Ashtar: The Full Truth Coming Forward

I am Ashtar. I come at this time, in this great time of change that you are on, the changes that are happening everywhere around you, and certainly within you.

You are all feeling these changes more, and more, and more within you. The energy is flowing more and more freely within you, and you have adapted to the energies that have been coming in from those great planets of the solar system, through those great beings that ensoul those planets that have been bringing that energy to you from the Great Central Sun of this universe, through all of the galactic central suns, all of those beings that ensoul those galaxy suns. Energy flowing down. Light waves flowing down. Gamma light waves flowing down, bringing you into the higher vibrations in the planet. Those gamma waves coming into the planet, raising the vibrational frequency to higher and higher vibrational frequency to the higher dimensions within this realm. And you have been adapting to these energies more and more so that you can take these energies.

So that all around you that are losing their minds, feeling the fear, expressing the fear in many different ways, just as those of the dark forces want them to do. But you, those of you, that know, those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you know better to not feel the fear. To not feel the panic that others around are more and more beginning to do. For you know the way is open in front of you, even to those that feel the way is closing to them.

But you are the ones, you are those Wayshowers. You are the ones that are paving the way forward, showing the way to all of those that are ready to also see and hear the truth as it is coming forward. For nothing, and no-thing, can stop it at this time, even though they may continue to try, and they will, and they are. But all of their words–words of fear, words of death, words of sorrow–are falling on deaf ears to those of you that will not hear them.

And I, and all of those that are working here with you and through you all, beseech you now to continue to move forward step by step. Do not fall back. Do not allow the fears to come up within you. For there is certainly nothing to fear except fear itself. For in reality, in your new reality that is coming upon you more and more, and within you, there is nothing to fear. For fear is just but an expression, an expression that holds you down to the third-dimensional illusion. But you are moving beyond that illusionary veil. And for you, that veil no longer exists if you deem it to be so.

But my friends, you are on the verge of a great many changes that are coming upon this world and upon you, not the least of which shall be our ships showing more and more within the sky, and more and more people looking up at those skies and seeing those ships, because their third eye is opening more and more to match to their physical eyes.

And as more and more look to the skies and see our ships, those of the forces of darkness will not be able to do anything to stop the truth coming forward, the full disclosure coming forward. And it is coming forward. Soft disclosure has reached its end. You are about to see the full truth coming forward from many different sources. As I say again, you are on the verge of a great many changes to your world.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would more fully continue to connect with your Higher God Self, just as we did here in this expression in your meditation.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

7 Replies to “Ashtar: The Full Truth Coming Forward”

  1. Arthur

    “You are about to see the full truth coming forward from many different sources. As I say again, you are on the verge of a great many changes to your world.”-
    Deja vu in the last 10-16 years.
    This mantra can be extended for another 10++ years.
    She will still work and work and work…like the pink bunny Energizer.

  2. David

    Heartfelt thanks James and Ashtar, lets do this, with you always.

    Can we get an Amen?

    Absolutely 🙏

  3. Tylette

    Thank you. The real. Astar. Is. On. Ship. They. Have. Broad. They. See. Crime. This. Was. Revalue. To. Me. In. 2014. I saw. Him. The. Ship. Is. Big. I. Saw men. In. White. Cloth Astar. Is. Very. Old. But. He. In time. He’s handsome The. Real. One. You. See. Space. When. They. Go. Up. There. They might. See. Things. There. Have. Been. On this. Last. Mission. They. Want. Tell. What. They. Saw. Why. Our. Military do. Your. Think. They. Gonna. Tell. Us. What. Report. Says. Hell. No. Only. Thing. I. Can say. There. Will. No. More. War. And sit. Off. Atomi. Bl why prime. Creator. Says. No. There. No reason. Your. Don’t. Have. Too. Believe if. One do. You they. What. Ever. No excuse on the earth ever again the. Prime. Creator. Will. Place all. Non exciting that. Mean. All. Countries wake. Up. 🌎