Matrix Part 5-2

To create 3D Earth’s Matrix, not only elements known to science were used, but also unknown ones. Their names and software were described by Argorians, who, along with other friendly space races, have been closely protecting our planet for a long time. The names sound different in other languages, but this is a secondary factor.

Primary are their properties: HOW, on the Subtle Plane, with their software, pulses of color, sound and other radiation, each element and all together, billions of combinations form, support and develop each density (EARTHLY REALITY) and unfold the following levels – 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and higher.

And in the same way, each element is activated ONLY after the previous one, strictly in turn, and, having completed its tasks, turns on the software of the next one, transferring part of its substance to it (see New Matrix, Part 5-1, Disclosure News, 21 May 2023). Thus, in our 3D from known UNBISEPTIUM emerged into unknown TRAKTARIY.

128. TRAKTARIY supports energy channels between the Earth’s inner worlds and the communication center on the surface, including of all 144,000 pyramids. Each of the latters, in their turn, is linked to concrete Star and Constellation, and exchanges energies with them, helping our planet to stay alive and evolve.

129. ERMATRON condenses plasma, facilitates the movement of energies through space channels and Portals to other dimensions, creates Earth’s protective field (shell) of red energy ERMA. It serves as the basis of the main energy fields, Matrix, matter, and new, highly developed life forms. ERMA’s radiation creates the necessary tension of the outer shell of the planet, produces an interchange of energies during the splitting of cell cores, plasma densification with new consciousness and Intelligence that, by the new soft and data, under wave displacement, rebuilds gene structures.

130. ERGATO helps new life forms to pass through the Time spin.

131. PROBIN maintains an exit to other dimensions.

132. SPONS facilitates the transition to another Time through the point of intersection of its flows.

133. MIREN supports the interconnection of the mineral, plant and biological worlds.

134. MIRAUM strengths energy protection of the subcortical space.

135. BIRID changes the perception of the Hologram; accumulates the energy for the emerging Sixth Race’s evolving leap.

136. RATRON implements programs of Supreme Intelligence; regulates the movement of the Earth’s energy fields, their and men’s sync with Time space.

137. RASTOP creates Subtle platforms for new formations in the Terrestrial and Time spaces; maintains synchronicity with the Moon radiations’ programs; with help of mental energy, changes the structure of atomic cores.

138. BIRIZ generates 3D sound pulses and builds a ray system with them in the Earth’s inner worlds; generates matter with new properties for developing humanity.

139. MEGOM works as sound converter substance and matter mover in four-dimensional space; supports the planet’s inner worlds.

140. GEFOR helps individuals to live and develop in the new density and timeline; increases the potential of the brain with the help of 4D Time programs that support men’s evolution in fourth dimension.

141. GEFIZ forms a new 4D habitat for earthlings; contains a program for the force fields of the ray system of the white energy emitter. White power bundles full spectrum of colors and sound freqs, and, as a single vehicle, shifts out ALL the energies in another dimension.

142. SPINOM regulates the transition of transformed energies into interstellar space; changes molecular processes of finished plasma; prolongs life of living organisms.

143. RATROPUS accumulates energy capable for transformation; develops the Intelligence’s ability to evolve rapidly.

144. RILUUM strengthens the energy protection of the men’s new Subtle Bodies; increases resistance to negative environment; supports stability of four-dimensional Matrix.

From the moment of its creation and until recently, the dimensionality of our reality (space-time continuum) was 3.14D. This is a well-known number “Pi”. It is not only a mathematical constant equal to the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter, but also the source code of the Earth’s three-dimensional Matrix, corresponding to its former bottom of dimensionality (3.14D), which was intentionally set by Darks. Co-Creators raised its level to 3.85D, and it became a new primary reference constant of our reality, the starting point of all properties, states and laws for the current time-space continuum.

Darks’ 3.14D Matrix shattering automatically entails correction of the laws of physics, constants of material reality, outlines of continents, positions in orbit, etc. Grandiose changes are already taking place in Nature, biological forms of life, first of all, in us.

We are very close to upgrading the planetary, Logos and Causal Matrix of Earth and their transition to a more advanced Operating System, software and codes to help enter 4D, 5D and higher. But Darks continue to do everything to preserve the status quo and keep us in even in the remains of 3D Matrix, like in a huge Spanish Boot with nails points inward.

New elements are activated in full swing and form next, four-dimensional space, its original plasma clots. They have collected all the best energy and information of the previous dimensions, which is necessary to build a 4D Matrix (transitional into 5D). Its matter has other properties and programs to continue the evolution of our Spirit, Soul and Intelligence. Now, all elements for 4D and 5D, initially manifest in the sixth dimension, where the main transforming Matrix is located, and then are placed in the lower two densities. Thus, in transitional 4D, from RILUUM emerged KUOPRIY, starting the chain unfolding and activation of other elements.

