Mission Forward

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The position in which the world finds itself in today is because of the Collective of planet Earth. It is not only due to the lack of love humans have towards one another. It is due to the lack of love humans have for themselves.

The Universe has delivered to you the reality which humanity matched with vibrationally, as a Collective.

You are now in a time where many have chosen new paths. These ones have chosen to love, respect, and honor the self. With this comes love, respect, and honor for all life.

You also have those who continue to find comfort in the old ways. It is alright. They can have all the experiences they desire. However, there is a different energy on Earth now. The Earth is no longer seeking to be a home to duality. So humanity is to experience a splitting of worlds, in every aspect. And this will unfold based on the frequency of each individual.

Detachment is very important, as you simply cannot drag anyone along who does not want change, or desire to shift during these times.

You have to understand that is not your role here. It is not the way in which you are saving this world.

You are saving the world by reminding others of their divine light and power by being an example. And when circumstances permit, to share what you know. Of course meditating, sending light and love to the world truly does wonders.

The number of these people, awakening, remembering, listening to the voice within, is increasing each day.

Besides that, there’s no power outside of you that’s going to save you or anyone else. Even if there was one, they wouldn’t do it. This isn’t about just freewill. It is about each human being learning, remembering their own power, their true divine origins, and attributes. The source of all that you need is within.

You must trust that each being will find themselves where they are destined to be in the coming months. You will only experience what your Soul Self is destined to and desires to experience.

You are not only at a point where this world has never been before, you are on the threshold of global transformation. It is essential to understand that you and this mission are destined to succeed. No other alternative, no other outcome is permitted for Earth.

Now, whether one chooses to see this grand unfoldment, to be a part of this transformation or not, it is entirely up to them. It is all a matter of individual choice. No one can be denied of this higher light, the chance to experience an expansion in consciousness. Also, no one will be forced to accept anything which they themselves do not feel it is time for them to do so.

The light and love of Source is being shown to and offered to all at this time. And those who truly want to transcend the old ways of the Third Dimension, this is their calling. They will find a way to the guidance they seek.

While others, who do not feel ready, they will continue in their own ways. Perhaps it is their soul’s choice, it may be necessary for the individual to have more experiences in a world of duality. This you have to honor and respect. It does not matter who it is, how close to you they may be.

This is where it gets difficult for most. The idea of a family member not coming along to with you to the Fifth Dimension.

Learn to see the situation from a higher perspective.

The thousands of lifetimes you’ve had, all over the Galaxy and beyond, means you have family all over the Galaxy and beyond. Where are they? All the roles you have played, from parent, grandparent, husband, wife, son, daughter, and so on.

You cannot place your own journey on hold, or even allow anyone to deviate you from your mission, and your Soul’s desire of preparing and entering a higher octave of existence. This is truly the time to commit wholeheartedly, to your awakening, and embodying your Higher Self, and walk as a conscious creator into the Fifth Dimension.


8 Replies to “Mission Forward”

  1. Harald

    You asked the question ‘where are they’ and yet the answer is still begging??? I guess the answer is everyone for themselves and God for us all!!!

  2. Mike Ohira

    KejRaj said it right, again!
    “This is where it gets difficult for most. The idea of a family member not coming along with you to the Fifth Dimension.”

    Vibration and frequency, that is all that matters. Vibration and frequency is
    the only language that our Universe understands. 40hz is the minimum
    requirement for 5D. That’s why I’m still single….if I can find a woman like
    Susan or harrrrrie …

  3. Oscar F

    Thank you KejRaj! We’ve got this! Unity consciousness! Love and blessings to all ❣️

  4. Liberty Belle

    KejRaj, Darling! For me, this is the toughest lesson, and something I need to be reminded of nearly every day.
    Thank you, my friend :))) you rock my mornings.
    Love, Light & Gratitude,
    Liberty Belle