Sananda: Suicide and Death

Free will?

JJK: “Everyone has free will – including taking their own life.” This statement, which I made at the 125th Light Reading , shook some readers. “Life is untouchable,” it is argued, and this is a license to commit suicide, especially if you don’t have to fear any negative consequences afterwards. There is talk of a “fog” in which a soul immerses itself after suicide – and of a lesson that must be caught up on. What is really the case? For me, a lot of religious images have a lasting effect on people.

For some people, it is unthinkable that “voluntary death” is subject to a person’s free will. So what is true?

SANANDA: You are embraced and embedded in my love, beloved person! Do not worry! Never worry! Especially not when people say goodbye to this world without having waited for GOD’S call.

If people choose the other life and have not lived this life to the full, then do not grieve but gain confidence, because everything is born of GOD’S love and everything is secure in GOD’S love.


Every human being is free in his earthly decisions and actions. This describes free will. Otherwise, a person’s free will would not be worth mentioning.

But what happens when a human being, of their own free will, albeit often in desperation, decides to end life in the human body before the appointed time? It always depends on the individual! Generalizations mislead and confuse rather than provide guidance.

There are high, mature souls who choose before their time to return to the light. The reasons for this are different, but they are similar in one point:

Man no longer wants to live with certain circumstances and burdens! People who consciously prepare for their departure, who have been attached to their soul and to themselves all their lives, experience this transition just as consciously as they lived. Even though they may not have been able to fully complete certain aspects of their existence on earth:

Whoever dies consciously lives on consciously in the light. This even if certain orders remain uncompleted!

GOD does not judge! GOD receives every life in his grace. You may be aware of this and you should always be aware of it!

Even if no human being plans to end their life prematurely before descending to earth, this option is marked for many people in the alternative blueprints.

The fog”

JJK: Is there a “mist” that these souls then reside in or through which these souls have to go?

SANANDA: Very many souls are in a kind of “fog” after they have left their body. This is a stopover for the soul’s purification and clarification before its onward journey to its cosmic families.

People who were disoriented all their lives, who found no connection to themselves and who ignored the needs of the soul, lose themselves in different foggy worlds and are gradually reminded of the light that they are. This has nothing to do with the manner of death, but has to do with the manner of life a person has lived.

JJK: I think a lot of people die at 20 and are then buried at 80. Many people have no soul connection at all, they negate their divine self and deny their origin as spiritual beings. You can’t be dead! They may even have visible economic success, but their lives are flat and of no spiritual relevance.

“Suicide” in a new meaning

“Suicide” takes on a whole new meaning in this context. Namely, that you can kill yourself even though you’re still alive. On the other hand, one can voluntarily leave one’s body fully consciously and connected to oneself.

Most recently, I saw a video of Sabine Mehne , a woman who had been struggling with a serious illness for a long time and who, after years of suffering, finally made a conscious decision to give up the body. During these years she gained tremendous spiritual wisdom. The interview was so full of light and love that I could rarely perceive in a human being.

So when do you really kill yourself? Which is more harmful, giving up the body or separating oneself from the self for life? “Suicide” at 20, lugging around the body until 80 and waiting for the burial? What has what quality and what are the effects?

“Life is untouchable!”, people say! What kind of life are we talking about here?

SANANDA: Spiritual masters face their own death with excitement and joy. You know the place and the hour.

Will these masters be recalled by GOD or is it they themselves who make this choice? Here the will of GOD and the will of man go hand in hand.

Where the separation between GOD and man is abolished, there is no longer any separation in this question. When YOUR will and GOD’S will are one, everything takes its natural and divine course. However, this is the case for very few people. So how is it?

The potentials

Before a person incarnates, he plans his potentials, his learning experiences and the paths he wants to take to achieve them. A lot happens exactly on this blueprint designed in the afterlife, some things turn out differently. Because the earth is the planet of love and the star of free will. For most people, the premature end of a human life means that they want to embark on this learning experience again. There is a task to be mastered or karma to be balanced. This always happens in clarity, through the spiritual guidance of masters and in love.

