Goddess of Creation: The Wesak Festival Clears Illusion

Every year around the full moon in May we celebrate the Wesak, Vesak Festival.  For those who don’t know, this is a time when Buddha returns to earth, and for many, Yeshua returns also. They create an alignment of their energies and it truly amplifies the light frequency of the planet.

When in the All That Is, the Goddess created a place where we could experience the Wesak Festival.  I always have a sense of arriving in a high valley in the Himalayan mountains.  For this festival, there are many, many people present.  I have felt as if I was in various parts of the valley through the years.  This year, we were right in the middle where Buddha & Christ descended.

Once both were present, they merged their energies and spoke as one. They spoke about how humanity has been cloaked by illusion. My sense is that the illusion was our sense of lack, the control that others have over us, a sense of separation from source.  As they pulsated the impulse of the light energy into everyone it cleared out any illusions, illness, lack, or anything else that may be holding people down.  This was clearing for the rise in frequency of humanity.

Lastly, they spoke about us being responsible for our lives. they spoke about humanity needing to complete this ascension and that they were sending energies around everyone so as to give assistance. Their return to the higher dimensions and the appearance of Lemurians were also different this year. As always, this is very powerful!

Nama Sika, Venia Benya  I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I flow love and light from my heart to yours.

I take this opportunity of gathering together to reach out to each one of you that are present, but also to anybody else upon the earth plane that may be open and in the flow of this energy and light, even if they are conscious or unconscious of what may be going on. That somewhat explains humanity does it not?  It’s that explanation that as humanity is ascending to a higher level, as they reach up to a new level, that some may still be seemingly asleep.

What does asleep mean to you? Take a moment and consider what that may be. People that are unaware. Well of what are they unaware? Most everybody has experiences that may be going on around them of which they have no idea.

There are some massive experiences that are on a global level. This is one of the ways in which the Angels and Light Beings are working with humanity right now. There are also the changes that may be going on in your personal life that keep you from the flow, the balance, and the awareness that represents who you are. Awareness may be something that you consciously choose. Meaning you don’t want to know about something that may be going on, so you consciously choose to be unaware.

I invite you at this moment to make a choice that you become aware of anything that is in your best interest to understand. I speak not about anything that’s going to overwhelm you because the list is long, and long, and long. I speak about a way in which you may become centered and anchored within your heart center in such a way that you are directly linked with your Divinity.

Breathe in what that alignment means to you in this now moment and then breathe out, letting go of distractions, and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Take a deep breath in where you breathe within your heart center. Connect in a very conscious way with that energy body that comes from within your heart but is a non-physical aspect of you. Connect it to your spine, your chakras, flow energy through your organs, so focus on the one aligned with your heart. Feel the essence of what this is to you.

If you have a perception that perhaps going out the back or the front, there is an imbalance within your heart then pause for a moment and just feel the pulsation of every beat of your heart as it automatically creates an alignment within you. You create a ball of energy or light that you send down through your energy bodies. Allow it to go down through your root center and let it anchor within the Earth.

There are still that many, many layers of your Earth. There is still the way in which you can create that balance and that alignment with Gaia which allows you to anchor your energies and feel the connection with her. Just as you listen to the heartbeat of your Chakra listen for a moment to the heartbeat of the Earth. It’s a deep, deep, deep resonance that can anchor you in every aspect of who you are.

You allow that to flow up through all your energy bodies. It goes into your heart center and then you send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, and send it all the way up until you align with your Higher Self. You can feel this energy. You can know what this is for you. There you go. In some cases, you can sense whatever it is that you may be working on that is here within your Higher Self. For others it may feel very cluttered and if that’s the case, phew, clear it out.

You then send your energy even further up. It follows that thread of energy from that string, that alignment that goes directly from your heart, all the way up into your Divinity. As you arrive within your Divinity take a moment and feel the essence of your own Soul. For many it’s a feeling of coming home. For others it’s a feeling of expansion. Take stock of all that is here for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you so that we may merge with one another and that moves us into the All That Is. As we arrive here within the All That Is take a moment and look around.

Every time that we come into this space you may see aspects of what you have been working on. You may see various Angels and Light Beings that are here waiting for you. This is your place of creation. So too your Higher Self and your Divinity are also places of creation but the All That Is, is a much higher vibration and frequency.

As you create within this space it moves on many, many, many different levels. The All That Is has been transforming for a very long time. Pay attention to what may be transforming that is bringing you more opportunities. Feel all of what this is for you.

