Cosmic Council: Teacher or Pupil?

Teaching is a profession that many people train for and do all their lives. Teachers work in every field, but the nature of teaching means that lives can be changed, if the lesson and method of delivery is right.

A teacher, however, can be anyone who is more knowledgeable or has more experience than another, no matter their age or stage of life. A lesson can be learned by anyone who is open to learning and growing personally and spiritually. Therefore, a teacher can be a friend, a parent, a child, an acquaintance or even an animal, and lessons taught can often be spontaneous, unexpected and extremely profound.

Souls born into a human body have lessons to both learn and teach. No meeting of souls throughout a lifetime is random, as souls have already planned out their lessons and the journey of blessings and hardships throughout their lifetimes. Members of the soul family will have agreed to enter at a period in their lives where support or challenge is needed, so any meeting of a like-minded soul is rarely coincidental. Anyone who resonates with or challenges you is there for a reason, and it is usually so you can learn, or teach them, a soul-growth lesson.

Learning is not an easy thing to do, particularly on Earth where life is hard and people are so divided in their cultures, religions, opinions and levels of spiritual awareness. Many older souls struggle, and many fail, to live out their life lessons before the challenges become too great, yet the cycles of incarnation will continue until the major lessons leading to mastery have been completed. Should a person choose to terminate their life before their lessons are learned, or their lives are ended by circumstances beyond their control, there is only compassion and love from their angels, guides and the Creator. However, it may be necessary for them to choose harder lessons on their return to Earth based on the karma they may have created and the journey they have chosen. Their lives may also not be very long, or they may choose to have a disability. Whatever the circumstances, the soul is always in control of their journey and the choices they have made.

Souls needing to learn hard lessons will choose the best teachers to support or challenge them at the right time in order to learn or complete a lesson that leads them to soul growth towards mastery. The teacher may be a newborn baby, a niece or nephew, a school teacher, a religious leader, a shopkeeper, spiritual teacher, a person you see on the television or an animal that has a soul.

So, take notice of who comes into your life that challenges your belief systems, your prejudices, your knowledge and your feelings. Even if you can’t stand them on a personal level, what have they said or done that can lead to positive changes in you that will help you to grow and develop in conscious awareness of yourself and the impact you have on others?

Or are you the teacher?

We Are the Cosmic Council.

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


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