Sananda: Harmony Within

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

I will always repeat: It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I come here once again to be with those who want to listen to me; to be with those who have pure hearts and who believe in my words and in the power of my Love.Today, I will bring you a light subject, but one that makes many of you think and be analyzed: Harmony. What is Harmony? Something harmonious is something that follows a rhythm, something pleasant to be heard, to be seen, to be experienced; it doesn’t bring any scares, no suspense, no imbalances; it only brings balance, joy. A human body in total balance is a harmonic body, and in this way it emanates energy and Light of very high vibration.

Yes, you are able to emanate high vibration frequencies, because your bodies contain the Divine Spark; so you emanate high vibration energy. But unfortunately this only happens when you are in balance, when your bodies are 100% healthy. A body in balance, 100% healthy, is all the time being fed by the energy of the grids around it, it’s being fed with more high-frequency energies coming from the universe, coming from the planet, and coming from the Beings of Light.

When we envelop this planet with our energy, it spreads all over the planet, it feeds the networks that are around it, and the 100% healthy bodies absorb all this energy; and we can assure you that each one of us envelops this planet with our energy, giving Gaia the ability to live, to survive everything you do against her.

And so it has been done for a long time. Even when your planet was totally blocked by dark forces, our energy has always nourished it. This is how Gaia got to where she is today, because we never abandoned her. The bulkheads that were put up did not prevent our energy from entering.Many ask themselves, “Why was nothing done all this time?” This is not the central subject of this meeting of ours. But I tell you that everything had a purpose, but the energy never stopped coming to the planet. It was you who were blocked. You couldn’t get access to us, it was very difficult, but not the other way around; the opposite was always true and we always managed to keep the energy on you, otherwise you would have perished long ago.

But back to harmony. So how to get to a harmonious body, since on the surface of this planet no body is 100% healthy? Even those who live in isolation, who feed themselves with things of the earth are somehow contaminated, because the air is one, and this same air was contaminated long ago, so that it brought about precisely the imbalance.

Today things have changed, much has been cleansed, but your bodies are still sick, and only with the passage of time, with the arrival of the Light of Alcyon, will your bodies effectively reach healing, full balance. But there is a determining factor in this whole process: feelings. So we can say that you are being fed with high frequency energies, your vibrations are being accelerated, but it is as if you are all the time emanating something contrary that destroys everything that arrives; and this something is your feelings, your actions, your thoughts, your words.

Every low vibration word you say, every low vibration thought that goes through your mind, every action you take that harms yourself or another, generates an action that is contrary to the incoming Light. So when we say be careful what you think, speak and act upon, we are not exaggerating. You still emanate energies of low vibration. Even those who are on the path of Light, because the habits, the customs, are still very much rooted in all of you.

It is not from one hour to the next that you will just turn a switch in your mind and everything will change. You have to slowly put yourselves on the path. There is no use in wanting to do it all at once. But I would say to you that in terms of power, what hurts you the most are the thoughts; the words come later, because to speak you have already thought, and it comes imbued with the energy that has been put forth by your thought. Actions are planned in your mind.

We understand that everything you do is very incomprehensible at this point, because you think you are not in control, and when you see you have already thought, spoken, and acted. So where is the mainspring? In your mind; it is the one that controls everything. So changing your thoughts, the way you think, is the great goal for each one of you who wants to reach the Light.

Don’t worry for the moment about what you say, because there was a thought before; speech is only the expression, the materialization of what was thought. But doesn’t speech have power? Of course it does, and it adds to thought the power of that which has been thought. So that is where you need to start acting: in the way you think.It sounds like a very difficult act, but it is not. You just need to be always connected with the Light. And for that to happen, you need to be in total harmony with your Higher Self. Ask him, that when you start thinking things that are not very appropriate for the Light, that he distracts you, shows you the path you are taking. He is the great friend of each one of you.

Then ask him: My Higher Self, when I start to think things of low vibration, stop me, show me the way. It is a simple phrase that can be changed according to each person. Give this power to the Higher Self and repeat it several times so that he realizes that this is not something mechanical, where because I taught you to do it, it won’t work. You need to understand what I am saying, and by asking your Higher Self over and over again, he will realize that you really want to change, you want to follow a different path.

Don’t do things mechanically, because then the mind is in charge, and it certainly doesn’t want to change. Change takes work, change is not easy. So the mind prefers to settle into what it already knows, what it is used to, it doesn’t want to follow other paths. So you have to insist, and insist a lot, that your mind accepts the commands you are giving it.

My sons and daughters, the path of the light is difficult to walk, not because you are of the light, only because you have to let go of so much, you have to stop acting as you have been taught and accustomed to. Now an important point, it is necessary for each one of you to believe that you need to come into harmony, that you need to be in balance, that you need to have the healthiest body possible.

Then you will come into harmony, and everything will become much easier. The more you resist, the harder it will be.

If you surrender to the action of the Higher Self, in time, it will become easier because your mind will have become accustomed to it. To be led by your Higher Self is to have someone else call you attention all the time, and you don’t like that very much. You like it when we compliment you, but when we call you attention, you don’t like it. So, it’s not going to be easy all the time to have somebody say, “Look, this is wrong. Look, do it differently. Look, don’t go that way,” it’s not going to be easy. There will come a time when you will say, “Stop, I can’t take it anymore! I’m just doing wrong!”.

So at that point, I would say to you, it’s not that you only do wrong things, you have been taught and used to do wrong things, but you have to change, and how do you want to change? Only with your conscience? I would tell you that you can’t, because you will get tired of paying attention all the time to everything you think.So this is a decision you have to make. Either you can do the self-criticism yourself, or you can ask your Higher Self for help and begin to understand how much you still need to learn in order to become a harmonious being. And I would say, it won’t be an easy process, but I guarantee that whoever goes through it will see how everything around you and in your body will change, bringing you almost to 100% harmony. And why almost? Because the external environment you can’t change yet, but soon it will be changed, and then you will achieve your 100% harmony.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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  1. Bernd

    In der Tat ist dies die unerlässliche Selbstkontrolle!
    Denn die Macht der Gewohnheit stellt hierbei zusätzliche Fallen ..

    Daher achte darauf …
    Dein Denken,
    Dein Tun und ganz entscheidend
    Dein Handeln ….

    In Licht und Liebe