Message from Jeshua: Armor of God

When will everything be alright?

Loved people,

the days go by and you ask yourself: when will everything be good again, when will it be LIGHT and BRIGHT?

Truly I say to you: the day of truth is near! The day when you will see your own truth and understand your own reality is near – very near.

So I invite you to face everything that is alive with courage and to no longer pay attention to the inanimate – to live with GOD full of confidence and to be a human being through GOD.

Today it’s all about not getting lost in the thicket of opinions and diffuse energy fields, it’s about staying with yourself. It’s about experiencing the remaining days in the old hustle and bustle with clarity and sanity.

The Umbilical Cord of God

This is what you achieve when you stay connected to God’s umbilical cord. This connection is given to everyone by birth, but many people forget it throughout their lives. Anyone who lives in this connection is truly blessed, and unaffected by daily events, this person draws his timeless circles.

No one and nothing can throw a person who maintains vital communication with GOD off track.

At this low vibrating level of being, this umbilical cord is the invisible thread to GOD – your only life insurance.

Maintaining this connection with Spirit under all circumstances is what this time is all about – a great learning experience that many people are ready for today. For in the end you will attain mastery of that plane of being. The end of this lesson is when you conquer doubt and can always perceive yourself as a part of something much bigger.

You are alive through connection with GOD, you are holy through union with GOD and you are complete in perfection with GOD.

Keeping this universal truth alive as an inner longing is the main task of a human being. Many meet these requirements, many re-enter the world of entanglements.

What are you looking for?

After a way out of the valley of tears – are you ready for the ascension into the reality of light? Then come and go! Take courage every day and in all matters!

The earth enters the phase of healing. Now humanity is being shaken awake and aware of its purpose. Events are already pointing in this direction and things to come can be read from the present. Everything changes.

Being equipped for this is your main task – and that means WEARING THE ARMOR OF GOD.

In infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Message from Jeshua: Armor of God”

  1. Anutha

    While we have this long difficult waiting period, I spend my time studying spiritual knowledge to awaken our dormant powers (telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel, divination etc.) It helps me but it also adds to the collective consciousness through the hundredth monkey effect. I got rid of TV so nearly all my spare time I dedicate to our spiritual evalution. I figure it’s in service and also speeding up the timeline as more people can pick up on what I learn and put out. I look forward to learning in future how many people were able to collect the info on the spiritual grid 😁