During this month of May whenever we have the opportunity, we reach out to participate in the Wesak festival. There are many, many people around the world that already have celebrated this on the full moon two nights ago. We can shift the energies in such a way that it is as if we are there.

Here’s an interesting idea for you to consider. No matter what the time-space reality, when you align in these high frequencies, you can create changes that will have an impact moving in all time space reality. This is one of the ways in which you’re able to heal things from past lives. This is one of the ways that you are able to create what you seek to manifest in this life. So be present in this moment. Feel all of what this is for you.

You see walking out in front of you Archangel Metatron. You see Melchizedek. You see in a space that is somewhat separated Yeshua and Buddha. They are in the process of going through a cleansing because as people will pray to them or seek to work with them, it’s as if it attaches to them, particles of energy. Some of this may be lower frequencies. Some of it may be out of alignment with who they are. Just as we work with each one of you to clear your energies so too, they clear their own energies prior to a serious ceremony.

Metatron and Melchizedek open up the energies in front of you. You see before you one of the high meadows in the Himalayan mountains. This is where we come every year. We’ve done this for perhaps 10 years. For those of you that have participated that long consider how the energies continue to change. Where are you located as people are preparing for this sacred ceremony? Some of you remain transparent. Some of you are in tiers up the side of the mountain, perhaps in a tree sitting on a rock. Some of you are actually in the meadow.

As this area is prepared notice the change in frequency. The frequency has risen just as the vibrational alignment of everyone upon the Earth has risen. I would therefore invite you to look more so with your inner eyes so that you may see the beautiful energy that is located within here.

You may hear some musical instruments. There are bells. There are some drums as if a parade is manifesting. But as the moon becomes full, as it creates that alignment that shines down into this meadow, everything becomes silent as you see Gautama Buddha descend from the heavens.

As he touches down those that were selected for this year’s alignment with him are the first to greet him. What you will notice is that they are not the typical people you might anticipate. These are truly spiritual people that are aligned only with the high light frequency, and some have the perception of coming from the Universe.

Buddha arrives and as he touches the Earth it is as if a reverberation moves through the Earth itself. Moving through Gaia sending waves of energy all up and down through all that are present within this valley. Everyone knows that he has arrived. Their hearts are opening up. Their head centers are opening up so as to have that greater alignment with him.

He glances towards the heavens. You see the essence of Yeshua as he descends also. You will notice that both of them become bigger and bigger as their energies come together in alignment with one another. You will notice that there is only one energy. This is a deeper merging than has occurred in the past.

As they merge with one another it then separates into the Buddha and the Christ. The interesting thing is that as you look at the Buddha you feel the Christ and as you look at the Christ you feel the Buddha. This merging or blending of their essence becomes seamless.

They begin to walk around this area. It is as if they move specifically to certain individuals. Are you that individual? Are they speaking directly to you as they give you this message? They have the ability to blend one-on-one with every single person that is within this valley. Do you allow yourself to receive this direct message and infusion of light? If you feel you are not worthy let that feeling go. In their eyes everyone is worthy so do not hold back anything that might keep you in a less than place.

I will now shift the energy so that they may speak with you. The message is coming as a blend of both of them.

Messages from the Blended Buddha / Christ

We greet you our family. We are all a family of Souls. We are all a family of the light vibration. We are all a family of humanity. We come together at this time so as to experience exactly who each one of us are individually and as a part of the whole.

The time of discernment is upon you. There are many, many people that try to lower your vibration with confusion and lies. It is your turn or your opportunity to go inside and listen to your intuition. If you hear things that may be going on in different places in the world understand that the great illusion is coming down.

We speak of the great illusion as that that was put forth to humanity for thousands of years, and that humanity believed to be their truth. There is only one truth and from that truth everything else falls out. The truth is as a soul essence you are part of the Universe. You are part of the Central Sun. You are part of every other person that’s on this planet, and therefore you are filled with love. You are filled with light, and you live in every opportunity to express what that may be around you.

It is indeed an amazing time to be upon the Earth. When we each walked upon the Earth it was a time of great density and that is why we came in, and there have been many others, we are by no means the only ones. But anytime one of us came in bringing with us our light we did so to cut through the illusion, to cut through what no longer served humanity and then assist each person with recognizing that they are the light.

We have said for many years that the second coming is upon us, upon you. The second coming is you receiving your Divinity and then living it and reflecting it out to all. People have different words for what they refer to this. It is not the words that matter, it is the energy that matters.

