4 Replies to “Daily Message for 5/3/2023”

  1. Paladin

    There are no sex crazed benevolent pretty blond people helping us. If there are please gas up your space ships and go home. You suck.

    We are staring at obliteration and the Goyim are thinking about the next season of the NFL. Sheep blindly walking to the slaughter.

  2. Diamond Black

    I know, had assistance in 1998 removing a couple of dark beings that made themselves present suddenly.
    But, asking for assistance for a few years now, my country is in micro collapse or snail pace collapse (australia). Im renting – rental situation is very concerning many becoming homeless, 0$ savings, no sign of improvements anytime soon so wondering what the next step is. No chance of starting a business as the country is signalling a hard recession.
    What – is – the – next – step in all this? Lotto win!? coz that’s about the only thing that will help somewhat, i can escape out of the city and get my place in a rural area away from the zombie horde, and i speak for many others as well.
    We have had absolutely enough of this zombie system bullshit. Overdue for a break now, overdue for a new paradigm free of parasites.
    NOT in 10 years. NOW, right now so the off worlders need to press the green button now.