aggressive campaign against basic liberties.

And, as facts and evidence about covid continue to bleed into the mainstream, events like this swarm of protesters following Trudeau to a restaurant in Ontario are liable to become commonplace. 

Trudeau later dismissed the encounter as a “handful of angry people.” 

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2 Replies to “Justin Trudeau Called A Tyrant As He Is Swarmed By Angry Mandate Protesters”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Folks…they will all be caught! 100% guaranteed =)
    These very days….will be the tv mini-series of a lifetime starting. The exposure of the entire plan to Humanity!
    First, can you “feel” the incoming energies?!?! Holy Cow! The light really is pouring in. Was playing a healing song on the guitar and started bawling…lol.
    Intense anger for a few hours and then relaxed and laid back. More anger-purging.

    Energy and the First Flash of Awakening? —- At some point, we’ll be able to “look into each other’s hearts” and see what is there. No one will be able to hide anything and ….we’ve ALL got skeletons in our closet that we want to remain hidden but that will help us heal as we all realize it was just 3D simulation.

    USA Government – In America, NO ONE checks the elected for honesty and trustworthiness with the power and wealth of the USA, so they’ve been running wild!
    As more and more dominos fall and more corruption is exposed, the US Military will have to declare martial law. We can already see the WH, DoJ, FBI, etc have been infiltrated by vast corruption. The Military, at some point, will begin the mass arrests of thousands of the corrupt Globalists and all their minions.
    After that, humanity will become fully AWAKE and that is when the Time of Miracles begins

    Will this happen before we reach that energetic tipping point or does this event need to happen to wake the remaing sleeping humans with hard truth?

  2. Maud

    Trudeau is a willing WEF puppet with no mind of his own. Canadians have known this but now thankfully they are exposing his tyrannical stupidity. I’m sure he was more rattled than he appeared. With some more push he may go the way of L Arden, another stupid WEF puppet.
    A new film called “Never Again” by Vera Shirav, will premiere on RFK’s Children’s Health Defense channel on January 30. It exposes all these people and links what is happening to a continuation of Nazi policies and practices. You can sign up to this channel for free.