Fourth Density

145. KUOPRIY directs the red energy ERMA to the junction points of the energies of the mineral, plant and biological worlds.

146. RANDON introduces the finished plasma into a new Time spin; changes chemical molecules with the help of the Intelligence plasma of the developing new humanity.

147. AFOGADON programs the exit to the surface of the inner worlds’ climate; reunites the energies, purified by the Higher Intelligences.

148 ALAMUS regulates the negative (minus) interaction of planetary magnets and their fields, where the program of a newly formed medium filled with energy currents with altered plasma works.

149. EKZODERMIL controls the positive (plus) interaction of planetary magnets and flows in the equatorial energy belt; creates a new coded lock of the molecule when the composition of the atmosphere changes (see Part 5-1).

150. EFOS creates a new Time space by the interaction of magnetic radiation; forms elements’ compositions in force fields for a new humanity.

151. UARIS programs transformations with magnetic interaction of Subtle Planes; accelerates development with the help of energies of pyramids-plasmatrons in the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea.

152. ARBIS forms force fields when the frequencies of magnetic fields change; activates software with which the four-dimensional space of the inner worlds begins to split the plasma into components.

153. AMORFIY allocates energy to move the magnetic axes; contains a program for passing the Time spin and fixing the energies in new positions.

Fifth Density

This density activates the program for 5D Matrix, collecting and accumulating information in Time space. Next, the software is turned on, with which the gathered info fills the energy blocks. Another soft transforms force fields to form the fifth matter. The third program generates the output of wave plasma to other spaces.

In addition to these software, other apps are activated that increase the potential of the brain, expand consciousness, and allow a person not only to see and perceive the world differently, but also to radiate the blue Intelligence energy AETRON and become part of the Sixth Race. What are the functions and programs of the elements, manifested in the fifth density? The process begins with the transformation of AMORFIY into FORMERON.

154. FORMERON makes changes in the crust of the planet, creates new soil layers; connects the energies of Galactic Matrices with the Earth’s crystal grid.

155. BLOKIRON builds energy units that transform air planes with color and sound pulses; combines the entire spectrum of their radiations.

156. SPEKTRON runs junction point of the color spectrum that forms a white ray (see above) and regulates the pattern and mode of its splitting back to beams.

157. SPEKTRIN supports the color spectrum of aura glow and energy, creating a channel of new reality perception.

158. ZENTRON controls the Earth’s axial channel and the upgrades polar power disks that accumulate the energies of the inner worlds. The processes, taking place there, produce thermal radiation, which we observe as climate change. These radiations change the molecular structure of plants and organisms. Their plasma, undergoing heat processing, assume new advanced properties. This is how the selection of the best on the surface of the planet occurs.

159. KRISTALLIN creates structures that accumulate and enhance transforming energies.

160. FORUOM supports the functioning of equatorial energy belt, its receiver units and subtransmission network.

161. ULTRON amplifies the energies and ultrasonic frequencies that morph the structures, matter and force fields of 5D Matrix.

162. QUANTIN runs light and sound impulses that stimulate the evolution of humanity and sort the energies of the inner worlds according to their frequencies.

163. QUADRON forms highly developed Intelligence and Souls; renews the Earth’s LOS energy shell, which activates in mineral, plant and animal worlds temporary programs, downloaded in split plasma (see PART 5-1).

164. SHCHITON creates protective fields, energy environments, and improves the structures that link physical and the Subtle Planes.

165. OTRAZIN accumulates and retransmits the Absolute and the Source’s energy on Earth; checks the state of the soil’s upper layers.

166. EVOLIN stimulates the development of the plant world; transforms the cell’s structure.

167. FORMULAN backs new plasma and energy formations, their saturation with the Pleroma’s radiation, interchange and movement of Matrix structures.

168. STRUKTURAN accumulates and preserves the energies of the animal world and man.

169. PLAZON helps energy forms’ bundling; ensures protective response to unacceptable impulses, blocking and suppressing them.

170. PSITON runs psi-fields, their compression and plasma orbs forming. They collect power’s clots and emanations of a new humanity, and, with the help of the Moon’s radiation, sort out negative, spent and unnecessary energies. The same plasma structures correct the work of the Hologram, the crystal lattice and the the planet’s core.

