New Matrix Part 2

These days, Earth and those connected to its new Matrix, backed by upgraded Logos and Causal Matrix (see Whipsaw, Part 10, DNI, 7 May 2023), are very hard to withstand this contact. The reason is not only that Co-Creators were forced, in addition to the new software, to temporarily save the old 3D one (see New Matrix, Part 1, DNI, 8 May 2023) that, due to incompatibility, causes severe overstrain. But there are also other reasons.

The new Logos and the Causal Matrix are completely free of duality, and, as a channels, are an absolutely pure and more powerful conductor of high-frequency flows from the Galactic Center through the Sun to Earth. We fully felt it on May 9-10, when a new Solar storm hit the planet, accompanied by flashes of class M6.57. The force of geo-strikes increased to six points.

This time, the plasma cloud covered mainly the Western Hemisphere from Kamchatka to the Atlantic. The inhabitants of Europe felt the blows a little less. But many, as it happens on such days, have experienced insomnia, sudden pressure spikes, nausea, dizziness, doldrums and other unpleasant symptoms. During Solar storms, the blood becomes more viscous, its movement through the vessels slows down. This causes additional stress on the heart, headaches, weakness and weakening of the immune system. The body reduces the production of melatonin, which affects our resistance to depression.

High-frequency quantum fluxes caused another seismic surge throughout Earth. In one day there was one quake of magnitude (M)5.1; 31 – of M4+; 98 – of M3+; 235 – of M2+; and 475 – of lower than M2.0.

All that coincided with the operation of the Argorian space fleet on circumterrestrial orbit. From Gerios Galaxy (atop on the op’s scheme), through the interdimension channel, they redirect high-frequency quantum streams to Earth in new mode.

On the Subtle Plane, they built two hemispheres of wave radiation, enclosed in a common contour. The left one is filled with red-golden energy ERFAGO, which Argorians use to ultrasound processing of the planet. With the help of the right hemisphere, they continue the anthropogenic restructuring by streams of blue FARMS that upgrades earthlings’ Intelligence and consciousness.

Through the space between the hemispheres, the Argorians’ flotilla sends a green FEARIS to planet from 4D, which forms layers of Intelligence plasma in near-Earth space. In parallel, the flows of wave energy enter the sphere (orb in the center on the scheme), forming multipolar fractals with new energy fields. Its blue FIRSKO’s streams purify and stabilize the collective mind of mankind. Onto this sphere, through a magnetic field that enhances thermal processes, Argorians direct purple KAROS energy (crescent shaped on the scheme), which condenses 5D particles and cleanse the space for new formations

The contour, inside which both hemispheres are located, consists of orange LEKAS. This quantum energy enhances time programs for the formation of 5D matter, the mix of which is cyclically produced from various types of finished plasma (marked by colors counterclockwise).

The green plasma of ARTRAM retains all the parameters of the ultrasonic treatment of the Earth’s field. The golden LOBE supports temporary programs and removes 3D energy. The blue BLICADO filters the Intelligence plasma. The black CHERGEN sorts and deletes Evil particles (chirons). The violet GRASIMO synthesizes 5D plasma. The azure FEARSCO produces a five-dimensional energy matter. The yellow SFIRO neutralizes side effects and helps the formation of new plasma. The brown ERMIGO transforms spent plasma. The violet GLEMAR is building a fractal and a new info field. The white ASTEMO saturates this field and the worlds of Nature with Intelligence plasma, combines the entire quantum spectrum and corrects the whole operation.

The overlapping of these and other factors has become a powerful test for the newborn Logos. On May 9, the ground team saw on a Subtle Plane with what difficulty it roots in into the ramshackled 3D body of Earth, which is in a terrible state. Gigantic volumes of larger-than-life hate of huge masses continue to poison planet. Shells are exploding, blood is pouring, and people are dying…Gaia’s condition is on the verge of hysteria…

Immediately, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors launched a rescue operation. To support the Logos, the entire ground team carried out a new and very intensive Light work on the globe. It consisted of several stages: synchronization with Higher Light Being Amrita, who is an Absolutized Keeper of Vita Grain and Life Tree in our Local Universe; the Grain putting into Earth’s Logos; linking the latter to Life Tree.

At the appointed time, the group began to work through the force fields of Amrita and Gaia, using the already familiar technique. DNI not once described it earlier.

1. On the Subtle Plane, they united into a single energy whole, sent Light and Love to each other.

2. Spiritually tuned in and synchronized with Gaia and through Her with the new planetary Logos. They sent them Light and Love, and received them in return.

3. Sensitized to Amrita, greeted and sync with Her, sent Light and Love, and received them in return.

4. Asked Amrita to give them the rebooted Vita Grain to bring It into the new Logos and connect the latter to the Universe’s Life Tree.

5. Received Vita Grain and passed It to Gaia, and then, through Her, put into new Logos.

6. They kept this state for the necessary time.

7. In conclusion, thanked each participant, sending Light and Love to everyone.

What did Lighrwarriors felt during op? Some could hardly bear the load, but like the rest, successfully terminated the work. Amrita loaded the Vita Grain parts into everyone through the crown chakra, and they, in turn, transferred the fragments via the heart energy center to Gaia, who placed It in the Logos. The tops of Lighrwarriors’ heads were burning with fire, but no one could tear themselves away from the stunning sight on the Subtle Plane of a beautiful blue flower, into which Vita Grain was transformed. Each received a small copy of it.

As a result of the op, Earth’s Logos became Absolutized. Vital synthesis, i.e. automatic generation of very powerful Life Energy, started in it. Its high-capacity field wrapped Earth and continues to emit a stable and on full-blast azure glow right now.

(To be continued)

**By Lev