Feel as each of us pulsates, not only into everyone that is present in this valley, but we pulsate energies and frequencies throughout the entire planet. We do so to assist with changing the thought process of humanity. We do so to give people an opportunity to feel and experience something that is different than they were accustomed to. We are not fixing the Earth. We are not saving the Earth. We are working hand and hand with every single one of you so that you can make that change for yourself. What becomes very interesting is that when you get it, when everything clicks on for you, you recognize that it was not that hard.

Allow us to continue to send pulsations and energy so as to assist you howsoever you seek to open to this alignment.

Look around our Meadow. You will notice that it is now filled with even more people, even more energies. You will notice the light that is emanating coming down into the Earth and shooting out from the Earth. It is creating a flow and a movement. You are the light. You have always been the light. Peel away the illusion and express as the light.

As we stand here watching everybody release whatever restrictions they had within and around them we can literally see more and more of the residual densities of the Earth being cleared out. The more that you express this energy the harder it is for anything that is outside of that to maintain a presence on Earth.

Be the light. Release the illusion. Step fully into all of who you are. You feel it sinking into you.

We thank you for this opportunity, not only to communicate with you, but to assist with the expansion of energies. We are ever present for anyone that so chooses.


 The Goddess Returns:

I the Goddess walk back in and amongst you. As you continue to look around this meadow you will notice that they are ascending in a different way than what they have before. In past years it was as if you saw them rising up off the ground and going up into the sky. This time the perception is that they are showing us, as we observe, how they literally raise their vibration in such a frequency that they are no longer here that you can discern. Then there’s a pop almost as if a star explodes or a star illuminates and you know that they have returned.

They wanted to show you how you now have the ability to see energies, or to feel them, or to sense them. Look around at this meadow as we speak. Some of it may look more as you remember but there are other aspects where you see people and humanity. Some of these are the Lemurians coming from within the Earth and they came as a part of the anchoring. You may see others that are non-terrestrial that are also anchoring this energy as we speak.

However, look down on yourself. Look at the light that is literally emanating from all your Chakras. Go inside and feel what that is to have the complete balance of your energy bodies, and then look around. Look at the brilliant light that is emanating, both individually and as a group. You have ascended. You have opened to express that light which is you. Feel the peace, the love, and the balance that is within you as a result.

The energies begin to diffuse. Oh, did you hear a tone? Did you see the frequency? How does your physical body feel? Do you even have a physical body in this space?

You then bring all that energy back into the All That Is. You become much more conscious of yourself as the person you are, and now it is as if you are looking at that meadow in the distance. Take a moment and just integrate the light and that expression of who you are. Feel all of what this is for you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. This time as you see that Hologram of the Earth come up within the group notice how the Hologram itself is even more transparent than usual. Infuse your own ascension, your own light. Just infuse all of who you are and what you received this evening into that Hologram.

As it infuses it begins to swirl, integrating all of you that are here, and then that piece goes out into the Universe. It moves through all the levels of consciousness diffusing, creating the balance. The remainder of the Hologram goes down into the Earth. It moves through all the levels of consciousness, and it anchors within the center.

As has been expressed that crystalline energy within the center of the Earth is much more present and available for you. The perception is the city. The perception is multiple crystals. But this is the higher frequency that your ascended light is able to merge with so as to feel that full integration.

It then moves up through all the layers of the Earth. It comes up within you wherever you may be so that the link you had with Gaia anchors within your heart center. It moves into just about every individual that is open to receive this light. It will work with their energies so as to assist with the ascension. It moves through the animals, the grass, the waters.

You take this moment to allow that vibration and that frequency to come down from the All That Is. You transition as much as is needed within your Soul. The remainder flows back down through your Higher Self. It comes into and around you in this location. Feel how you are bringing all of your consciousness back. Feel what it is to have this open alignment within you.

For some disintegration may take several hours or several days. For others, you may feel it instantly. But you know that Buddha and Yeshua are ever present to assist in any way that you may request.

As we’re continuing through this month of May understand that that blend of Buddha and Christ is going to be stronger than usual even though it is always present around you. Strengthen your own ascension. Strengthen the choices that you make. Be ever present in this light and love, and beloved know that we are ever with you.


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  1. Denise G

    When you guided to look at the self I fully expected to “see” myself but and pretty confused as to what exactly I actually did see!
    It was a bunch of sparkly “suns” for lack of a better descriptor, and they were in the same shape as my body should have been but there was no body, just all of these odd mini-suns!
    Oddly I did see some interesting and beautiful energy patterns IN the Meadow I didn’t see anything else like this, was it just because it was myself I was “viewing” at that moment maybe?
    Anyway, any advice appreciated!🙏
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G