171. PROSTIN controls the fields, created by Quasitron, and their polar (positive and negative) charge.

172. MELON regulates ultra- and infrasound flows, affecting vital energy and matter by thermal radiation. Pyramids relay them, and, through the channel of upgraded consciousness, introduce new programs into it that help others’ awakening and new perception of reality. The same element controls the Matrix and the amplitude of its frequencies.

173. MILAUM creates energy compositions of different color scales; checks the vibrations of space and matter, and power stores’ state.

174. KROPORIN runs acupuncture blocks (activity points) of the Earth’s crust and its general condition.

175. FORM supports the planet’s energy channels, plasma flows from the Earth’s core and their storage.

184. GARUS chages molecular structures and processes, cleaning them if necessary.

176. STRUKTON reframes energy storage units, their software and structure.

Thus, 5D density and its Matrix activate the elements, compacting Intelligence plasma, and prep the transition to the next, sixth dimension, to its more complex programs.

Sixth Density

The six-dimensional world is a special dimension. It is a buffer that activates elements and Matrices simultaneously in the other two – 4D and 5D. Having formed enough to create new matter itself with new development programs, the sixth density activates them through Solaris, in which 6D, 5D and 4D energies are exchanged.

6D is the last world where Intelligence evolves as matter. But it is not physical, but a Subtle substance that activates its own special programs. One forms the vital energy for living cells, which capture the Intelligence’s radiation. The other software creates force fields from the energy of other dimensions. The third outputs these fields with vital energy to other densities. The fourth accumulates energy to launch the ray system in new Time space. Fifth produces matter with new properties. Sixth strengthens the orbital field, which, like a parabolic antenna, accumulates quantum energies for a new life support system on Earth. Seventh forms a new energy body of the planet. Eighth saturates the consciousness of the planet and people with new information. A new stage begins with the transformation of STRUKTON into MENTALIUM.

177. MENTALIUM regulates the perception of the environment and creates new opportunities for this.

178. REALUM upgrades intelligence and thought process.

179. GENIUM prepares the transition to a new gene structure.

180. VIMOL forms new molecules.

181. VIMONAL accelerates the evolutionary processes of new matter.

182. KODOM runs the genes’ codes and their programming.

183. MOTSIUM launches software for core’s upgrading in matter cells.

184. USOM controls the energy flows coming to Earth and adaptation to them.

185. USOMLINIY regulates the composition and number of elements on the planet.

186. REGULIUM conditions the environment state and its amelioration.

187. REGULIAL steers info-field and its activity.

188. HOLOGRAFIT backs the optimal Hologram’s functioning.

189. KODOGRAF makes it possible to efficiently code Hologram.

200. GENEGUM enhances genetic material.

201. HOMOGENEDIUS participates in the re-programming of sentient cells.

202. IMUGENIS installs and activates coded protection.

203. MOLEMUUM protects the code cipher.

204. MOLLEKODUS runs the coded lock of the molecule.

205. GOLOPUS creates a key to exit the Hologram.

206. ZUMUS programs the development of the inner worlds of the planet.

207. MAKRUS produces new matter.

208. AETROS enhances the radiation of the Intelligence energy of cells.

209. MATERUS forms new physical properties and their software.

210. MATEGARUS changes the environment with the help of thought energy.

211. HIMEUS programs new chemical properties of matter.

212. HIMERIK launches new evolution programs.

213. HIRONIK regulates the effects of chirons (particles of Evil) so that they help the Intelligences to develop in new conditions without negative consequences.

214. HAROKS increases the ability to take more powerful energies, coming to the planet.

215. AETRONIK allows take advanced Intelligence energy.

216. AEROS enhances the emission of Intelligence energy by matter.

217. KOMPSON runs memory; in the space, collects Intelligence energy and accumulates it for further development.

218. SEPARGON removes spent vital plasma; sifts Intelligence forms according to their qualities.

219. PROKTON settles selected Intelligence plasma in different ambiences

220. PROKTORAN unites purified energies.

221. PLAKSON links cleansed info-energies.

222. ZVINGUR transmits energies through sound-emitting units that change the molecular structure.

223. MAGEM maintains polarity and changes it in the structures of matter.

224. MAGMUM ranges magnetic fields.

225. MAGIUS supports and rebuilds info-energy channels.

226. MAGUTUS tunes to the channels of other dimensions and spaces perception.

227. PRABUS accelerates transformational processes.

228. PROBIN improves the Matrix structure.

229. MOLEUM accelerates the evolution of molecules with the help of thought energy.

230. KORPUN condenses the molecular structure.

231. MOLEBON controls the formation of molecules.

232. ZEMON creates new matter.

233. FORMON saturates molecules with energy and turns them into a material for further use in the Greater Cosmos.

234. FORMATON loosens the Matrix frame for its reconfiguration.

235. FORMAGETRUM splits plasma’s energy.

236. FASTUM splits matter’s energy.

237. FAGUS combines active power flows of energy accumulators, solenoids along the Earth’s axial channel and the equatorial ring belt (see Part 5-1)

