James Gilliland Update; Universal Law

I was meditating by the river and was given some very hopeful information. Cazekiel, the merge of Ezekiel of old and Casia, whose soul merged and ascended to the 7th dimension, also known as the God of Eternal Bliss, expressed very clearly Universal Law is coming. That is one of the reasons you are seeing all the ships recently globally, most of which are Pleiadean along with a consortium of others from the high 4th and 5th and 6th dimensions. Beyond that they don’t need a ship there are however beings known as Andromedins that have magnetized light bodies and light ships mythologically known as Archangels.

They said there would be a flow of energies directed by the Pleiades, watch your Sun. There will be a series of solar flares and CMEs, coronal mass ejections following with another big flow by the source of all creation. This is a gift. Use these times wisely.

I was told those who are in fear, harboring guilt, and those who are divisive, the tyrants along with their empires and agencies will not fare well. Many will commit suicide. The fear, shame and guilt will be too much to bear. “I would expect many CEOs, high level leadership that have engaged in some very ungodly activity will be some of the first.” Especially those involved in the vaccines and child trafficking.

Others out of alignment with Universal Law are going to experience almost instant karma, time is speeding up and the reaction to their actions will come swiftly. Denial is not an option, the lessons will increase exponentially in severity. Everything not based on Universal Law will be dismantled. This is not years in the future it will come very swiftly. The chaos you are now seeing is the healing process. What was once hidden is now being revealed. Everyone and everything will be seen for what it is, it’s true nature and motive. Prepare for a lot of falling idols. Many are already gone, houses boarded up, no one home.

I was told to be ready for ten days of darkness. What that means I am not sure. Is it moving into the null zone, a huge solar flare taking down the grid, the white hats and military stepping in temporarily closing things down, I’m not really sure? I would suggest meditating on that to see what it means to you and what you are to do to prepare for it. The old system has to transform or collapse. Your dependency on the old system will determine your fate.

We are moving into a time of personal responsibility, a time of accountability. It is a time for forgiveness of self and others, a time to release the past and make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. Does not matter what culture, faith or religion. There are no divisions in God. Only the divisions created by religious interpretations of God/Creator/Great Spirits messages over time. Was Jesus a Christian, was Buddha a Buddhist, Was Mohmed a Muslim? The religions followed later.  There are no go betweens that will make your own personal God connection for you. Those who preach fear, guilt, unworthiness and disunity are the dividers. It is time to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries, unity consciousness is the goal. You are not just a body and a personality, you are a soul and spirit and that spirit is multidimensional in expanded states of awareness all the way back to source. We are all family in spirit, born of the same Creator. It is time to behave accordingly.

It is said the only reason we have personal problems is the be lie f we are a person. We are so much more and when you understand this the divisions and most of your problems fall away.

There are pathways being created to release those unjustly incarcerated. There are incarcerations coming for those who unjustly incarcerated people. Things will move very swiftly. Much is up to the military which has had enough of the deception and destruction of America. The energies righting these wrongs is unstoppable. May the courage be with you to do what you know in your heart to be right.

Be well,

James Gilliland


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3 Replies to “James Gilliland Update; Universal Law”

  1. Pseudonym

    I Have Not Been Rescued from Adelanto yet! STOP THE SPIRIT COOKERS THEY ARE HERE AND THEY ARE EVIL! Also our Dog and Someone Else As Well! God Bless America!

    So What If I Was Born Into Chimera or Archon ties!? I Am Not Them I Want To Change And Live And Love! Demons should NOT determine My Destiny!

  2. Enslaved Man On Earth!

    The illuminati enslaved Me My Whole Life and No One Cares, not even so called White Hats! They- namby pamby goody two shoes- are obsessed with a phony weak frivolous and disgusting legal accusation that was engineered by the cabal to ruin My Life! I’m not in an astral prison though black hats used MK Ultra to get Me into a time prison though I was Legitimately Released! I Am Appealing to ANY LEGITIMATE GALACTIC GOVERNMENT TO GRANT ME ASYLUM, SANCTUARY, AND REFUGE ABOARD A MOTHERSHIP OR TO BE TAKEN TO THE AGARTHA INNER EARTH CIVILIZATION! IGNORE AND REBUKE THE WHORE OF BABYLON! Thanks For Reading! God Bless And May Angels And Ascended Masters Protect And Watch Over Us And Rescue Us To Prevent Their evil from Happening! 🙏

  3. Bobby Scott Hope

    My Name Listed Right Now Is A Pseudonym! I don’t wish to give my legal given Name! Anyways, I Wish To Declare My Intent To ECETI And Relevant Parties That I Need and Deserve Refuge And Sanctuary and Political And Ideological Asylum With The Galactic Federation! Both the illuminati and the masons are Guilty of evil and wickedness and neither will or can Protect Me Or Act In My Interest! I Survived MK Ultra Mind Control Brainwashing and The US Government Does Not Care! I Was Born Into Slavery And I Have Been A Victim For Far Too Much Of My Life! I Was Unjustly Sent To A Time Prison (Disguised As An Innocuous Building) though I Was Released. I Am More Likely Than Not In An Astral Prison That Is A Negative Reality! I Am Where I Am At! I Humbly Request Two To Beam Up! I Live With One Of My Parents And My Other Parent Abandoned Me, Though That Parent Was Abusive Then Proceeded To Abandon! Heck, My Whole Family Has Been Abusive And Neglectful In One Way Or Another! Why Should I Be Homeless!? Heck, Just Help Earth’s Street People! I Also Relate To The Turpin Saga Where The Offspring Suffered At The Hands Of Their Parents! May Divine Source Guide Us All During These Challenging Times! Namaste! 🙏