The Time of New Beginnings

Beloved Holy Ones,

The time of new beginnings is upon you. You may expect that some new beginnings would open with a quiet peace and joy, however, there are also new beginnings that open with a roar, with much movement, with a reshuffling and redistribution of elements of people, of situations that are not expected and could not be foreseen at this time.

Dearest holy ones, there is a very large, new beginning that is opening for all of humanity.  Within that, within your sacred daily life, there are new beginnings opening before you.

If you sit quietly and align with your heart, if you breathe and visualize the path before you, allow yourselves to see what is emerging.

If you cannot see, allow yourselves to feel what is emerging, and if those senses are not communicating the new beginnings, allow yourselves to attune with whatever part of you navigates within your life, and see and feel and sense what is unfolding dearest holy Beloveds.

Some of this may have words, some of this may have images. Some of this may only be a feeling in your heart.

As a new path opens before you dearest holy ones, allow yourselves to have an open hand and an open heart to allow that which is ending to complete itself.

Allow yourselves the freedom to gently and lovingly release what is no longer needed, and also allow yourselves the freedom to be in a space of unknown.

Allow the new light that is all around you and within you and emanating from the holy Earth to permeate every cell of your sacred body, nourishing you from the very bottoms of your feet.

As the sacred breath draws this light upwards into every cell, releasing and clearing all that is no longer needed, so you can be new, so you can be free, so you can be at One, so you can be at peace even in the moments of life that are challenging and full of movement.

As this holy breath travels upwards from the bottoms of your feet, it finds its way to your heart, bringing nourishment and the divine joy that is at the very center of your soul into alignment with all the parts of you.

Allow this divine joy that is your soul’s truth and birthright to establish itself as a seed within your sacred heart.

Breathe into your heart. Allow the divine One that is All to move you and move you forward.

Allow yourself to freely let go of what is no longer needed so that you may enter a new time, dearest holy ones, and so that you may assist others and walk together with your brethren into the new sacred Earth. Amen.

**By Mashubi Shekiniah