Ashian: The 5D Distortion

Jennifer: Hello! Well, for those of you reading, this is my second attempt at a channel today. I’ve abandoned the last one. I’m hoping this is better ~ the fault being on my end, not Ashian’s!

Ashian: Greetings (again!). There is no fault, it is merely that some lines of conversation are not as rich as others. We hope that is will be a more fertile conversation, so to speak!

J: Yes! So, let’s dive right in, because this is an important subject.

A: So, a subject we have often explored in sessions with you and your clients is the distortion of the 5D. 3D consciousness has always been about ‘service to self’… ‘How does this serve me?’ ‘How can I work this so I’m not in trouble?’ ‘How can I gain from this?’ You will recognise this as the operating model of all organisations and business that put profit before people.

Clearly, not everyone has lived in that mindset.  Most light workers are much more invested in people than in profit, and many, many have suffered because they were at odds with the prevailing mass consciousness that was subliminally programmed into society. With time, rising vibrations, increased numbers of light workers incarnating and the spiritual evolution of humanity, this has changed.

The 5D focus is Service to Others. But ~ and this is important, especially for light workers ~ if you give everything and make everyone else your priority, you have no time, energy or interest in yourself. You have already invested all your life force, your energy, in others. While that may not be a terrible thing on the surface, it is out of balance, therefore it is a distortion. It is the Martyr Paradigm.

We refer you to the wonderful analogy of the oxygen mask on a plane where you are clearly told: see to yourself first, that way you can help more people.

Without balance, you move out of divine flow. Allowing yourself time, energy and resources is important. Actually, it’s crucial. It’s fundamental.

When you are angry, resentful or exhausted, you are unable to care for anyone properly, even with the best will in the world. And you do have the best will in the world.

In the coming days, weeks and months, you will be called upon like never before. Self care has become a ‘thing’ for a reason: it is the antidote to the 5D distortion, the 5D imbalance. Religions have prioritised and sanctified the apparently self-sacrificing people of the past in order to embed the distortion of 5D service to others within the consciousness of humanity. They did this to dis-empower you, to slow down the arrival of ascension by derailing that vibrational shift.

Self care is a revolutionary act!

We have said it before.

J: Yes, that seems very familiar ~ even to me, who forgets everything!

A: So, how and why does it matter that you take action to care for yourself?

You are told to ground the new energies, to ground the new templates… but what does that actually mean? As your consciousness grows (new energy), you activate your Divine DNA, the codes that were made dormant ~ such as long life, health, and immunity (new templates). You are in physical bodies, so all changes need to be embedded or grounded physically.  By making different decisions and doing things differently, you ground the new templates and lock in the DNA changes.

See it, understand it, do it. Doing matters just as much as being; it’s the final part of the puzzle, so to speak.

So practice self care, it anchors the DNA activations within you; and the more of you that do this, the more other people are activated, until a balance of care for self and care for others becomes the norm in your societies, as it is in ours.

J: That’s brilliant, thank you.

A: It is always our pleasure. We are with you.

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