Angels in Scriptures

Angels in scriptures weren’t abstract, ethereal beings but real people that walked among us.

They had supernatural powers. They could emit light from their hands. They could disappear in a blink. They helped people in need.

These were Pleiadians.


Angel just means ‘messenger’. Angels are not from Earth, therefore by definition, are extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials can come from other dimensions. Pleiadians come from 7th dimension.

We don’t like the word “alien”, but angels and demons, or fallen angels, are all technically aliens. People have become programmed by words.

ET crafts were described in primitive ways by people who lacked knowledge of what they were seeing. They called them “chariots” and “wheels within wheels”. Sometimes these crafts were even confused with “God”.

I’m not sure that modern evangelicals even know what scriptures say about angels. The way some promote the power of demons and fallen angels, you’d think they work for them.

Ironically, in the story of Lot in Genesis, it’s the humans who are evil, literally trying to rape the Pleiadians.

You can be sure that a God of Love didn’t create a universe of only evil, and Earth isn’t the focus of the universe either.

**By Kabamur


4 Replies to “Angels in Scriptures”

  1. Keith

    They would be called extra-celestials if so…
    They are called extraterrestrials because they are from extra land on this earth plane that is hidden from us beyond the ice wall.
    -See Operation High Jump and Admiral Bird.
    -Operation Fishbowl.
    -Operation Dominic

  2. Deborah Potter

    I love how confident you are in your assertion that all angels are Pleadians despite having no proof and thousands of documents and first hand evidence that proves the contrary.

    But go for it, you’ll have no trouble finding gullible people to hang on your every word as you clearly have insight that absolutely nobody else does. And that’s always the best insight, that which you make up yourself.

  3. lightseeker

    Great post Kabamur. If only most of humanity understood their Religion is based on a corruption of information. What you present is what I have come to know as the truth. How many on this site will say we are full of crap. I believe most of them are still lost in their religion. Prove me wrong. I would enjoy being shown how wrong I am. There will be a few… but the truth is that most who visit this site… refuse to let go of old outdated dogma?