Neioh: Atlantis

Friends Of Light!

There Are Many Stories And Interpretations Of Atlantis. In Your Current Waking Dream, The Distractions Of Daily Life Would Hardly Give You Moments Of Interest For Such A Lost Civilization.

But Many Of You Have Wondered What The Truth Is Concerning The Life And Ending Of This Magnificent Civilization!

I Will Share With You A Story Of Great Love, Destruction, Assistance And Beginning Again!

The Kingdom Of Atlantis Was Formed In Ancient Dreams When Earth Native Souls Had Gained Strength And Perseverance By The Arrival Of Starseeds. Many Gathered On A Planet Of Duality To Create A Paradise Of Their Own.

Starseeds From Elohim Races Incarnated To Earth As Well As Traveling To Visit In Large Crafts. The Area Where The Light Of Atlantis Was Centered Was In A Location That You Would Call Northern Africa. This Was Long After The Galactic Federation First Arrived And Long After The Beauty And Destruction Of Lemuria. We Have Shared About Dark Forces Coming To Earth As Well As The Crystal City. Atlantis Had Not Been Formed Until All Of These Events Had Occurred.

The Beginning Of This Story Of Light Was Brought About By A Powerful Group Who Understood Their Power And Connection To The Great Creator Of All Life. Having Knowledge Of Meditation And Communing Directly With Light Allowed Consciousness To Expand Beyond The Perimeters Of Anything Known On Earth Before.

With This Knowledge Came Power And These Souls Created Magnificent Crafts With The Assistance Of The Galactic Federation And Starseeds That Loved The Earth And Brought Light To All Places. Earth Native Souls Created Families With Starseeds And Together They Lived Separately From Those That Embraced Duality. As The Anunnaki Continued To Disperse Around The Earth And Deceived Many, This Group Of Light Grew Stronger And More Resilient With Their Power Within.

Their Love Created Family Groups Of Complete Oneness. The Galactic Federation Continued To Visit And Bring Teaching Of The Building Of Dwellings With Columns, Crystal Homes, Magnificent Colorful Flowers And Animals That Circulated Light With An Abundance Of Horses With Wings. The Galactic Federation Surrounded This Group With Power And Gifted Them Upgraded Bodies With Crystal Hearts With Light Circulating. They Breathed Infinite Life And Never Tasted Death.

In Moments Of Tranquility Where All Walked In Perfect Bodies Without The Need For Anything, They Were Surrounded By The Beauty And Majesty That Others Searched For In Their Own Waking Dreams. Until The Soul Discovered That Finding Light Completely Would Add The Magnificence Life Offered, Most Other Civilizations Only Longed For Outer Recognition Which Will Never Allow Light Necessary To Lead And Expand.

But The Atlanteans Knew. They Loved And They Prospered.


As Time Went On And They Never Aged, They Had Families Of Beauty And Health. In Celebrations Of Music And Dancing, They Enjoyed Colors Of Lavender, Turquoise And Pink Drapes Of Clothing With Crystals Worn In Their Long Hair And Around Their Necks. They Understood The Power Of Crystals And Used Them Daily As Part Of Life.

In Their Power They Lived Without Awareness Of Danger As They Flew In Crafts Around The Earth Only To Return To Their Beautiful Haven. Little Did They Understand That Darkness Was Possible As They Enjoyed Temples And Great Structures Of Beauty. Many Anunnaki Had Desires To Destroy And Take Over These Beautiful Beings. Darkness Cannot Tolerate Light! But They Never Had The Chance As Atlas,The First King Of Mauritania, Met With The Light Forces For Assistance. Rumors Of War Were Increasing And A Great Flood Had Entered The Location. The Plan Was Made To Relocate These Beings To A Higher Realm Of Existence! In Purity Of Form They Were Living As Ascended Beings And Changing Locations Was A Great Gift Of The Galactic Federation.

So The Truth Is That All Beings Were Taken To The Elohim Planets That You Know. The Starseeds Gladly Took Their Families To 7-D Where Their Body Form Was Already Upgraded To Live In Perfection. Animals Were Taken And Homes Were Created. King Atlas Became A Loving Friend On Merope And Through Many Waking Dreams On Earth, His Name Was Honored In Greek Mythology As The Father Of The 7 Pleiadian Sisters. Many Others Blended Throughout All Elohim Planets.

With Their Civilization Left Behind, It Was Invaded By Many Dark Rulers. Pidkozox And Oppisheklio Were Two Of Many Who Destroyed The Temples And Took The Jewels And Crystals For Their Own. But The Galactic Federation Saw The Destruction And Removed Anyone Under The Control Of Dark Forces To Relocate To Areas Around The World. Homes Were Constructed And Life Became Free From The Tyranny Of Endless Opposition. Flooded Areas And Broken Temples Were Left Behind In Ruins.

So We Give You Comfort In Knowing That Atlantis Was A Real Place Of Being. But The Souls That Found Their Power In Light, Now Live In Paradise Forever!

Soon You Will Join Your Families In Great Love And Bliss!

We Are The Family Of Light!
Grow In Peace From This Moment!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


4 Replies to “Neioh: Atlantis”

  1. Mike Ohira

    Very good info, Miguel, thank you!

    Just one thing I should point out: Lot of people mistaken Agartha as Hollow Earth. Agartha is not Hollow Earth. Hollow Earth and Inner Earth are different. The crust of the earth (800 miles thick)
    is Inner Earth and that is Agartha. Hollow Earth is the interior of the earth and that is not Agartha.

  2. Miguel Gonzalez

    Yes, I know very well Atlantis was real. It was founded by humans
    from Sirius, Pleiades, Beta Centauri, a few other systems and was
    quite a sight to behold; just as Lemuria was founded by Aquatics
    from Venus (or half-jellyfish people, I guess you could call them).

    The people of Atlantis were known as Ramuhalaus.
    The people of Lemuria were known as the Shamalie.

    In fact, both still have survivor colonies all throughout Hollow-Earth.

    1) My understanding is the capitol of Hollow-Earth (aka Agartha),
    is called Shangri-La in Tibet. 2) There is a colony of Lemuians
    called Telos inside Mt. Shasta, CA. 3) There is also a
    colony filled with refugees of Alantis, called Poseidon in Brazil.