238. FUGADOLIS increases the intensity of transformation of energy flows.

239. RAR disables Matrix systems when closing or changing its software.

240. RAKUS activates reformatting and reconfiguration of Matrix systems.

241. VERBIN prepares the inner worlds for the transition to new timeline.

242. RAKAR condenses and focuses the rays of Intelligence energy.

243. ROUM stimulates the development of planetary Intelligence, changes the force of gravity, created by it.

244. KIRILLIUM concentrates Intelligence l-gamma particles.

245. RIUM controls the black energy RIR that separats dimensions.

246. ISKOR forms a spiral along which developing matter moves.

247. ELLUZ creates exclusive spaces on the planet.

248. ELLUZON activates transmutation processes that increase the plasma potential.

249. ARBITRON controls the Earth’s orbital motion and the energy field, created by this movement.

250. ARBON supports the orbit configuration.

251. YARIK regulates the ecliptic of the planet’s core.

252. ZARGON runs a sound converter in the Earth’s core.

253. ULTRIN varies vibrational waves of ultrasound.

254. MERKATON cleanses the lower layers of the atmosphere.

255. OZONAR cleans the surface of the planet through ozone holes.

256. OZORIN cleanses through the opening of the atmosphere’s upper layers.

257. OZOKRIN cleanses the inner worlds of the planet.

258. KORON completes the formation of a new Earth’s crust for enter the next, 7th density.

Seventh Density

The seven-dimensional world is a culminating one, and also has its own special programs. What are they? One activates the accumulation of energy of new sound frequencies, forming a new Matrix, Hologram and Time space. The second creates vital energy in a new high-frequency environment, as well as a new consciousness, and way of thinking. The third controls the movement of plasma layers. The fourth saturates and unites them with energy with ultraviolet radiation. Fifth directs new quantum flows to the surface of the planet. The formation of the seventh density coincides with unfolding of 6D’s element KORON into 7D ELEKTRIN.

259. ELEKTRIN creates new Subtle Bodies for energy and plasma formations.

260. CHLORION reconfigures sound and color radiation, Hologram, Matrix, thought energy and its pulsation.

261. MENTALIN corrects the work of Hologram, its radiation and space channels for energies flows and matter’s free movement.

262. MENTAUM runs mental rays in conduit that connects all planetary energy field.

263. FOR steers the compression of force fields.

264. FARKS focuses pulsar radiation on Earth’s matter, igniting its throbbing.

265. INFOROM creates new planets and moves information plasma in space.

266. PLAZON transforms plasma formations into radiant energy.

267. KLISON modifies DNA software for matter matrices.

268. MENTIN forms RNA programs for matter matrices.

269. MENTALIUM enables apps’ re-designing and implementing to update cells in organisms, transform core of atoms, molecules and molecular entities.

270. IZOKIS activates the brain section, which emits Intelligence energy AETRON. This radiant substance not only enters person, helping to follow the path of spiritual development and evolve quickly. All the planets of the Solar System take the same energy, sort it, according to their capacity, and, as a single cosmic organism, saturate Earth and humanity with vital power.

7D is a world that brings programs of evolution which force Intelligence to develop further. Some of them remain in the seventh density, and the others are transferred to the eighth dimension.

Eighth Density

This density forms new Subtle world. One of its main programs splits the plasma of the seventh dimension. The second software transforms it into center-binding energies and directs them to the planet. The third creates conditions for the manifestation and activation of these energies in the Earth’s space and its civilization, its Intelligence. People in this world will also live and evolve in energy bodies and could enter 9th dimension.

Ninth Density

9D’s world creates force fields with information energy, unlike 8D density, which produces a temporary Subtle matter. But, both dimensions, unlike the lower ones, no longer unfold elements of matter, but provide ONLY programs that allow all dimensions, from the 1st to the7th, to exist and transform.

The 9D’s programs complete the old cycle and open the next cycle of evolution. Its apps are formed from the energies of split matter, and produce new plasma. The force fields of the 9-dimensional world are the foundations, without which no kind of matter can be formed, and further Intelligence’s development is impossible. Together, worlds 8D and 9D allow gradually, step by step, enter 10D, and higher.

There are 100 dimensions in our Universe, but each just a part of our way back to the Source. How this path continues in other dimensions is a separate, very large and complex topic, and maybe Disclosure News will return to it.

**By Lev