The Equinox And The New Moon; New Beginnings

Welcome to the New beginning of You. The Spring Equinox is on Monday March 20th, 2023 (Fall Equinox for the southern hemisphere) and the New Moon in Aries, is the following Day, Tuesday March 21st, 2023, at 2:23 pm ADT.

The Equinox; which occurs twice a year, takes place when the Sun crosses the celestial equator. Day and night are then approximately of equal length.

The Fall Equinox on March 20th, 2023 celebrates the STILLNESS, before the shift to greater Night, less light.

During the Spring Equinox we celebrate this STILLNESS also. We then we begin to shift towards more daylight and more Sun. The sun and daylight reach its peak of Light when the Earth reaches its maximum axial tilt toward the sun, which takes place on the Summer Solstice.

This day of equal light, is a day of inner reflection leading to a new start, the astronomical Spring, followed by the New Moon, the following day.

The New Moon in Aries, on Tuesday March 21st, 2023 is sextile Pluto. This leads to the potential for deep inner renewal and rebirth with blocks in the subconscious being freed. This then is transcendence, when whatever fears within us held us back from being united within our hearts, releases itself from the subconscious. The subconscious becoming more and more conscious.

Kickstarting new beginnings starts with the Equinox and the New Moon. Like nature the new leaves on the trees, slowly begin to bud. Even though the inner changes may be sudden, the processing of the greater inner transcendence reveals itself externally, moment to moment, day to day. As within so without.

During the New Moon, the Sun is square Mars. World power and authorities may cause even greater conflict. On a personal level, the Sun, our main star and inner Sun (spiritual sun) may increase inner conflicts of ego within ourselves; within the subconscious, leading to the potential freeing of those inner fears and beliefs that hold us back.

Mars squaring Neptune, during the time of this New Moon, will require you to have greater clarity prior to the new beginning of the New Moon, new start. Neptune now positively aligned may install non clarity and doubts.

As we approach Mondays Equinox and Tuesdays New Moon, focus on areas of your life, starting with your inner self, that you would desire to be transformed so that you may experience your own personal inner rebirth.

Welcoming in the Spring and the New Moon, or the astronomical Fall and New Moon, is the opportunity, to experience great transformation. Greater transcendence. Greater Divine Union within you. So that you may be all that you desire to be consciously. So that you too, will be freed and born anew.

This Divine UNION Being is what you eternally are. The process is simply the removal of that which is clouding symbolically, your vision of BEING this. With The Divine Council of Overseers, and the Queen of Light, with Sanat Kumara, we bless you as you become to yourself all that you have always been, eternally. Now, always in love.

**By L’Aura Pleiadian


One Reply to “The Equinox And The New Moon; New Beginnings”

  1. Mihai

    Nice article, but you will have to repost it in 13 days because the planet Earth works according to its rules, not according to the rules of the Yehova-worshiping Kabbalah.
    The 13 days that Kabbalah added to the calendar will have to be canceled shortly because today, March 21, 2023, we are on March 8, Women’s Day.
    The weather is for March 8.
    The spring equinox will only be on April 2.
    If you take into account these 13 days added by Satanists, you will live on the same day as the planet Earth.