Rapid Human Cloning

People should understand that rapid human cloning doesn’t produce exact duplicates. There are always differences, especially cloning older people, or people with physical abnormalities introduced later in life.

Our physical appearance is about more than our DNA. It’s a result of many external variables. Rapid cloning removes those factors, but can also add other anomalies.

There’s no precedent with which we can compare undisclosed technology, and unfortunately many people’s assumptions about cloning is based entirely on what’s seen in movies.


I believe John Fetterman was cloned. It takes 5 months to duplicate a person, physically and mentally. He was obviously selected to be a political puppet so it makes sense that preparations to clone him were in place months ago.

He looks different because he had physical abnormalities which couldn’t be reproduced in the cloning process.

They released images of the clone to silence questions about his absence, and get us used to his new appearance. If he’s still alive, they’ll switch back and forth between the real Fetterman and the clones. If he’s dead, the clones will replace him completely.

It’s the public’s inability to conceive this is actually happening that allows them to get away with it. What’s happening goes far beyond masks, actors or lookalikes. The cabal’s greatest deception is happening right in front of us every day.

**By Kabamur


5 Replies to “Rapid Human Cloning”

  1. todd wiseman

    it IS true fetterman is now a Zombie, he wears only warlock black could be the twin bro of anton lavey with his creepy goat beard, the goal was
    to seize votes thru penn

  2. Gem

    The truth is that people don’t care. Until they are affected directly, few people care. Those who do are mocked and ignored.

    1. Lemurian brother

      I just with they would clone people like jeff beck , wayne shorter chick correa the brilliant artists that weve lost that have made the world better