The Great Quantum Transition: Signs

3D Matrix by millions of emotional and mental threads tenaciously holds us on a leash in its System, continuously programming our thoughts, feelings and deeds. As it is dismantling, the dead grasp weakens, but remains strong enough and still affects our decisions and behavior.

Unpleasant and even tragic events in our lives are often the result of the fact that we ignore the numerous signs and warnings that our Higher Self and Keepers constantly give us from the Subtle Plane to be aware of what is happening. But we do not react, sincerely and deeply convinced that only we, and not some Matrix, are sovereign in our every choice and action.

We stop at nothing on a dare, out of stubbornness, pushing reality under our wants and wishes and dragging into reckless scheme others, who, then, also have to pay the bills. One such example is given below by businesswoman. Further – her first-person words about very typical story, of which there are a great many variants.

Not so long ago I lost a large sum of money. Having decided to build a country house, I sold a city apartment, found builders, and they deceived me by almost half the cost of the project. In principle, I understood why this happened, but an unpleasant aftertaste remained, because it was a big loss for me. And I realized that there was another, deeper reason for what had happened.

We always get hints from above. I knew about it, moreover, I followed them. But for my senior partner, it was not the truth. Hardened entrepreneur, whose business developed in the 2000s, wanted to purchase another plant. And this desire has taken shape, I want and that’s it, like a child who obsessed with a toy that he does not have. The Universe gave him a lot of signs that he did not need to do this: loans were not given, there was no suitable plant, but the itch did not go away. Seeing such zeal, the Higher Powers decided to give him a lesson…

The bankers did some fancy footwork and found a way out, how to issue a loan. Then, a desirable plant was found, but with big problems between the owners. Negotiations were very difficult, but the differences between the proprietors were overcome. We started to strike a deal, and I had to participate in this part of it. Since I trusted the signs, it was absolutely clear to me that there was no need to take out a loan and buy a plant, which it would be as hard to raise it and work as the deal went on.

But on the other hand, as a good manager, I had to do it at all costs, because that was the task of my senior partner. And of course, I wanted such an alluring toy to be in his hands. And I conscientiously did everything according to the principle of “do your best, and let fate do the rest.”

At that time, I was actively mastering cosmo-energetics, including learning how to run events. Periodically, at the most critical moments of the purchase, I applied the acquired skills. On the one hand, out of curiosity, I was interested to see if it really works. On the other hand, to bring the deal to the finish line and show what a reliable and effective manager I am. That is, I became deeply personally involved in the process, not just to accompany it, plus, I decided to stroke my ego and professional ambition.

The hour of reckoning came soon. The plant worked for only a year, but it never reached the break-even point, pulled finances from other business lines, destroying them. As a result, crisis, bankruptcy, criminal case for non-payment of wages, credit and its maintenance. My partner, now a former one, since I had to part with him, is still coming out of this situation, having lost almost the entire business and suffered huge losses.

In my history with the house, cheating the builders was my payback for interfering with the signs that my ex-partner ignored. During the transfer of the principal amount as an advance to the builders, I felt that they would not fulfill their promises, but I handed over the money anyway (for me it still defies explanation).

Nothing fell from the sky to me. I earned an apartment myself and lost almost half of its value. But what struck me most was that my loss of money was in the EXACT (to a cent) proportion as that of my former partner. Of course, in absolute terms, the amounts are not comparable, since he forfeited much more. That is, I pulled over part of his karma. This is how each of us pays for his stubbornness and warnings from above, especially since we feel and see what absolutely cannot be done.

Money is energy. We paint them in all colors from stupidity, greed, evil, crime, envy, resentment, to creation, freedom, and education. We put energy into a form, and this form is what our Soul or Ego is filled with. Having seen our true essence, having realized ourselves eternal, our task as a person is to find the place and the facet in which we are real, able to conduct the energy of the Source, are connected with the needs of others. The task of the individual (Ego, mind) is to move from only his own interests to servicing others, cooperation, to find a way to bring his Spark to other Souls who are looking for the Light and energy of One. The most difficult thing is to distinguish His signs and the guidance of the 3D Matrix, which continues to masterfully, subtly and invisibly control us in our every choice.

**By Lev

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