Saint Germain: War in Europe?

JJK: I had the following dream. Throughout the night endlessly long columns of vehicles with military equipment and foreign national insignia moved through my dream world. Loaded onto trains and along the autobahn, this convoy of tanks and cannon rolled across Austria. I wondered, “Where does this device go – and are we at war?” (end of dream)

I will now pass this question on to the spiritual world of light…

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I embrace you and everyone who follows this message now with my love. You have seen what you have often noticed even when you were awake.

JJK: Yes, I remember now. Lately, when I’m driving on our autobahns, I’ve seen more and more military equipment that clearly doesn’t belong to the Austrian army being moved. But that is not happening to this extent.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The extent shown to you in the dream indicates that this may happen in the future. The dynamics of war will also increase in Europe. Although it doesn’t reach the end in the end, this world walks on the edge of the abyss.

JJK: Does that mean it’s really about us going through a war in Austria?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: You are already part of a war, not as a theater of war in the traditional sense, but as a hub for war materials and espionage activities. Armed war is emerging in parts of Europe but will not spread across the continent. Austria will be affected, but will remain protected and protected in a special way.

The Bigger Picture

Actually, it’s about a bigger picture.

It is about the war that the forces of cold light have unleashed against humanity and man himself.

This is the core issue of the current debates at various levels. However, more and more people see through this and they are willing to face this controversy. Courageously and fearlessly they stand up for themselves, for their children and grandchildren, a great blessing that manifests itself here and that unfolds great power, especially in Austria. Because you are many and you are becoming more every day!

The restrictions on freedom at all levels, the manipulation of people – that’s what it’s about. The types of warfare are different, but it is always about fear.

It is only through fear that people can be tempted to behave inhumanely and be encouraged to give up themselves.

AI as “Golden Calf”

Everything is currently being pushed to the top! More and more fears are said to unsettle more and more people until they resign themselves to the yoke of artificial intelligence.

Mankind is to merge with this intelligence. A “golden calf” and a new concept of God are to be created for those who reject God.

What is special about this time is that the dystopian timeline is now being created just like the timeline of the ascension of an awakened humanity. Due to the fact that both developments are taking place on ONE earth at the same time, there is so much chaos.

Before the one separates from the other, there is this struggle in which the forces of the cold light want to “manipulate” as many souled people as possible into their world and take them into their future. That’s the real argument.

These are the plans for mankind and they are plans that fail in the face of the truth for very many people!

The sky and inner earth

So we come to the illuminating aspects of these discussions:

1.) The light wins and it wins because more and more people make it possible. Despite all the dangers, deceptions and fears that are being poured out now: There are more and more people who are NOT deceived and will NOT be led into fear.

2.) Heaven comes to your aid! In the greatest need, help is most powerful. Count on God, that’s what matters now – and more and more people are also activating this inner connection to the divine. This is your powerhouse for steadfastness, courage and stamina.

3.) Your brothers and sisters from inner earth are ready to take you in if necessary. What has been announced to you is happening – it is about to happen.

So don’t be afraid for a moment.

Because even if it sometimes seems hopeless: While humanity progresses through the necessary learning experiences, you as an individual are guided by God and protected by God.

Why should suffering happen to you if you no longer have suffering programming in you?

The scenario is: Mankind rises above the abyss. The same stays the same and those who have recognized themselves will be recognized.

With infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


5 Replies to “Saint Germain: War in Europe?”

  1. unionylibertad

    Faith and Trust will go a long way to know that all that was, is and will be is in Perfect Divine Order…With our Trust in God, there is only room for Joy, Love and Victory…The Light has won, and we need to stay in the Light to allow for it to manifest sooner rather than later… We Are One…Thank you St. Germaine and Jahn……

  2. TG

    I have been led to understand that when St Germain was on Earth he assisted the Merdici family in setting up the banking system we currently have that is not in humanity’s best interests. However, in recent times I read St Germain is going to deposit money into people’s accounts freely (GESARA) when the current system comes down. Hmmm… Is this that same St Germain. If so, can he please explain?