Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds Whistleblower, Will “Bring Down The President”

The two biggest narratives pushed by MAGA Republican legislators and agitators over the past month have been the twin tales of:

  1. Joe Biden‘s alleged “open border” policy (and how the U.S.A. would be pushed off a cliff by a horde of invaders upon the expiration of Title 42) and —
  2. The fierce and unrelenting innuendo about the so-called “Biden crime family,” a Mario Puzo-like concoction full of allegedly suspicious bank transfers and other nefarious activity witnessed by a “Deep Throat”-style whistleblower.

These two issues dominated the Twitter feeds of all the top MAGA influencers, keeping congressional foot soldiers on this MAGA messaging busy.

Led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor GreeneSenators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Chair of the House Oversight Committee Jim Jordan, the attacks and warnings have been issued multiple times per day.

Here is some of their work:

Then two things happened over the weekend.

  1. Title 42 expired at the end of last week and migrants at the border didn’t surge — in fact it was reported that the number of migrant crossings dropped significantly immediately after Title 42 expired.
  2. Rep. Jim Jordan admitted that there is no whistleblower with whom he is in contact ready to present evidence of Joe Biden’s alleged crimes.

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, who is a good friend to MAGA theories, questioned Rep. Jordan about the Biden whistleblower and was made to ask, sounding incredulous: “Wait a minute, Congressman. Did you just say the whistleblower or the informant is now missing?”

Jordan replies with a story about whistleblowers being in the “spy business” and in this case probably being harassed into vanishing by bad actors and the media.

Rep. Greene scrambled to echo the suspicions Jordan asserted, but made a point of departure, writing that she, unlike Jordan, does know about the whistleblower’s present circumstances. Greene claims the whistleblower is safe but fearful for his life.

Jordan may have lost the key whistleblower, but Greene claims to have found him — and identified his gender, part of a whistleblower’s protected identity, in making the claim.

**By Aurora DeStefano