Neioh: Vehicular Crafts In Sheen

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

This Waking Dream Has Brought You Knowledge And Many Skills. You Enjoy Instant Access To The Planet With A Single Touch On Your Devices!

Travel Has Expanded From Wagons And Horses, To Automobiles, Trucks, Planes And Rockets. Your Identity And Awareness Feels A Longing For More!

In Truth, Your Soul’s Experience In The Higher Realms Enjoys Mastery Over Technology On Many Levels. Indeed, Flying In Body Form At Will Is As Natural As Breathing Light!

In This Communication, The Intention Is To Familiarize Your Ongoing Endeavors With The Ease And Magnificence That Is Before You In SHEEN. What Awaits You In Preparation Is The Enjoyment Of Many Aspects Of Your Soul Origin!

You Might Imagine A Density That Is Between Earth 3-D and the Pleiades 7-D In Movement And The Expression Of Life! All Of The Elohim Races Began Their Created Essence In 12-D. For Those Familiar With Our Teaching, Numbers Are Used On Earth To Allow Understanding Of Experience, But Numbers Are Not Significant Or Used In The Higher Octaves Of Life Expression.

Indeed, You Will Be Thrilled With The Creative Force That Your Soul Will Express In SHEEN.

We Will Address Travel And The Wonderful Communication Between Souls, Their Modes Of Transportation And Life Ongoing With Changes Of Free Will.

You Are Familiar Now With Telepathy. We Have Discussed Telepathy Belts In Previous Communication. These Are Used For The Decorative Aspect As Well As Full Communication With Others.

Now We Take You To Your Personal Choices Of Transportation. There Is An Unlimited Creative Ability Which Allows Multiple Vehicles For Each Family Or Individual. The Sizes Range From What You Are Familiar With In A Small Car To Expansion Of The Same Vehicle To The Size Of A Small Craft. The Shape Will Be What You Choose. Some Will Enjoy Oval Shapes And Others Will Choose Triangular Shapes, Octagon, Hexagon Or Disc Shapes.

Each Mode Of Transportation Is Programmed By The Consciousness And Telepathy, Energy And Intention Is All That Is Needed. If An Individual Is On Ground Level And Decides To Fly In Their Vehicle, The Machine Senses And Responds As Though Part Of You! Your Telepathy With Your Indestructible Transportation Will Lift You High Into The Air At Speeds Not Used On Earth. You Can Quickly Move To Your Destination To Visit Friends And Family Or Enjoy Gatherings Of Music Or Festivities.

If Your Vehicle Is A Certain Shape Or Color, You May Choose Another Color Or Shape As Often As Desired. Music Is Played Within By Your Own Choice. Your Intention With Telepathy Allows A Vast Range Of Music That Plays Softly Or Plays Many Instruments With Singing Or Without!

Having Magnificent Comfort Within, Each Seat Is Very Soft With Contours To Your Body. You May Receive Full Body Massages As You Travel As Well As Currents That Lightly Soothe The Body As You Move At Great Speeds.

As The Vehicle Lifts High And Travels, It Becomes An Elegant And Powerful Craft. This Shape And Size Is Also Chosen By The Individual. Some Families Prefer Traveling Together But Flying Solo Is Great Fun.

There Is No Chance Of Collision With Another That Is Traveling As Sensors And Large Screens Allow Viewing And Motion From All Directions. The Vehicular Crafts Use Your Own Consciousness To Provide Movement And Travel That Is Both Leisurely And With Purpose!

For Those That Choose To Travel In A Craft Leaving The Area, Crystal Kitchens Operate To Serve You According To Your Current Desire. Full Meals Are Prepared By Intention As Well As Enjoyable Nutritious Snacks And Water That Is Pure But May Have Flavors If Chosen.

Pleiadians And Those From Elohim Races Will Join You For Wonderful Meetings And Celebrations! Indeed This Is The Beginning Of A Never Ending Unity Of Light Throughout The Multiverses.

Crafts Will Arrive In SHEEN From Friends And Family That You Have Loved! The Light And Power Of Your Creative Beginning Will Bring Such Joy That Your Crystal Heart Will Only Experience The Greatest Desire And Essence Of Being!

Only Good Is Before You!
Live In The Promise Of Light!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


6 Replies to “Neioh: Vehicular Crafts In Sheen”

  1. unionylibertad

    The most wonderful part of this is the freedom from fossil fuels and obsolete ways in which we have been held back by those that do not want us to enjoy life and be free of any control…Thank you….

  2. john

    I cant belive that i have had this feeling and dream often of these things daily for months now thank you for the beautiful confirmation, i know this exists outside our world and it is real its just not here yet. love to all.