5/5 Portal & Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, May 5th/6th – Embracing Change

Beloved Ones,

May has powerful energies to support us in our mission of continue achieving self-mastery and DNA activation.

We start the month with the 5/5 portal followed by another eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees Scorpio, both together with Pluto representing profound change, transformation, and rebirth, that many are already experiencing, at this time. An inner process that will help us restore our physical bodies, so we can continue rebirthing into the Illumined being that we are, in essence.

These energies are already being anchored on the Earth’s grids thanks to the constant assistance of many benevolent beings, such as our Aurora Family from Andromeda, and the many highly evolved souls on Earth who are helping as well in this transition. It is due to this process that we are able to integrate them and work on the healing required for us, at this time.

We have the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus, which invites us to focus on the change we wish to trigger in the physical. Uranus is going to be very significant as it is also very close in opposition to the Moon, which generates more transformation, especially at an emotional level. On the opposite we have the Moon in Scorpio, inviting us to go deeper into the depths of our soul, bringing to the surface what is hidden, what needs to be healed and cleared, so we can continue navigating within our inner realms.

It is a perfect combination as we cannot expand in the tangible if we first do not heal and become whole again. Powerful energies, descending from the Illumined God Worlds, outside of our current time/space zone, to help us heal our DNA from all the distortions and disempowerment experienced, since ancient times. We are being assisted to trigger the shift required for us to erase false ascension timeliness, so we can finally free ourselves from the matrix’s wheel, as well as to remove all wounds, especially from our galactic heritage, that still cause us profound trauma and fragmentation.

Scorpio asks us to go within and embrace our shadows as the only way to move forward. It is a healing frequency that helps us regain our soul memories, so we can remember who we are, and the unique plan that we once created for our human experience. This is something that we can only achieve when we clear our 8th chakra and corresponding 8th DNA layer, so we can reactivate our connection to our soul records, where we can find all the clarity that we need, for our personal journey.

Guides recommend working with a Kunzite to help us create more balance between our physical selves and divine ones, as it is a wonderful stone to support us in balancing our heart and mind, for both aligned, working in unison will make us act as integrated beings, and it will also determine the outcome of our soul’s creations. Kunzite is also a very good stone to help heal the wounds that reside in our heart center and hence, emotional body, and that impede us to regain joy, clarity, and soul reconnection.

This is going to be an important passage as well for those working on their relationships, remembering that the most important one is the one we maintain with ourselves. Working on clearing codependency, establishing healthy boundaries, and regaining self-love, is pivotal for our well-being, as well as to hold the inner peace, and harmony required to manifest equal relationships and life experiences.

We have a unique portal for all to work on what we need to shift inwardly, understanding that this is the most important task to do, if we desire to see changes in our lives, for as you know, all we see in the physical is a reflection of what is inside of us.

With change comes often confusion, desperation, and many other similar lower feelings that may cause a loss of faith, especially when we are removing emotional traumas. This is why it is so important to focus on self-love, compassionate witnessing, acceptance, and healing to be able to move from this lower state of being to a more illumined, and empowered one.

We all have the will, and hence inner resources, to overcome anything that we are experiencing, for our soul descends all the challenges – opportunities – that we are able to defeat, at this time of our evolutionary path. We will never be asked to pass through challenges that we do not have the consciousness to deal with yet. So everything that you are living now you are able to transmute, for you have the love, wisdom, and power to be able to do so and more.

I wish you a transformative and healing passage, Beloveds!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba