From 3D To 4D And 5D: Whipsaw Part 2

On 21 March 2023 at 00:15 PM CET via the Single Hierarchical Channel, the latest update on the new Earth’s Causal Matrix set in came (more on it see Whipsaw, Disclosure News, 17 March 2023).

As planned, the installation started on the night of March 19-20 simultaneously on 3D, 4D and 5D Earth, which are in a single eon. Technically, it was entering the Matrix into three Logos at once, followed by their activation by a Pleromic pulse through an access code.

On the four- and five-dimensional planets, the Matrix activation was successful. But on our planet, during the final synchronization, problems began. Through the opening of the Equinox Portal, especially powerful quantum flows from the Galactic Center poured into the 3D Earth through our Sun. A giant black hole formed on it, from which a huge coronal mass ejection occurred, which dealt a severe blow to terrestrial geomagnetic field.

A hard-hitting magnetic storm has begun on Earth. In both hemispheres, it was accompanied by bright Polar Light. The energy shock led to a sharp jump in seismicity. One earthquake reached magnitude (M) of 6.8; two – of M5+; 34 – of M4+; 109 – of M3+; 423 – of M2+; and 706 were below of M2,0. In Anchor Point, Alaska, the strength of the quake was of M5.4. The hearth was located at a depth of 65.4 km.

The activity of 26 volcanoes in 15 countries boosted. One of the strongest occurred on the island of Java, where the eruption of Mount Merapi began. A column of smoke was thrown out of its crater to a height of 1.3 km, lava flows flowed down the slopes. The danger of an eruption has been raised to the second of five levels.

But the main overstrain began on a Subtle Plane. As Disclosure News earlier noted (see – March Frequencies, DNI, March 4, 2023), on the eve and with the beginning of the equinox, several events focused in short time segment: the ingression of the Sun into Aries, the New Moon in the same sign, and the transition of Pluto into Aquarius. Moreover, the New Moon forms a sextile with Pluto and a quadrature with Mars, which also changes its sign and goes into cardinal Cancer.

The combination of the powerful energy of these stelliums and other factors, listed by DNI, caused such a avalanchine whipsaw on the entire situation on the planet that the 3D Earth’s Logos was technically not ready to accept a new Causal Matrix in such extreme conditions. A few minutes before the equinox, Co-Creators and Gaia stopped the download, as it became obvious that the Logos couldn’t withstand the clutch.

What’s next? For the present, 3D Earth will continue to function on the base of the temporal Causal Matrix’s cache. Co-Creators have already begun the accelerated prep of three-dimensional planet and its Logos for the downloading of an updated full-format version. All participants of the operation, including the ground team of Lightwarriors, received specific tasks.

DNI is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to inform about the op’s progress.

**By Lev