Energy Update and the Full Moon

A lunar eclipse is a full moon lunation that is more powerful. It frequently ushers in significant endings, transitions, revelations, and culminations since it is three times more intense than a typical full moon.

You can feel the Full Moon’s power for about a week as it’s coming in: three days before, on, and three days after the Full Moon.

This full moon coincides with the celebration of the WESAK Scorpio Full Moon. A special day of festivals and celebration around the world to honor Buddha’s teachings, enlightenment. It is also a time when the Ascended Masters bestow their spiritual blessings.

The increased culmination of the momentum of the Ascension energies—the Solar, Earth frequency, and Cosmic Gateways—is causing many of you to experience a significant frequency shift in vibration. You have and will start to feel the world, relationships, and life as you knew them in a new and different way.

This is also a Blue Ray Water moon, as the Blue Rays Starseeds are sensitive empaths who work through the water element and the Sacred Divine Feminine and have immense capacity to feel deep emotions and compassion. All Star Seeds and sensitive empathic souls will have an opportunity to experience these deeply Divine transformative transmissions.


*Signs from the Fairies, experiencing communication signs and symbols with the Elemental Beings, the Nature Spirits of Water, Fire, and Air, the Fairies, Mermaids, Elves, Dragons, and Unicorns, Pegasus, and an increase in feeling and communing with Nature and Mother Earth Gaia in general.

*Headaches and pressure at head: this can be from intense energies coming in, and the ascension embodiment and as the energies are being almost stopped at your head by the thinking mind, it may be time for you to get out of your head, and stop overthinking or analyzing, as this is a sign to allow more of your true expansion to come from your higher heart.

*Increase and awakening of claircognizance and higher knowing. It’s a knowing that you experience through your whole being, whether something is true or false, without any logical basis. It can be small insights and awareness you know instantly or a whole download of information that you feel is from your higher self.

*Increase hunger at different times of day and in the middle of the night.

*Greater heart expansion and increased feelings of love and compassion

*Hearing louder frequencies at various times of your own energy vibration and tones that come and go

*Body vibrating and periods of feeling like you’re spinning.

*Needing flow days without a schedule to bring this will allow this new higher energy flow as it is not as easy to work on this day as you normally have.

*The calling of Peace space, you may feel the need for deep peace and not a lot of stimuli. You might sense a need for deep calm and little stimulation. This is crucial because your body is experiencing a tremendous amount of cellular waking.

*Spending time in the null zone, or just being, allows a recalibration of the new being that is emerging and the call to be in the natural world with divine intelligence.

*Times where you need to rest or take a nap, the energy around you seems to get stronger and heavier, and you need to lay down.

*You may feel like lightning or like the molecules or cells in your body are vibrating. Sometimes you may even be able to see it and feel like you are a part of it. It can feel like you are going to dissolve into energy or oneness. Almost being able to see through things or sometimes being able to see the molecules of things around you.

*Intense energies running through your body, sometimes it may almost feel like electricity, or you may feel the molecules or cells vibrating and even see it at times and feel you are a part of it. It can feel like you may evaporate into the energies or oneness. At times almost being able to see through things or see the molecules of objects in your surroundings

*Vibrational shifts and endings of karma and soul contracts in relationships, situations, and work

*You realize that you do not feel the same way about the groups, people interest, and relationships that you did before. As it is more evident and clearer that it is not a frequency match, and maybe time to move on.

Using these opportunities, these Celestial gateways, and honoring and taking care of your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies, celebrate these heavenly splendors this season is offering to experience more of the New Earth Gaia emerging as the heart of Nature’s magical kingdoms reborn and recalibrated within you.

**By Shekina Rose


One Reply to “Energy Update and the Full Moon”

  1. tigersnack1114

    I didn’t experience any of that this month…..and I always do.
    The energy outside feels better, lighter….Im lucky enough to have nice walking trails next to my apt, full of wildlife and my porch faces the Nature Reserve, about 30 yards away.

    I can feel my diamond shield has activated…that was new and a breakthrough of sorts =)
    GET OUT in the SUNLIGHT !! DOWNLOAD the NEW energies coming from Mr Sun. Ask….and receive with gratitude

    Received some downloads yesterday as my head got those nice “tingles” of the scalp.