The Telosians: The Intergalactic Confederation of Beings of Light

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we greet you. We are happy to have you back for another message of support and help. We are indeed very close to you, not only by these regular messages that we transmit to several humans who agree to receive them, but we are close to you by our physical presence, if we can say so, in our vessels above you, in your sky.

Of course, we are not yet visible to your earthly eyes as this could create panic among large numbers of humans. However, we are happy to see humans using your internet talking about our presence on many planets. We are happy about this because it will allow humans to understand that Earth is not the only inhabited planet.

We are really a large number of planets inhabited by humanoids, by beings with a body part resembling yours but with totally different heads. There are multitudes of diverse presences in all the planets of the Universe.

We are telling you about this because, when the time is right, and perhaps sooner than you think, we will show ourselves to you and you will be less surprised by our bodies, our differences. In the Intergalactic Confederation of Beings of Light, there are many differences. But, despite these differences, whether physical or differences in language, there is a very important cohesion between us.

We accept these differences because there is a strong bond….very important between us, which is the Love of the heart. If we accept these differences it is thanks to the Love which connects us, which allows us to look at the other in front of us, not as a bizarre stranger, but as a Being of Divine Light who lives a divine experience on his own planet.

Of course, to arrive at this level of respect between us, to arrive at this level of agreement, of serene consultation, we have evolved considerably since very distant times. Indeed, for the beings of certain planets there were, a very long time ago, based on your terrestrial time, difficulties such as you are currently experiencing. But the humanities of these planets have agreed to live in peace, understanding that violence, lack of respect and judgment only bring discomfort. 

By dint of experiencing ill-being, these humanoids have decided, gradually, to experience Love and this is how we were able to join, for most of us, in this Intergalactic Confederation which decided, to mutual agreement, to come to the aid of other planets which greatly needed it, such as the Earth. But the Earth is not the only planet that we help, that we support. We have a lot of work, no doubt about it.

But back to the Earth we help. We help you by our presence around you in your sky. We help you in many ways. This is done by contacting your rulers who are willing to receive us and listen to us, which is not always the case, but some take our messages into account and try to put them into practice. But this is not always easy for some of them because they have to deal with humans for whom personal power and the power of money is stronger than anything and put them “on the road”.

We also help you by trying to clean up the soil of your planet as much as possible. All this is invisible to you because we use particular radiation which sweeps certain parts of the ground of your planet and stops these various pollutions. As you know, we are doing our best to help you, but so that you become aware of the damage you are creating on and in the soil of the Earth, we are only depolluting a fairly large part of your planet.

We also help you, and this has happened several times, during the breakdown of nuclear power plants. If we had not been there to clean up the Earth during the Fukushima and other recent disasters, humanity would be in great destruction and a large number of humans would have disappeared. For this, we have the ability to absorb the fumes from these power plants and to partially clean the places where it happened. However, there are still soils which for many years will no longer be habitable or cultivable. But we prevented the nuclear clouds from spreading all over the Earth and thus protected most of humanity.

We also help you by protecting you from the beings of certain planets who, for lack of Love, wish to make terrestrial humanity a humanity of slaves in their pay.

As you see, we help you, we support you. So understand that you are not alone, that you are not abandoned, that you are surrounded by Friends, Great Friends of heart and Love that we are.

In some time of your earthly time, you will get to know us more and more. Revelations about us will become more and more precise and we thank you for welcoming them with joy in your heart. We are your galactic Brothers of Light but we are not alone in helping you because Great Beings of very Great Light accompany us and support us in the help that we bring to you.

We accompany you with great Love, you our brothers and sisters of planet Earth. Be at peace of heart. We thank you.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “The Telosians: The Intergalactic Confederation of Beings of Light”

  1. unionylibertad

    I am so grateful to you and all beings of Love and Light, and I extend this in the name of humanity…for many are not consciously aware of this but they will in the near future…I have been aware of your presence and your help in many different occasions…I am glad that Telosians are part of this Light and Love group helping us…All my Love to you and to Marie Josée…