Daily Message for 3/29/2023

Greetings! They fail to understand the magnitude of what is unfolding, so they label it as “New Age.” They wither in fear, with their illusory beliefs, remaining oblivious to the fact that their religion is actually Satanism in disguise. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, were created by dark entities, who worshipped one single dark(ET) entity, who sought blood sacrifice in his name. That is the “god” of your churches and mosques. ~Kejraj

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  1. Mary

    There was a hostile faction of Annunaki as led by Enlil/Satan. His son Ninurta, and half nephew Marduk were also in control. The illuminati/freemasons are the ones who have established religions and distorted many truths. Ea/Enki is the one who tried to save humanity, and has recently returned. Aquarius was another name for Enki. His age is now emerging upon humanity and we will be guided by only benevolent Anunnaki and other ET beings. This is largely a new age mentality (started in the 1960’s) but all of humanity will eventually become new age. New age means “The New Age Of Aquarius/EA/Enki” his other names were: Posiedon, Neptune, Osiris, Lucifer, Thor, Melchizedek, Shiva, and many others if you research his history. Atlantis and the Abzu were his home. Enlil was the evil half brother who wrote the old testament. They support our own individual empowerment and finding our own expansion/spiritual development.
    They should never be worshipped. Instead we can percieve them as older and wiser brothers and sisters who are here to help guide us spiritually. Anunnaki are not gods.


  2. Gem 💎 Ascending

    I am eternally grateful every time I hear and or see anyone tell this truth. I’ve been attacked many times for saying it. I will never make an apology or accept one. The ignorant will arise from their knees or go straight to hell. Either way is fine with me.

  3. Mike Ohira

    Thanks, Kejraj

    Just to supplement what you have said I have written down the following which came out directly from the mouth of “The Highest of the Universe”
    The purpose is to wake up sleeping souls.

    “Religion is a trap.

    Every religion on the surface of the earth have their own doctrine. And they trap people into believing in certain doctrine, whereas there is no doctrine at all. The understanding of oneness is where you need to be. Forget about your doctrine, forget about your religion, because they will only draw you downward into third dimensional understanding, and to keep you there.
    That is the purpose of religion, to keep you down into the lower dimensional density. This you do not want.”


    “If I were to tell you where all your religions come from, you will be shocked.
    Understand, your religions are based on what the Annunaki wanted you to know, not what you needed to know, but what they wanted you to know.
    They created your religion so you would worship the religion and be able to be controlled.That is the purpose of religion – to control you. The
    Annunaki’s, when they came in and they created religions, then of course you fell prey to that and you were sort of like a herd of sheep…sheep always being herded and mankind was always being herded by the Annunaki, to go a certain way to benefit them, not to benefit you, but to benefit them.

    So they created religion to be able to keep you in control, under control.
    So your religion in a sense is a trap because what they do is they teach you a certain doctrine or a certain belief, and when you are caught up in that belief, you are not open to any suggestions, you are not open to any
    reality, you are only open to their teaching, to their doctrine, and that was all based on Annuniki’s plan to keep mankind under control”.

  4. Light bearer

    Indeed. Well said.

    It took me quite some time to realize that God is bad, but Source is good, and those aren’t the same being.