The Telosians: Your Planet is in Great Change

We greet you dear brothers and sisters of the Earth. Today we are going to return to the possible events on your planet in the months and times to come. We have often spoken to you about climatic or geological disturbances that may occur due to a transformation of the planet Earth. Yes, the Earth is transforming, the Earth is living another life, that of what we call the New Earth. We have already explained to you what the New Earth is and what it will be.

You understand that as the Earth becomes a being of enhanced Light, it cannot remain in its current energies and in its current geological form. What do we mean by this? Simply put, we want you to know that the soil of your planet will gradually change. All this is due to the rising waters of the seas and oceans, and also to the pollution that you bring to the breathing of your planet.

Know that the pollution of factories, streams, rivers and oceans has a very important impact on its transformation. How do you think streams, rivers and oceans can have this impact on geological transformation?

We will tell you this: by polluting rivers and streams, some of them will gradually dry up due to the death of their internal life, which is the life of aquatic plants and fish and other aquatic animals. The drying up of these rivers will lead to a transformation of the vegetation around them and sometimes even transform these places into desert places.

A piece of the Earth that dries up can at some point become so dry that it cracks open, breaks up and falls into the oceans or creates other pieces of Earth that are different from what you have known. This is how new continents can be formed, larger or smaller, how countries can be totally transformed and sometimes split into several parts.

Of course, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but you can begin to see that changes are being created at the geological level in certain places on the Earth. You can see that earthquakes are being created in various places that will create larger and larger breaks in the depths of the Earth. These accentuated breaks will split the parts of the Earth that are not oceans and create new islands of varying size or other continents as we have just said.

This is part of the geological transformation of the Earth. But there are also climatic changes: a drying up due to pollution in a certain place will lead to more heat in that place. Breaks in the Earth’s soil will cause changes in the energy currents that flow through it, etc…

You see, dear children of the Earth, that your planet is undergoing great change. For the moment it is not yet visible but it is becoming clearer. We do not want to create fear among humanity on earth, but it will be and is already very important to protect your planet. We have been telling you for years and years: Protect your planet, stop digging it up, stop making it a profitable toy for some of you, stop making it suffer in its body with all the chemicals that you inject into its body.

You, who are human, do not like to be injected with harmful substances in your body, so understand that the Earth does not like and does not accept this either. The Earth is a living being, we have said this many times. Many humans understand this, but take action by stopping putting chemicals in your gardens, stop spraying chemicals on crops that kill small insects and some birds. You are responsible for the health and happiness of your planet just as your planet takes care of you as best it can despite the suffering you cause.

The arrival of the New Earth is happening now…now! and you should have done it many years ago. But the human being was still too much in materialism, in the ease of life, to get out of his cocoon of overrated well-being. During these last two years, it took a delicate event, very delicate, which disturbed you, to make you understand many things concerning not only your life, your desires, but also concerning the life of the Earth.

We are happy when we see that in schools, a great number of schools, young children are initiated to the love of Nature, of animals. This is already a big step for the new generations of children towards the understanding of the New Earth and towards the respect for the planet Earth.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, take care of yourselves, love yourselves, respect yourselves, but also take care of your planet, love it and respect it, we thank you.

We accompany you with great Love.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation by


11 Replies to “The Telosians: Your Planet is in Great Change”

  1. Matteo

    PS important..since I am vegan and I have this completely new life style I feel better than ever… this winter I did not had neven a toss, cold and neven a shadow of influence… even if in my rooms in the morning there is 8/9 celsius degrees.. then I turn on some fire )) but I stress on the point.. if you balance cereals, beans, nuts …some good oil and vegetables/fruits of season..You really do not need anything else.. I don’t even use the freezer..not needed… and so on….it is a chain that brings us to use all the venomous products of industry.. with a little effort everyone can break the chain

    1. Syrachan

      Did you not have a cold because you didn’t have a toss? NoFap has been proven to be a great benefit to health.

  2. Matteo

    I think the only thing to do is let everyone do his part in respect of free will. I am ready, I have become total vegan since one year, I feel better than ever, I don’t use detersive anymore cause when you use vegan food it is not needed, just hot water when I use oil… I don’t even use soap (ecxept extremely rare case) cause the sweat and the skin is much cleaner eating only things in plastic less than I can and many other things.. just few years ago this sure was beyond what I could immagine..but is real and it works wonder.. everyone has to do his her part but for sure I will not go tell people what they must do. Free will above all. The cause and effect law will do the rest. Thank You. I send all my love and my light to the Telosians and the community here. We have the Power. The moment is now. Matteo

  3. Swine

    We live on a flat plain…Plain-et.
    We don’t live in a spinning ball hurling through space spinning 1000mph at the equator.

    The earth is flat. Prove its round.

    1. Geoff Turner

      Prove its flat, the onus is on you to prove your theory against what is accepted as being the truth that the Earth is a sphere.

  4. Lilas

    Telosians,Adama,stop talking about “your ” planet
    You have a beter live in this planet then the people on
    this planet.

  5. Pink Alien

    We are not screwing our planet, The Powers that Be are doing the damage to create crisis and collapse civilization. Earthquakes are man-made, and “climate change” it’s the byproduct of geoengineering. They’re also adamant to dim de Sun.

  6. Douglas A James

    Well this was a scolding message..hey the galactics shouldve never allowed the dark ones to take over earth either and place us in enslavement…using technology against us …scaler tech ..implants …etc etc