The mist awaits only those people who show great defilements, since they have existed all their lives separated from their true nature, from spirit and soul. This disregard has unfavorable consequences and extensive purification work is required in the afterlife in order to free consciousness from earthly chains.

The real tragedy

The real tragedy of a person, however, is the “suicide” throughout life. Killing off the divine, denying one’s spirituality and discarding the spirit and soul. People who are often in the best of health and don’t give a damn about their spiritual well-being have a different course of the return journey than people who lived tied up.

JJK: What happens to these people?

SANANDA: They, too, are accompanied through the fog and brought to its light until they can remember again – or do you think GOD forgot one of HIS children?

JJK: Do these people come into this lonely foggy world that’s hard to get out of and some “seers” talked about?

SANANDA: These low vibrational etheric planes exist.

The intermediate world

This is where all souls gather who pass over disoriented because they have not paid attention to their soul care all their lives. This “mist” exists for every human being who has lived cut off from himself, who has allowed his self to die long before death because he has not been able to connect with himself.

This intermediate world is an intermediate stage and the soul stays there only as long as necessary. Life is untouchable – and remember: Everything is life, especially what is hidden from your eyes.

JJK: Many years ago, when I was in the middle of my life crisis for about 10 years, suicide was a big topic for me too. I really wanted to kill myself for the first time when I was 14 and until I was 25 it was an issue again and again. That was very concrete and much more than just a thought!

I know how much courage and strength this step requires and on the other hand how desperate a person must be to consider this or even to do it in the end.

So what to do when someone is carried by this intention. Should you help him with the implementation or bring him back to life?

SANANDA: Every soul comes to earth to create experiences and to succeed in the designed adventures! Projects have to be mastered, that is the meaning of human life. Plan A of the blueprint envisages that man will leave earthly existence when the hour that was measured before birth has come. This hour remains hidden from most people due to their own programming.

There are hardly any people who want to know this hour in advance. However, those who set out to fathom this secret will fathom it.

However, every person creates several scenarios before birth. That is why there is always a plan B, plan C or plan D. This must be respected. Therefore, different death scenarios are possible and also probable.

Even if a human life is subject to GOD’S will, there are always corrections and changes in the predetermined course due to the human being’s free will.

Life is Plan A

JJK: So you should help people so that they can find their way back to human life?

SANANDA: What kept you on Earth?

JJK: I had an inner drive, a will, and I really wanted to know the meaning of my life. Before that I just didn’t want to give up? Then I also had people who gave me hope, courage and support.

SANANDA: So it happens that each person finds what he needs in order to correspond to one of his plans in the end. Do not worry: the plane of the mist does not enter those who fully consciously go from here into the light, but affects those who unconsciously lead a shallow life of self-alienation.

True suicide is denying your divine nature, not giving up your physical body.

This is a partial aspect in a segment of time, a vehicle for experiences that are unique in being in this way.

No one is born to return early to the light, but everyone is welcomed like a king if their soul has remained pure through all the pain.

You are loved and honored, because because you are ready for the answers, your questions lead you to knowledge.

With infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by


4 Replies to “Sananda: Suicide and Death”

  1. Jared

    “True suicide is denying your divine nature, not giving up your physical body.”

    That is a profound statement.

    Many people do this and must return to the light now amen!

  2. jane

    I just want to be with my mum who passed over recently and am finding life intolerable — I am shocked to the core, plus have so many challenges, I cannot imagine moving forward in any way that will bring me contentment or happiness the loss is so great to me and no one around remotely of her kindness wisdom humour I now live in a dessert of loneliness

  3. Ter

    From what I have been made aware of whilst no judgement there are karmic consequences for destroying the body. There are always the options of having another soul come into the body and exist with your soul to assist for as long as you need, like providing moral support and extra stregth through a very difficult time. Or….to give the body up completely to another soul = cancel your contract. These are the preferred options as destroying the physical body removes opportunities for others, including other souls you would have assisted in the Earth life.

    My two cents.

  4. Douglas A James

    Wow powerful words of wisdom thank you! Suicide always condemned here in 3d but we can’t die and perhaps that soul needed to exit that body it wasnt working as expected and they opted out.