Zep Tepi Divine Human


As you integrate the powerful Eclipse upgrades, take time to acknowledge the life-impact occurring. This is not ‘business as usual’. The world is encountering a global reset in the etheric levels of existence, similar to a software upgrade. The new operating system is coming online. The human etheric neural network is processing new code, new data, new intelligence. It all feels so different.

The human psyche is becoming aware of the program upgrade. The mind realizes it is under reconstruction. It is a gradual reconditioning of the holographic mental body. Do your best to remain grounded, centered and core present – breathe into your belly. The new energies are working their way through your entire biosystem. The cosmic dance is alive!

On Tuesday, May 16th, Jupiter enters Taurus for one year until May 25th, 2024. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, luck, and abundance in Taurus, enhances earthly issues of comfort and stability, finances, resources and values. The former way of life is being transformed. Take a deep look at your patterns and beliefs around money, sustainability, access to universal abundance. Jupiter in Taurus enhances your ability to heal and grow into your natural flow of receiving support.

As Jupiter enters 0° Taurus on May 17, it forms a tense square with Pluto 0° Aquarius. Pluto uncovers hidden shadow lurking around. Pluto square Jupiter in Taurus, questions inherent values, beliefs and perspective. Are you living from divine Soul truth or ego-driven human impulses? What are your true values? Are you in the quantum flow of abundance?

All is being shaken and stirred, as the human psyche dissolves away. The galactic light is permeating your entire being, illuminating what no longer serves you. During the Eclipse gateway, you experienced a powerful threshold shift into new energies. This is an extraordinary time to be alive! What came before is being replaced with a new era, a new paradigm, a new conscious way of being. The cosmic wheel is turning again!

Wall of Hieroglyphs at Temple of Edfu

Many thousands of years ago, creator gods walked upon planet earth. The 12 Root Races joined together with the Angelic Guardians to star seed a new divine human prototype. At the Temple of Horus in Edfu, Egypt, the cosmological records are described as being from divine ancestry. The Wall of Hieroglyphs refers to the ancient Book of Sages, mentioning Thoth and prehistoric mythological origins of sacred domains. So much is hidden in plain sight, calling us forward to unlock the key to ancient origins.

The starseeded Zep Tepi human was a 12 stranded crystalline morphic field of light, responding to consciousness in motion. The driving force of genetic conception was the influx of divine intelligence mapping through the timeless mind and conveyed as command code sequences through the electrical body. An interlocking network of consciousness streamed through the mind into a human apparition, interlinking ‘mind and matter’. Consciousness was made manifest! The ZT divine human was designed in the image of Creator Source, witnessing the holographic reflection materialize from conscious inspiration.

The ancient Zep Tepi gateways are now open. Pure, galactic energy is streaming from the gates into the earth plane. You can access the light consciousness from the original starseed civilization. It is time to ignite the dormant ZT codes held within dormant human genetics. It is your birthright!

**By Meg Benedicte


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