White Hat Takeover, What is Freedom?

If you look back only a few years wow have things changed, this is because of the White hat takeover. They are assisting humanity bringing us to a shared timeline of Light.

The success of the White Hat takeover within the U.S Military was a key factor. Cosmic, Universal law was petitioned to help assist our species confidently trigger the shift in consciousnesses and role out a global shift towards a timeline of Light.

These top officials of the US military started to realize what was happening and decided to plan a takeover of this global Cabal who have destroyed our planet through their wars. The Trump administration was put in place by these White Hats at the top of the US military to take down this global scourge. Again, nothing is a coincidence. The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.

Basically, these White Hats gave their support to the resistance of this global Cabal. Hence, the extreme chaos playing out in the United States and the world stage. There was a secret military refusal to take orders to go to war with North Korea. Faced with an internal mutiny in the US military the Trump administration adamantly ordered them to stand down.

Cosmic law, Universal law was granted and the United States attained additional resources to help in this takeover that will help direct humanity to a timeline of Light.

Time travelers have been put in place for this time in history and to help fulfill this White Hat takeover. They chose certain people that would be the most successful and have the most leverage to steer humanity to a successful shift to a timeline based in Light.

Some Dark institutions are going to have to wait till after the shift to be transformed or destroyed from the outside in. However, several key institutions that were under Dark Hat leadership were targeted and taken over by the White Hat leadership. The United States government and the United States military have been taken over by the White Hat leadership.

The White Hats firstly take over and infiltrate the ownership and the Director boards of these Dark hat run institutions. ET’s are a major part of this process including technologies so far advanced and available to any human institution so resistance is futile.

Once the White Hat ownership and leadership is onboard it’s quite a simple matter to install positions of authority and power. Optics can be very important! Meaning, sometimes existing Dark Hats are being allowed to continue in appearance of being in charge during the day. When the shift is initiated the White Hats will take action and take over for all to see.

The institutions that the White Hats are targeting are the worlds financial systems bringing in financial shifts that will defund this secret Dark government and begin implementing a Light based worldwide financial system. So, any organization that is supporting the existing Dark are being heavily targeted.

The media is another one and a key resource supporting this Dark agenda. Many of these media conglomerates are being heavily targeted. Hence, the harsh and truthful condemnation of the media from President Trump.

After this Light based shift there will possibly be a war of words, an information battle between the Dark controlled media and the White Hat takeover media. But, there will be no doubt the outcome of this battle. Even one media conglomerate being taken over by the White Hats and switching over to truth would be sufficient. At the time of the shift the White Hats will takeover all airwaves.

The human shift into the Light is also being targeted. Meaning, those who reneged on their promise or had doubts have been eliminated or replaced. Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift ever imagined.

A shift from the current Dark timeline to a timeline of Light. This shift will be initiated by a Human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the White Hat takeover of several key institutions. Again, the takeover of the United States government and military by placing Donald Trump in position was a key White Hat take over.

At the time of the shift truth will be told to all and trumpeted worldwide the announcement of the transformation to a Light based reality. Humans have no idea what it means to live in complete Freedom/liberation from enslavement. I believe this process will be implemented in baby steps as there is a major portion of the population still fighting for the status quo to stay in place because they find comfort of their chains. This change will be foreign to them and they will resist but their resistance is futile.

**By Teri Wade


13 Replies to “White Hat Takeover, What is Freedom?”

  1. unionylibertad

    No matter what, the Light has won and it is all about to be manifested…Everything is slower in the manifestation ladder here in 3D earth…but it is happening…There are many things we yet do not understand so giving opinions is kind of futile…We are on our way to be completely free…Thank you Teri Wade

  2. Benjamin Franklin

    Teri, in many respects, you are preaching, to the choir. The most grustrating aspect, is the near, complete absence, of Visibility, together with the never ending process, of Drip, Drip. At this rate the human part of the alliance might, at this rate get there under 30 years. Hay yay yay! Many of us will be way past their expiration dates.

  3. Linda Rosa

    Teri Wade, your words are so encouraging and my heart tells me it is just a matter of time before this all comes about. Thank you for reminding us of these joys!

  4. Mike Ohira

    Thank you, Teri Wade, for providing us with very important info. As always, your views and insight are highly appreciated. We are starting to see the shift actually happening now, in particular with the banks. Please keep up your excellent work.

  5. Cliff

    “The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.”

    Did that include operation warp speed to get the vaccine out to as many people as possible, to kill and injure as many people as possible? Was that part of what was in the works for decades?

    1. Mike Ohira

      Cliff & Lucky : what you guys are saying is true, everything mentioned here really did happened. However I would like to say to you guys that in the case of Trump what is important is for us to look at the Big Picture of Trump. Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes and Trump is no exception. Even JFK made stupid mistakes

    2. Gnanasekharan

      Probably the most satisfying reason I have come across is the following Excerpt:

      Trump launched the vaccines 1.5 years sooner than the cabal had planned, he totally subverted their agenda. Their plan was to have at least two full years of lockdowns, which would have totally devastated the entire world, and paved the way for a smooth transition to the Great Reset of the cabal. Trump ended the lockdowns after 8 months, instead of 24 months, which totally crashed their agenda, and forced them to scramble, and regroup.

      This is basic military strategy: use the plans of your enemies against them. Trump could not prevent the planned pandemic, neither could he prevent the vaccines, but he could pull their own agenda forward, to sabotage them.

      Because of these rushed injections, hundreds of millions worldwide have discovered how dangerous vaccines are in general, which again is a massive victory. Trump gladly takes the blame for the adverse events, as he knows they would have occurred anyway, and he looks at the long term outcome: humanity waking up to how criminal Big Pharma is.

      Everything he has been doing, has exposed different realms of criminal activity by the Deep State

      Excerpt from an article by Poofness

    3. Hiromant

      Yes, that part too. What operation Warp Speed really means is forcing the enemy to expedite their plans so much they make enormous mistakes and lose control over them. Covid lockdowns were supposed to last for years and the vaccines would have been mandatory for everyone. By bringing in vaccines early, Trump ended the lockdowns and saved many from starvation. He also never said they were mandatory, everyone made their own choice. Furthermore, think about what would have happened and how the deep state would have reacted if he had publicly opposed them. Look beyond the surface.

  6. Lucky

    So you’re telling me Trump had an affair with Stormi Daniels during the planning phase for this operation? Let me guess this was part of the plan too? How about Operation Warp Speed… that was the plan too?

    Your information sounds like what people want to hear with no attention to reality.

  7. Ken

    Some of this is BS. trump and his isreali pals wanted war with Iran. They even assassinated an Iranian government official.The US military refused to go to war and he was forced to call it off. Some of this trump myth is ludicrous