The Cloning Reality

I want to take a moment to remind everyone about the biggest deception being perpetrated on the human race. No one talks about it, because people don’t believe it could be real – rapid human cloning. From this deception, every other deception is made possible.

The information I share comes directly from Judith’s telepathic Pleiadian contact. It can’t be researched on the internet. This information will contradict other information you’ve heard. But if you consider what I’m saying, it will make more sense than anything else.

First, a reminder that years before any conspiracy theorists talked about doubles or actors in masks, I was here talking about cloning. Still, many people reject this information because it’s too strange.

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” ― Mark Twain

Rapid cloning was given to the US military in the 1950s by Zeta Greys, on behalf of negative Orion Reptilians. The military industrial complex is controlled by a satanic cabal that allowed elites to use this technology to their advantage.

From a person’s DNA, they can grow a duplicate body in 5 months. They can transfer memories to a cloned body and program it with speech patterns and mannerisms. The clone is a biological duplicate without DNA, without the ability to reproduce, sometimes with added technology.


A clone is not an exact match. Because our appearance is a result of both genetics and years of experiences in life, there are physical differences between the clones.

The first celebrities were cloned for financial gain in the 1970s, and it spread to politics in the 1990s. By the 2000s, it was everywhere in media and industry.

It started with the military and is done in black site NSA facilities worldwide. Only black hats use cloning, never white hats. It’s about money and control. There are many A-list celebrities that use clones in movies, or to perform on stage.

Not everyone who uses clones is a satanist, some were just tricked into thinking they could achieve immortality. Some good people have been replaced with evil clones.

In the modern era, there have been many secret arrests, and the cabal uses clones to replace their own. Nobody will disclose cloning because it’s too hard for regular people to believe.

There is no show of white hats using doubles or clones. White hats arrest, black hats replace their own. No one wants to tell us the truth, for different reasons.

People like Trump have hinted about it, saying that people like Biden, Xi, and Putin are ‘different men’ and ‘look different’, ‘doesn’t know he’s alive’ or using words like ‘puppet’.

There are many clones dispersed through the populations of many countries, who are very docile and obedient citizens. This is what the cabal wants for the planet.

The black and bruised eyes can signify cloning updates. They connect technology to the brain through the eye and transfer new information to the clone. Only important clones in media, politics or industry are updated.

They still use the eye, but now some clones are updated through their foot. This is why some notable people wear orthopedic boots or are seen limping.

Cloning doesn’t involve parasites called vril. This is fiction introduced by someone named Donald Marshall. It’s a completely technological process. The vril narrative just makes cloning harder to believe.

The clone is never the original person. Humans are souls and clones are soul-less. There can be clones alongside a living person, or replacing the original person. The Soul is always with the original body.

There is no consciousness transfer. Your consciousness resides with your soul. It cannot be put into another body by humans. The clone is always a separate person. Only memories can be transferred.

To my knowledge, Pleiadians are the only source who have accurately disclosed rapid human cloning. The disclosure community has become an echo chamber of fake information, with no discernment about the sources.

Joe Biden is a clone. The original was executed. The Obamas are cloned. The Clintons are cloned. If only the truthers understood most of these people have already been removed they could find more peace.

Joe Biden was an old man, and the process of cloning an old man over and over, produces only senile clones. There are no actors trying to entertain us, and no white hats giving away secret plans.

The hardest part is understanding there won’t be any public announcement about cloning or mass arrests until the Shift. None of this can be known before ascension because it would lead to mass chaos and violence worldwide.

The flip side of this is that Galactic Federation is allowing dark forces to lie to us because they want us to awaken to the deception on our own. This reality is a test. We always have moral free will whether or not we have secret disclosure information.

Clones won’t shift because clones aren’t real people with souls. When the Shift happens, this reality will be only evil people and clones. A new trans-humanist world order will take over this 3D Earth while ascended humans live in paradise on the parallel 5D Earth (Sheen).

**By Kabamur


3 Replies to “The Cloning Reality”

  1. Paladin

    I don’t see much awakening happening if a large percentage of the population are soulless NPC’s with no inner voice, which explains a lot, and why they can be flipped in their behavior on a dime.

    Maybe the vaxx was meant to do away with NPC’s.