Archangel Metatron: Accepting Greater Truth

Greetings beloved and thank you for your call this day.

As we progress through this change of dimension many peoples reality will begin to shift and change with acceptance of a greater Truth. The Truth that you are never alone will become the accepted as so many will recognize what has been forgotten. The Truth of your Divinity, the Truth of your mission and purpose. What I can tell you is that it is not what you have been told for so long, GOD the Creator is You – all of the Earths inhabitants are ONE and there is no separation from the Truth only a forgetting of your mission and purpose, which is to experience life in a the 3D and have fun doing so. Duality is the platform with which this experience plays out. Each of you, all of you have a choice to make moment by moment and it is one of Balance – ‘do I do what serves me or do I operate with all those in mind that may be affected by my actions and take heed not to cause any negative repercussions for others or myself’. So the question becomes – ‘do I act in Love and kindness or do I approach all things with the what can this do for me attitude’. Well the latter is the problem, when not living in ONENESS all becomes out of balance and as the spirals of selfishness continue deeper and deeper is the rift as so many begin to separate, isolate and live in fear.

So our mission today and always has been one of acceptance and Love for all mankind no matter what the action. For all is merely an experience to be lived. So my dear ONE as we progress you will see more and more of the Truth of this game and the actions taken outside of Love that so often affect so many and cause a deeper belief in separation and a growing despair. Well we hear the calls and we are responding now like we never could before as the quarantine has been lifted and our Forces of Light can approach and interact with Humanity and once again expand and reunite into the ONENESS of all things.

So as the days/your days progress expect to see you more and more evidence of Ships in your skies and know that we are here to assist and heal all of Humanity and take you from this place of turmoil and return you to your seat at the table where all is Light. No longer can this go on as Humanity has completed the cycle and must move on. Yes, the choice is still there and for many it will be tough but for the majority it will be smooth sailing and freedom at last. Please continue to share and promote Healing through the release of all things not commensurate with the Angelic Beings you are and continue to inform and teach the applications and use of the technology of the Violet Consuming Flame for as you well know – it works!! So provide and explain its purpose and efficacy/effectiveness to release and clear the cookies of the mind and restore balance once more so that we as a Collective can move forward and into a Heaven on Earth like never before experienced in this new reality.

So my dear friend and brother thank you for your time this day to connect with me and write down this message. I know your heart is full and your mind is clear so FAREWELL and please reach out to me more often.


**Channel: Robert J Scarpa


One Reply to “Archangel Metatron: Accepting Greater Truth”

  1. Paula Allen

    Dear Archangel Metatron, I’m not real current on all channelings and would like to know about the Violet Consuming Flame and hoping you can tell me where to find the info. Thank You