Archangel Michael, The Council of Radiant Light: Stillness if the Way Home

Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love. We are thankful for this time together with you. We appreciate your willingness to spend time cultivating and celebrating your multidimensionality, the truth of your being.

When you open to a transmission such as this, that is what you are doing: opening to us via your own vast eternalness. Which also opens you to an inner, multidimensional wellspring of joy, of abundance, of ecstasy and expansion!

Today we wish to speak of stillness and the value of it in your daily lives. It’s such a simple thing — to be still, with your body, and to let yourself settle into stillness, on the inside.

When you take time to sit, in stillness… Doing nothing. Just being. Allowing your mind to quiet, your energy naturally becomes more fine, harmonious and is clarified. This reordering of your energy is a natural part of Life. It’s always available to you, as a way of centering, refreshing, realigning and coming home to who you truly are.

The real you is infinite, spacious, timeless, eternal. And always expanding. When you are in resonance with All That You Are, you feel this way. You feel spacious, free, wide open, flowing. And you have a sense of time standing still, or being wide open, spacious.

We suggest you get to know this state of being. Knowing, that doing so is getting to know the REAL YOU. The eternal you. And this practice can teach you, through the entrainment of the energy of All You Are, alignment — your vaster wholeness teaches you how to be in and come into alignment with all you have become.

Once you’re more familiar with this way of being you may find that you notice a still, clear, true center within you, throughout the day. It’s always been there, but you may have been less aware of it previously.

The more you return to unity with the vast stillness of your True Self, the more you are aware of it’s perpetual peace and clarity within your human experience/your human energy flow.

Realize that your Life is, in essence, energy projected from this vast infinite stillness into form. You, and your experience are an emanation of this vaster wholeness that is your True Self.

Realigning, and revisiting stillness. Just being. Resting while aware and letting your thinking quiet, is the deepest possible nourishment you could give to yourself. And it’s the one way you can always be who you want to be; by being in resonance, in unity with who you truly are, the ever-expanding Infinite You, can guide you into a manifest expression that keeps up with all you are becoming. Opening you to the Divine Perfection of your Life.

You are endless adding to the vastness that you are, by emitting your preference about things, all through the day. You also consciously set goals, intentions, make choices about what you want and your Infinite Self becomes everything you prefer, and more. It is always expanding and Law of Attraction is amplifying and expanding upon this vaster YOU, that you are continually creating.

You create first and foremost by expanding All That You Are into what you prefer. And then that energy develops. The Law of Attraction develops it. And if you allow yourself to come into unity with your True Self, to tune in, align, relax and let go… You will ride this vast flow of Infinite Light into manifest expressions of your preferences. You will not only receive that energy, but translate it from the non-physical into the physical, manifesting it. Over and over and over again, you will become, encounter, experience and receive that which you prefer, when you are in Unity with All That You Are.

So, do you see how a little time spent each day in stillness serves you so much? It accustoms you the eternally expanding TOTALITY of your being. It teaches you the way into and the experience of alignment.

When you first begin to open to stillness, know that initially, it may not be stillness that you experience. There may be restlessness. There may be thought after thought coming up. Just watch this. Notice it and let it be. Let it go. Stay focused.

Most human beings feel initially, a desire to be “doing something.” Human beings are very attached to action and to mental stimulus. Watching something. Doing something. Feeling productive and taking in energy and information.

Action and absorbing information is but one aspect of being human, but we see that your experiences are generally out of balance with regards to input and output. More and more of you are taking in an increasing amount of energy and information, consuming so much media — ideas and images, and this is not balanced by time integrating, absorbing and even simply being.

Being in communion with your Divine Self, you become increasingly aware of what serves you and what doesn’t. You find that you know what matters now, and most, and what is not part of your evolutionary path. You begin to find your awareness and the clarity about what the priorities truly are, lightens up your whole life. You feel less and less busy and overwhelmed. You quite naturally just let go of trying to do so much and instead feel quite aware of what yields the greatest outcomes and what matters and is part of your ascending journey.

Realize that more than absorbing ideas and visual images and information, you’re meant to open within and flow.

You’re meant to experience life by creating, too. And when you do not make time for stillness, quiet time, emptiness, doing nothing … you are not truly open and available to your own vaster wholeness, your Soul or Divine Self, which is always guiding you and lighting up the path that will serve you at this time.

Be open to the call to stillness.

Make stillness part of your daily life. The approach can be very simple.

Just sit still, alert and relaxed. Eyes open or closed — as you prefer. And focus on something — feeling the breath come in your nose, the movement of the belly with your breathing, or even a sound, like white or brown noise, or the dishwasher — something neutral and which does not stimulate thought. If you do this, you will find that you soften, open, and your mind will settle down and quiet. And then you’ll feel the spaciousness and openness of your true self.

Do not try to make anything happen. And don’t get too distracted by anything which may occur. But stay oriented to this sound, or the body breathing and let yourself be, in stillness, with your mind/thoughts quiet and feel the energy of your being, in this neutral open state.

Notice how your sense of presence changes. How the way you feel changes. And allow yourself to learn to enjoy being still.

We hope you will not only try this out, but you will find it so delicious and appealing that you will go there often.

If you do, you’ll be amazed at how much easier and clearer your experience will become. How much more time you will have because it will be clear to you what to do, and a great deal of the doing will disappear — for it has nothing to do with anything that is your higher purpose.

There is a potential in each moment, for the Divine Perfection of you/your Life, to be expressed. In every moment. In every area of your Life.

The way to experience the unfolding of your Divine Perfection, to allow your highest potential, will always be clear and apparent to you, when you are open, relaxed and your mind is quiet.

As you begin to spend time daily in resonance and open to Infinite Stillness, your energy and vibration naturally shift into higher levels. Your set point of being, vibrationally raises. You start to feel more peaceful and calm. You find yourself feeling greater pleasure in your day to day life and more ease and grace in how things come about. The things you normally find upsetting or challenging are still noticeable, but less troubling. You are more centered, connected and stable.

The sense of All Truly Being Well, becomes real for you. You feel an ongoing sense of inner peace and wellbeing that isn’t about anything in particular, but just arises. This is the REAL YOU. The energy of Infinite harmony, love, peace, bliss, light, freedom, and eternal expansion. This is how you’re meant to be here — open and feeling relaxed, centered, calm, happy and free.

Then to move through your day, choosing what is next, feeling clear about what you actually want to do or be next and then stepping into it. With grace and ease.

This is the Life available to each and every human being, right now, and always. Regardless of circumstances or situations, the feeling state of connection, calm, inner peace and well-being, is there. It’s your birthright. It’s your abundance made manifest emotionally and mentally. It’s the Unity of Life and the love Life has for you, being felt and known as real.

You can rest in this Infinite Stillness and the connection you have innately, within you to be in this state of being — resonance with the All.

And as you do, each time you do, you will be returning home. Coming back to who you truly are. Coming home to the Love and Clarity and Harmony and Well-Being that is YOURS to claim, remember, reorient to and receive.

We will close for now.

We are the Angelic Ones — Archangel Michael, with Ailia and the Council of Radiant Light.
We bid you, a wonderful day.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


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