Expanding Our Realization

We live in a dimension with billions of other humans and other creatures, and yet we all share the same consciousness. How is this possible, because we have believed that we are all separate beings. This belief aligns with the electromagnetic empirical world of our experience, which is entirely an energetic matrix held in our experience by our beliefs. Only when we can transcend our beliefs can we change our experience.

Through experiments that anyone can perform and obtain the same results, quantum physicists have determined that there is one universal consciousness that all sub-atomic beings are part of. Since they comprise the entire structure of our physical presence, we may deduce that we must also participate in universal consciousness, but how can we realize this? Our scientific knowledge is a first step toward realization. It can help us understand the interactions that occur between all conscious beings, and how we make our reality by our recognition of the energetic patterns that we imagine.

This awareness has been part of esoteric spiritual knowledge and practice since ancient times, and it enables us to master every life experience and participate in the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. Ancient teachings reveal that we all naturally have this awareness, but until we can transcend our ego-consciousness we do not have access to it. We have learned to live in a realm of duality, immersed in fear and negativity, requiring us to believe in entropy, disintegration and mortality. None of this is believable in our expanded awareness.

Our realization of the limits of our consciousness is possible for us as a personal choice. We have control over what is real for us. We can carefully examine our beliefs and their basis. Everything based on fear is life-diminishing and limiting. We are not required to hold these beliefs. They are a personal choice, and they are set deeply in our consciousness. If we want to resolve them and free ourselves from negativity, we have the ability in our heart-consciousness.

When we shift our awareness from negativity to heart-consciousness, we enter another dimension of energetics that is beyond negative experiences. We can intentionally open ourselves to this inspiration and invite infinite love and realization of universal consciousness to fill our awareness. As fractals within the consciousness of the Creator, we are designed to be self-sufficient and fulfilled in every way. Sharing the consciousness of infinite love and sovereignty, we can realize that we are all the same Being.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


2 Replies to “Expanding Our Realization”

  1. Ken

    Janet, we have to learn to rewire how our minds work. We have to wean ourselves off the everyday negativity we have become so used to

  2. Janet

    Yes. I started to get inklings of this when I read Gary Zukov’s “Dancing Wu Li Masters.” I mused on “what does quantum actually signify?” It didn’t seem to apply to what I witnessed physicists tinkering with. I worked at a DOE-funded fusion research facility in the early 80s, and what they were attempting to accomplish had me scratching my head. They claimed, “It’s simple, really. We’re trying to mimic the Sun.” I knew they were in over their heads when they incorrectly Powered Up their brand-new Toshiba motor-generator (largest shipment EVER into San Diego’s harbor, and which required 25% of SDG&E’s output every month); the blowback to the buss rooms should have/could have ionized a few subcontractor employees working inside those rooms. Instead, they all wore ‘new skin’ grafts, and would require years to fully heal. The ‘news’ widely reported that it was an averted ‘nuclear meltdown!’ They couldn’t even be bothered (or allowed?) to look up the definition of “nuclear fusion with heavy hydrogen.” There must have been some unseen ‘funding wars’ going on…