Ashian: Pre Shock and Post Shock

Ashian: Beloved light holders, and all who resonate with these words, we greet you, as you enter the most tumultuous period in humanity’s recorded history.

We wish to speak of the shock waves that are already reverberating around your collective psyche, as the old structure has collapsed and the new is not yet revealed. Not only have the negatively charged energies been dislodged and actively looking for new ‘homes’ – they seek the negative energy of pain, fear, anxiety, stress to feed off – but the human collective psyche knows that the time has come for the end game. They may not acknowledge it, but the shock of the fall of the cabal and its dependent structures is so profound that all are feeling it, even if they are not aware that is what is increasing their anxiety.

Jennifer: Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to discuss with you. Over the past few days I have been extremely aware of deep feelings that something very ‘wrong’; there’s an energy I’m not familiar with moving through me that makes me exceptionally uncomfortable – I feel dizzy, have palpitations, feel nauseous – and I also get images or feelings of people crying in terror. I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say my head feels like a horror movie right now.

A: Yes, we are aware: what you are experiencing and describing will resonate with many energy workers and empaths who have reached a vibration where they are working for the collective good. The first thing we would say is to acknowledge the feelings. Acknowledgement is seeing (not turning a blind eye, or powering though), it provides a channel for the anguish and what is recognised is dissipated.

While many are not consciously aware of the changes behind the scenes, their souls are conscious. The time delay in rolling out the awakening Event is, in part, to give the collective psyche time to become aware of what has gone on. This preparation occurs unconsciously, the sure knowing that the evil is defeated and the old structures are crumbling as we speak. Embedded in that is also the keys each being knows to find their way through this time and remake their lives in a way that resonates with their higher selves.

J: So, it’s a sort of unconscious preparation?

A: Yes, that’s a good way of describing it.

J: And how do we cope? How do we help others cope?

A: The first thing to remind you is that the more subtle the energy work, the more effective it is. By that we mean: energy works from the subtle – psychic, emotional, mental – down into this physical expression in your body, through the symptoms you describe.

Sending the violet flame to the feelings and images that arise is one way to lessen the degree of severity with which it plays out. Asking a divine being, ascended master or angels to transmute the lower energies is another way. Prayer helps enormously when it comes from the heart. These are simply a few ways to work on the subtle energies.

You also need to take care of your body, as those thoughts and feelings resound through your physical form. These actions – and you are all reminded to create your own ‘menu’ of self-care solutions, from yoga and meditation to baths, dancing and drawing – will ground the feelings of balance in your bodies and for the collective.

Our final point is this: there is no need to be perfect, to move through this time in complete equilibrium. To do so would be a distortion. Everyone will have to face and deal with some aspect of shock and pain, as decided before incarnation with your higher self. So go through your process as best you can. We have no expectations of you, nor does your higher self. There is no grading, no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there is simply you being and doing the best you can in any given moment, armed with the knowledge that you will come through these ‘fires of hell’, and both you and humanity will be transformed forever, like phoenix rising from the ashes.

J: Thanks, Ashian.

A: We are with you, all of you. Call on us and we will be there to comfort you.

NOTES: Something that came through just after this session was that this is the ‘Ark Moment’: humanity’s ark has been prepared, the waters are now rising. We will weather this storm. Just as the dove brought the olive branch to signal the deluge was over, we will be transformed into our phoenix self, the fulfillment of the process of physical and spiritual freedom embodied in the dove and olive branch metaphor.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


5 Replies to “Ashian: Pre Shock and Post Shock”

  1. david gates

    Usually after a Full moon, things calm down but nope!
    Intensity of energy, pronounced ear frequency changes, but the realization that all of this IS HAPPENING, is mind-blowing!!!

  2. WK

    Thank you Ashian ! This answers my question, on why suddently 2 days ago I started feeling an overwelming energy through my body, dizzy, muscles feel like jelly and my chest is burning. I also feel very unrestfull. This shift, I always associated with something happening with humaniy, as the last time i felt this was during the lockdown. My guess is the overall energy of humaniy shifts to a denser state, and me being an energetic sponge, I absorb it all, and process it. I feel like my energetic body is goind at 1000%. Hope this is just a peak, and that it will eventually calm down, as before. Once again, many thanks ! Much light to you and those around you. Your brother in Love, WK