Italian Government Backs Ban of Lab-Grown Meat to Protect Nation’s Food Heritage

The government of Italy has backed a bill that would ban lab-grown meat in the country to protect its rich food heritage.

If the bill passes, it would fine violators of the lab-grown meat ban up to €60,000.

“Laboratory products do not guarantee quality, well-being and the protection of our culture, our tradition,” said Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigida on Wednesday.

“Even, let’s say it, with pride in our culture and our tradition, which is also food and wine, to our agricultural productions, ties a piece of our civilization and our model,” he added.

He followed up on Twitter, declaring, “Italy is the first nation free from the risks of synthetic foods.”

“A courageous result from the Meloni government, a strong stance in favor of the many traditional producers, besieged by a few increasingly unscrupulous multinationals,” he tweeted.

The farmers’ union Coldiretti had collected half a million signatures, including Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s, calling for the protection of “natural food vs synthetic food,” and praised the recent move by the government as a bulwark “from the attacks of multinational companies.”

“We could only celebrate with our farmers a measure that puts our farmers in the vanguard, not just on the issue of defending excellence… but also in defending consumers,” Meloni said in Rome.

The corporations and globalists, including Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum, have been trying to encourage and normalize lab-grown meat as part of the Great Reset plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The left-wing faction of the government and animal rights groups are predictably outraged.

“This time they are taking it out on synthetic food and prefer to continue with their reckless prohibition instead of doing research and developing a technology that could allow us to pollute and kill less,” said Riccardo Magi, president of the Più Europa party.

This comes days after Italy passed a law protecting citizens from the EU and World Economic Forum’s push to market insects as food.

“It’s fundamental that these flours are not confused with food made in Italy,” Lollobrigida said last week.

It appears some European countries are beginning to push back against the Great Reset agenda to transform the way humans eat food under the guise of fighting climate change.

**By Jamie White


2 Replies to “Italian Government Backs Ban of Lab-Grown Meat to Protect Nation’s Food Heritage”

  1. Voice4theAnimals

    Great. Now my heart wishes for them to recognise the free will of animals; sentient beings with the same Source consciousness.

    When they ban the caging, tampering, slaughtering and murdering of animals that is when my heart will rejoice.

    If they cannot see/feel/recognise animals as part of us, no less deserving, I offer my assistance. I will provide this knowledge that I have in my heart and from experiences. The invitation is there, they need only desire and ask from their hearts and my higher self will provide. I offer this knowledge to anyone who wants to break free of the brainwashing that has been installed and wants to ‘truly’ live and be as one with all.