Magnetic Fire of Transformation

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune in to the light within.

This new energy, this new light, coming to Earth now, and continuously increasing, intensifying, this is what we call magnetic fire. Why?

This Divine light is magnetic, it pulls everything towards itself, and it is pulled by towards everything that vibrates, no matter how high or low the vibration of the receiver, because this is the essence of ALL THAT IS. It cleanses, it transmutes, it uplifts all in its path. This light seeks to break all barriers, and not separate but CONNECT everyone and everything, and restores everything to its original blueprint and purpose.

The only thing that survives within this Divine magnetic fire of transformation is LOVE.

As it grows, as it reaches every single organism on this planet, every little pocket remaining of the old 3D will be infused and transformed by this light, or those that attempt to reject it will be completely rid of from this world.

Light is now the new reality. Service to others is the new norm. If you still have doubt, then you are about to witness this first hand. You are about to see many systems crashing and burning, as well people departing, because they are afraid and refuse to let go of the old. However, the changes will no longer be postponed.

There is no future, there is no past, there is only NOW. And in this now, the old dream is dissolving fast. This is not about causing fear, this is about AWAKENING.

This is about realizing that what we thought was real, was far from real. What we thought worked so good for humanity, did not. It only worked for those that sought to enslave humanity. What we have today is slaves supporting their masters. This too must end.

Seek and find joy within. Release the old ways, release the “hollywood mentality”, and prepare to be cleansed to the core by the tsunami of light.

What was once 3D, is being dissolved as we speak in this moment. There is a new breed of masters coming out into this world, a new wave of leaders. Ones filled with the light and love of the Divine. Ones that seeks to serve this world in the most positive honorable way. Ones that seek to serve others and not just the self. Ones that are uplifting humanity and Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. You are part of this new breed of masters. You are the new leaders of this world that will spread peace and prosperity to all nations.

I Am Kejraj!

9 Replies to “Magnetic Fire of Transformation”

  1. Nicolazur

    Quel plaisir, quelle joie intérieure de te lire, KejRaj !
    Merci, tes quelques lignes sont un soutien radieux
    pour Nous.
    Continuons à être inspirés et “aspirés” par la Lumière.

    Fraternellement par le Coeur !

  2. SunLightLove

    Thank you, your insight Kejraj it is very inspiring and energising 💗. I need some uplifting right now, the energies this week where I am are low and dense. ‘They’ continue to block the sun so we cannot get light/source.

    Re: Lucky’s comment.
    I feel your despair and I wish I could take it from you. Sometimes there are no words good enough to heal the pain. I offer you a big virtual hug and my support; I am here for you. It’s an incredibly tough gig and you’ve done an amazing job to get this far. Some souls on Earth have it much worse than others depending on what they need to learn. E.g. as lightworkers a painful experience may be required to relate and help others that will go through the same or similar soon. It may not feel like it but the more you suffer the more you grow/gain knowledge. So, you advance quicker in the scheme of things. I hope you decide to stay, it’s nice having you here with us (physically). But, either way your choice is respected and all you have accomplished here is appreciated. We’ll always be ‘one’ wherever you go. 💖🦋🍀

  3. Lilas

    All the “awakend” people know who the founders
    and players from the american dreammachine are,
    it should be much better if they leave this planet !


  4. Lucky

    I am done. I want nothing to do with this world. The creation is beautiful but in reality endless layers of creatures tearing each other apart. I see no wisdom in god. I don’t want to play this game anymore. I quit. I guess I’m a Buddha now.

    1. tigersnack1114

      We’re almost there Lucky!
      I know…I know…I go through dark periods where I want to say F it. THAT is an attack of the Dark to try to make you stop shining your light.
      Sometimes I focus on a dark memory and it sends me downward. Sometimes I catch myself and think…”HAPPY THOUGHTS”…kind of corny sounding but it works well for me.

      I almost quit in 2017 and was offered to be removed in a lucid dream. My guides came to me, gave me a clear choice and I chose to stay.

      I will say…HURRY UP! and I also know that wont work =)
      All in Divine timing but a lot of Lightworkers are just plain whipped and tired.