Conscious Creation

Beloved Ones,

We are reaching the cusp of these earthly energies with Jupiter entering Taurus, together with a New Moon in the same sign on May 19th. Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, has a very significant role during this month, as it also squares Pluto, on May 17th, just before it moves into Taurus. Energies that give us the power required for personal transformation and that go beyond the universal theme of prosperity, expansion in the tangible, and creation, as even though this is an important aspect of our human journey, for we are here as earth creators, there are other important patterns to work with, at this time.

Taurus is a sign of transformation in the physical. It is with Taurus that we have the opportunity for inner alchemy, healing our first and second chakras, and anchoring our essence on the earth, so we can continue seeding our unique gifts and presence, and enjoy our human world. It is with Taurus that we learn how to create abundance, enjoy earthly pleasures, and flourish in all we wish to expand, in the physical.

Jupiter expands Tauru’s frequency, magnifying, always, everything it touches. It is a propitious time for those who are working on mastering these aspects, as growth, stabilization, and being grounded, are key to being able to expand in other areas. Savoring life is of utmost importance, as it is the proper state of being for us to be aligned.

On a deeper level, the current planetary energies are for those working on healing the masculine-horizontal 12D pillar of our 12D template, hold by the feminine. Healing the distorted masculine, after eons of patriarchal programs, is essential for all of us, as we are gradually deprogramming all the false input received, until this time, and that still continues.

As you know, the masculine is the aspect of us that creates in the physical, and if we have not yet healed it, all we create will hold the same distortions, in our physical reality. This is why it is so important to heal it from the root. On a cosmic level, these frequencies will too assist us in healing the memories whether real or implanted ones, that we may still have from Aldebaran, due to the galactic wars over consciousness occurring eons ago of our time, at the Aldebaran portal, and that still governs many to continue acting against their original essence and soul plan.

Many way-showers, especially from the Blue Ray, are incarnated on Earth through this portal, becoming guides, spiritual leaders, or any other mission that involves bringing wisdom. for the masculine-solar principle was embodied through the Taurus constellation. Therefore, we have a unique opportunity, during this time to heal solar-masculine distortions and all cosmic memories that are still damaging your mind and soul, and that impede you to act as earth healers and wayshowers.

Furthermore, Taurus’s ruler, as you know, is Venus. This makes the current energies a perfect combination for us to merge both essences, our masculine and feminine ones. It is also a perfect time for those healing their first and second chakra, as there are many distortions associated with our sexual organs, that need to be cleared in order for us to give birth, whether literally or metaphorically.

As always the feminine and the masculine embrace each other in an endless dance, for they cannot be separated, or work individually, as the other will be unbalanced. This time is an opportunity for polarity integration as we have both essences masculine and feminine together in the current energies, and although the one that reigns is the masculine, we can always align with the frequencies that will most help us in our personal purpose.

There are a lot of programs located in our second chakra that impede many women to conceive, some of these programs may have been self-created, especially at a young age, or through a traumatic experience, and others may have been implanted through society, family, or through other tactics. The important thing is to scan our mental bodies, detect the program and clear it, so we can give birth, and manifest the creations that we wish and are aligned with our Soul’s Will.

Taurus constellation is linked to not only the second chakra but the 2nd-dimensional portal or planetary gate that connects with Taurus and other dimensions outside of our human time/zone. Our 2nd DNA strand is the key to opening ourselves to a simultaneous reality, and hence to our connection to other dimensions, for it is the multidimensional layer, that when activated, allows us access to the many realms within Creation, for we were created to be in constant communion with the Universe.

This is a season for all of us to remind our inner creator, harmonizing both of our precious essences, to be able to achieve our desires and physical goals. As we continue mastering ourselves completely, within the zodiac wheel, we understand that it is not just about nurturing the spiritual aspect of us, what serves our growth and highest purpose, but about finding a perfect balance in both opposite worlds, and energies, that give us the opportunity to experience our true potential, as divine beings.

To be able to manifest our authentic and highest purpose, it is important to decree and erase all previous unconscious creations, and timeliness that are no longer aligned, so we can begin anew, from our current time-space, manifesting what is going to serve All.

When we have reached a higher level of consciousness, activate our multidimensionality, and know how to align with the energies, we need to cancel all previous desires, otherwise, we will continue seeing evidence of our past wishes.

I leave you a decree for those who feel guided to work with it. As always, take what resonates, leave the rest, and transform it as you wish.

I thank my Unified Self and Guides team for their assistance in this conscious decree, and intention to be a conscious creator, acting as a unified sovereign free being, in charge of my own personal experience.

Thank you for allowing me to clear all past/parallel timelines that no longer serve my chosen journey, and that therefore should be immediately dissolved.

I ( your name) clear all the unwise, unloving, and hence unconscious past choices that I have ever created when I had a lower level of consciousness.

I erase all past creations that are no longer aligned with my present chosen frequency, allowing only my conscious loving creations, to be manifested, At Divine Timing, for the benefit of All.

I, therefore, proclaim that all that I have created, fed, or fomented with my unconscious acts, is permanently erased from my current human timeline, make of it an irreversible decision.

I now manifest only that which is one with my Highest Soul’s Will, honoring my Soul’s desires and respecting its times, for I only know one piece of the Great Universal Puzzle.

It is with love, gratitude, and joy that I thank my Unified Self and Guides for helping me on my chosen human journey.

I AM A CONSCIOUS creator in perfect communion with my feminine and masculine essences.

I AM a conscious channel of the Divine expressing myself through this earthly plane for the purpose of serving humanity and all living creatures.

I AM open and willing to receive what my soul has orchestrated next for my human experience.

I embrace it with great gratitude, joy, and love.

And so be it.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba