Former CIA Officer Says Decision to Drone Attack Kremlin Was Made by the United States

Former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson says the decision to launch a drone attack on the Kremlin was made by the United States.

The Wednesday attack, which was likely to have been targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin, was stopped by electronic warfare systems which disabled the drones before they could reach their target.

According to Johnson, the attack must have been spearheaded by the Biden administration and the US military-industrial complex because “decisions on such attacks are made not in Kiev, but in Washington.”

“Washington should understand clearly that we know this,” Johnson told reporters.

Although the attack, which Ukraine denied it was involved in, failed to accomplish its tactical goal, it was still highly “symbolic,” according to Johnson.

“[It] didn’t cause significant damage. The psychological impact, though, there are people that disagree on this, my view is that this is going to galvanize Russia, not create fear or discontent or division. There are others who believe that by doing this, it is going to portray Russia as weak and create internal problems. I simply note that the reactions of former [Russian] President [Dmitry] Medvedev, as well as members of the Duma – they are livid, they are outraged, and calling for escalatory retaliation against Ukraine. So I think in many respects this backfired,” said the former State Department official.

He also added that the attack smacked of desperation and was an attempt to provoke Russia into a major escalation “to get the United States more deeply involved in this conflict.”

“At the same time, I think, Washington correctly notes that they try to discourage this [escalation], because they recognize that it’s spun out of control. And the United States is in no position militarily to confront Russia and survive that confrontation,” Johnson said.

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. denounced the attempted drone attack as a dangerous escalation.

“Imagine how we would respond if Russian-backed forces launched a drone strike on the Capitol. We must stop these deranged attempts to escalate the war,” said Kennedy.

“After successfully defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John Kennedy warned against ever again forcing Russia to choose between national humiliation and nuclear war. We should heed his advice,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ukraine continued its drone bombardment by targeting an oil refinery in Krasnodar Region in southern Russia on Friday morning.

A fire broke out, but it was quickly extinguished by authorities and no one was hurt.

**By Paul Joseph Watson


4 Replies to “Former CIA Officer Says Decision to Drone Attack Kremlin Was Made by the United States”

  1. unionylibertad

    We know about the truth of who is doing what…No surprise here…The west in their rush to create havoc and to keep the control, they are making too many mistakes which at the end won’t get the desired results…Only will they lose more of their old control…It is time to let the world be free…No one nation has the right to infringe over any other nation…All nations are rightfully sovereign…

  2. harrrrrie

    Americans did not order the attack. Why do you say? Because Putin wasn’t in that building.

  3. john

    The biden adminisrtration wants that war before its too late ie pushed out and they will happily slay 50% if not more of the american population if not the world population to get what it wants, wake up people before its too late clocks ticking.