Sananda: Only If You Allow It

I am Sananda. I come to be with you just briefly at this point, just to help you understand more about the changes that are all around you.

The changes that you are moving through. The changes that you are seeing outside of yourself. Or even more than that, the changes that are happening within you as you connect to the outer world, but you are more and more firmly within your inner world.

So yes, you are part of that outer world. You are part of the third-dimensional expression, but also separate from it, as you allow yourself to be separate from it. For it can no longer control you unless you let it control you. The programming can no longer control you unless you let it control you. All is opening up to you if you but allow it. All, being the expression of the One Source that is moving through you at all times.

For you are the One Source. You are the one, have always been the one. You are just simply remembering that now. Remembering more and more fully who you are, and embracing the changes as they are happening now, as you are looking at this.

Certainly as you look at it as a movie more and more, it is all happening that you are fully expressed within it as much as you allow yourself to be. But you can pull away at any point. And many of you, most of you if not all of you, have been doing that more and more, and not letting yourselves become ensconced or enthralled once again with the third-dimensional illusion. Because you know it is just that: an illusion. It only gains reality when you give it reality. The matrix is only real when you allow it to be real.

So trust in yourselves more and more. Trust in who you are. And know that all is coming forward. All truth is coming forward more and more. And the expression of truth is all around you and within you if you allow it. You all know the truth deep down within you, even though you listen to your news, you watch your videos, even doing so, you know the truth within you. It resonates within you. So you know when you hear something that does not quite match what you already know deep within you. It does not resonate with you. Trust that resonation. Trust it. Trust that you know deep within you what is true and what is not. You do not need to ask anyone else, for they tell you from their truth. Your truth is not necessarily their truth, just as theirs is not necessarily yours.

So allow. Allow for the differences. And again, allow for the changes to continue to come to this world, because they are going to increase tremendously over the next weeks and months to come, to the point where you may not even recognize the old ways any longer, for you will have completely moved out of the old third-dimensional illusion and into the new reality that you are creating in the higher dimensional frequencies.

All of this is up to you, and the collective you, to continue to move forward. Always moving forward, and not allow yourself to step back. If you do, know that it is only for an instant, and you can always take the next step forward again. And again, forward.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to always step forward.

**Channel: James McConnell

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